Waterfront Insular Hotel Davao | 60th Years in the Hotel Business

Waterfront Insular Hotel was built by a group of investors led by the Ayalas in 1960, it first opened on September 1, 1961 as Islandia Hotel designed by National Artist for Architecture Leandro V. Locsin. 

In 1962, the name was changed to Davao Insular Hotel. Since then it has a number of reincarnations as Davao Insular Inter-Continental in 1980, Insular Hotel Davao in 1991, and Insular Century hotel in 1994. In 1999, Waterfront Philippines acquired the property and it has since been known as Waterfront Insular Hotel Davao. 

Waterfront Insular Hotel occupies an area about 12 hectares including 4 hectares of foreshore beach property. 

Waterfront Insular Hotel Davao is known to be in the business of creating memorable moments through their delicious food offerings and worthwhile experiences, so they're bringing the two together through their Picnic at the Waterfront package. 

Having a picnic is an ideal way to bond with your family or friends and it provides an escape from your usual daily routine. Whether it's sunrise or sundown, Waterfront's got the best picnic in town. 

Picnic at the Waterfront Package:

Truly, Waterfront Insular Hotel is the pioneer in Davao with its amazing amenities each guest will surely enjoy this place. 

You may also watch the full video episode of the staycation in this vlog: 

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dusitD2 Davao Hotel & Room Tour

dusitD2 is the very first Dusit Hotel in Davao City which offers comfort, style, modern and smart design. 

The hotel is located near Francisco Bangoy International Airport which offers easy access to the new central business district and convention center as well as golf and country clubs, premium malls and nature parks. 

What's amazing about this hotel is the amazing design of their rooms and suites thats fitted perfectly with sleek contemporary comforts, including the massage spa, fitness center or the gym, and swimming pool.

dusitD2 Davao follows their international stringent hygiene standard and the Department of Tourism Philippine' health and sanitation guidelines. 

Once you book and confirm your reservations, and when you reach the hotel location they setup health and safety protocols like alcohol and thermal scanners. 


Each room is inspired by its authentic Thai design with a touch of Filipino creativity. The amenities are upgraded to give it a feel more of a personal haven for business and leisure travelers. All rooms and accommodation options offer private balconies with a perfect view of the swimming pool. 

Bathroom is amazing the lights and the glass shower is spectacular. 

If you are a leisure traveler like me, you will surely love dusitD2 including the swimming pool area.  

It was an amazing overnight stay. The staff are amazing and the safety protocols is a thumbs up. They are really making sue that all guests are safe while they enjoy the beauty of this hotel. 



Gamo-gamong lumilipad
Sa apoy na pula
Anino ay nag marka
Sa pader na tinta
Sayaw niya sa ere

Gamo-gamong lumilipad
Sa apoy na pula
Parang di mapakali
Tila may sinasabi
Lumapit pa ng kunti
Sa apoy na walang pasubali

Gamo-gamong lumilipad
Sa apoy na pula
Palapit ng palapit
Kahit na masakit
Pakpak ay nasunog
Apoy na muntik matulog

Gamo-gamong lumilipad
Sa apoy na pula
Pilit nilalayo ang sarali sa ilaw na nagbabaga
Pero ang munting pakpak at nasira at sunog na
Ayaw makinig sa inang sinasaway sya kanina pa
Kaya ayan tuloy sunog pati ang pwet niya

Terrarium Hobby that Started During the Covid-19 Lockdown

I really don't consider myself a hobbyist because I don't always make terrariums. I only create when I have the necessary materials and when I have the motivation to make one. I believe that terrarium making is the same as having a pet, the only difference is that terrarium will survive even if you don't water it from time to time. With the right amount of materials and exact tender loving care, then terrarium will surely survive. 

I started creating my own version of Terrarium when Covid-19 cases started to rise and the lockdown was implemented last March 2019. It all started when I met a new good friend Froilan Aloro of Terraplantae. He encourage me to create my own version of terrarium and after a few exchanges of messages, I finally created by very first closed terrarium. It is made of Syngonium plants and moss.

What is a Terrarium?

A terrarium (plural: terraria or terrariums) is a sealable glass container containing plants and soil, it can be opened occasionally for maintenance to access the plant inside. Terrariums can also be open to the atmosphere rather than being sealed. Terrariums are usually used as decorations or as an ornaments. The closed terrariums create a unique environment for plants to grow, the glass walls allows heath and light to enter the terrarium which then creates a small scale water cycle making the plants inside grow.   

The first terrarium was developed by Botanist Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward in 1842. Ward had an interest in observing insect behaviour and accidentally left one of the jars unattended. A fern spore in the jar grew, germinated into a plant, and this jar resulted in the first terrarium. Since then, it quickly spread in the Victorean Era amongst the English. Instead of terrarium, it was know as the Wardian case. 

Types of Terrarium

Closed Terrariums

Tropical plants such as mosses, orchids, ferns, and air plants are usually kept within the closed terrariums due to the conditions being similar to the humid and sheltered environment of the tropics. The sealed terrarium allows the circulation of the water. The closed terrarium can be opened once a week to remove excess mositure from the iar and walls of the container. This is usually done to prevent the growth of mold or algae which could damage the plants and discolor the sides of the terrarium. 

Open Terrariums

This type of terrarium are best suited to plants that loves low humidity and soil moisture, such as temperate plants. For plants adapted to dry climates, open, unsealed terrariums are used to keep the air free from moisture. 

Reasons Why I Will Continue Making Terrariums?

When I started creating my own Terrariums, I can say that it is not that easy. You need to carefully choose the best plant specially for closed terrariums. You also need to make sure that you have the right moisture in the soil or else the plants inside will rot. Just like my first terrarium, unfortunately it did not survive but only lasted for 3 months. The problem was the moisture in the soil is too much and it rot the roots of the plant. 

However, it did not stop me from making closed terrariums. I used different types of bottles and containers, I even use test tubes in my terrariums and I am happy with the result. All of them are still alive. 

I also started to incorporate some of my polymer clay projects inside my terrarium to make it more appealing. I also used old tops to make it more realistic. Here are some of my creations. 

I will continue to make more terrariums in the future for the following reasons:

1. Plants brightens and improves your mood. Some people loves plants and it makes them relax and improve your mood. Like me, I love plants as you can see. 

2. Terrariums unleashes your creativity. For some who loves creativity and arts, but making terrariums will sure elevate your creative element in building a terrarium. You will surely have a lot in your mind in creative a small world inside a bottle through the terrariums. Try it, who knows, you may create something unique and wonderful. 

3. Terrariums are easy to look at. It's easy to take care of the plants inside if you have the right balance of moisture, soil, please and humidity. It still depends on what type of terrarium are you making. If you have open terrarium, then you will occasionally water the plants and if you have close terrarium - they water themselves. So you see, terrariums are low in maintenance. 

4. You will surely enjoy Gardening, without the Garden. For those who lives in an apartment or those city slickers you can now rejoice! You have a way to grow things without a huge land area to call your own. 

5. Terrariums are fantastic learning tool for ids and adults alike. This miniature ecosystem puts science up close and person for everyone. This allows the kids to learn how to take care of a plant like a pet and allow them to closely watch how the plants grow and how the water cycle operates inside the close ecosystem. 

Finally paid off

After a few terrarium builds, I am happy to announce that some of our terrariums made it to a local show called AHA Show in one of their episode - Make your own Terrarium. Though they only featured my photos but I am still happy that I made it to the local show and finally the Terrarium community in the Philippines have been recognized. Cheers!

So what are you waiting for? Make one and Share. 

To learn more, you can also watch some of the videos of my Terrarium Builds in my YouTube Channel:

Waterfront Insular Hotel Davao | 60th Years in the Hotel Business

Waterfront Insular Hotel was built by a group of investors led by the Ayalas in 1960, it first opened on September 1, 1961 as Islandia Hotel...

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