Bahia Beach Resort, Mati Davao Oriental

Mati, Davao Oriental offers a beautiful landscapes and a number of beautiful resorts. It has always been known as the beach destination, with foreigners flocking to the city to enjoy what its beaches have to offer. Dahican is one of the most popular destinations in Mati with its 2-kilometer pure, fine white sand shore. It has recently become a prime destination for surfers and skimboarders. 

One resort that is very unique in Mati City where peaceful beachfront, privacy of the customers, and the harmony of the nature and fresh air  is what most travelers and visitors enjoy. This resort is called the Bahia Beach Resort.

Bahia Beach Resort is a Tropicana concept. The wide open space with Cabanas, Casitas, and Pavilion is situated in the entire land area. Traveller and visitor who loves to sleep in a tent can also enjoy the beach while setting up their camping tents just right across the seashore. 

The resort is very perfect for family because of its calm water which is safe for kids. It is also perfect for team buildings and a perfect place for a wedding. 

Bahia Beach resort is considered to have one of the most beautiful sunset in Mati and is the home of the Bahia Bridge. 


Beach Cabana - Good for 5 pax
Rate: Php5,000 (Add Php300 per head max of 8 people)
with Free Breakfast
Inclusive of: Aircon, Beds, Private bathroom, TV, Toiletries

Casitas - Good for 2 pax
Rate: Php2,000 (Add Php500 per head max of 3 people)
Inclusive of: Aircon, Beds, Common bathroom, Toiletries

Kiosk/Cottage - Good for 10 pax
Day Rate: Php1,000 
Overnight Rate: Php1,800 (Add Php30 per head)
Inclusive of: Access to Beach, Cooking Area, Wash Area, Common Bathroom

Pavilion - Good for 40 pax
Rate: Php5,000
Inclusive: Bar, Chairs, Refrigerator, Access to the Beach, Cooking Area, Wash Area, Common Bathroom
Perfect for events

Camping Tents - Good for 4 pax
Rate: Php2,000 (add Php100 per head max of 7 people)
Inclusive: Bed, Electric Fan, Access to the Beach, Cooking Area, Common Bathroom

If you are planning to do an event or team building activities in the resort, they also offer an exclusive rent of the entire resort. 

For any reservations/inquiries:

Look for Paola:
Smart/TNT - 09197107347
Globe/TM - 09752648754

Check-in Time: 2PM
Check-out Time: 12NOON

Day Tour - 8:00AM-5:00PM
Overnight - 5:00PM-8:00AM

Day Tour at Davao's Eden Nature Park & Resort

Be acquainted with nature and indulge in an authentic mountain experience. Enjoy the nature's air breeze and be amazed by the spectacular view of pine tress around the park. Have fun with a lot of its amenities and its recreational activities with your friends and family. Appreciate the different cultural treasures of Mindanao.

Eden Nature Park is located at Eden Bayabas Toril, Davao City (around 30-40 minutes away from the city proper).

How to Get There?

The place is pretty easy to find. If you drive your own car, you can check it via Waze and Google maps. If you are not familiar in Davao City, you can ride a taxi or request the resort to pick you up.

If you are planning on commuting, here are some helpful tips for you:
  1. From Davao City proper (downtown area0, take a Toril Jeep (PUV). You can see them at Aldevinco in Roxas St (in front of Ateneo De Davao University), you can also find then near University of Mindanao in Bolton St or you can also check SM Ecoland. Jeepney fare from downtown proper going to Toril is Php30.00.
  2. Inform the driver to drop you off at Mercury Drugstore in Toril. Once you are at Mercury Drugstore, you can easily find and notice motorcycle or tricycle drivers that can bring you to Eden Nature Park. Try to haggle on the fare if you can. From Mercury Drug to Eden Nature Park, the fare is usually at Php200 to Php300.


Due to pandemic, Eden Nature Park requires to make a reservation via call or text message in their office number:
  • Reservation Number: 09189307590 (please check their website for more details)
  • They will send you a form that you need to fill out as part of the reservation. Once done, you will be advised to transfer the full amount thru the BPI acccount or via GCash.
  • Email the deposit slip with your name and reservation date to or fax it to (082) 299-0313.

Day Tour Packages:

Buffet Lunch: Php600.00 (Adult) / Php400.00 (Kids)

Plated Snacks: Php300.00 (Adult) / Php250.00 (Kids)

Fishing Village: Php400.00 (Adult) / Php300.00 (Kids)

(*Kids age 4-10 years old / Adults 11yrs old up)

The packages above are only for entrance fee/buffet/food this does not include other amenities if you want to use it like Swimming pool and other rides.

Due to pandemic only a few amenities are available in the location. So I suggest to ask first before doing your reservation.

If Eden will return its operation (which I assume they are as of this writing), you can enjoy the following recreational activities:

Guided Shuttle Tour
For those eager to get a glimpse and be fairly oriented of the Park’s 40-hectare attractions and amenities in a short period of time, take the 45 minute guided shuttle tour. Availability is on a first-come-first-served basis.


Ready for a sky-high adventure? Eden’s Skyrider is the perfect blood-pumping treat for you. The Skyrider is a set of 200-meter long steel cables suspended roughly 20 meters in the air between two steel towers, on which you glide along suspended while enjoying the spectacular view of Davao City and the Davao Gulf.


Pedal your way through the sky with Skycycle and feel the adrenaline rush as you bike on a cable 60 feet high with a distance of 200 meters.


The resort set the bar if extreme rides to a higher level as it introduces another extreme ride attraction, the first-of-its kind on Davao region-the Skyswing. Standing 95 feet off the ground, the ride will literally swing your heart out to the skies giving you an extreme feeling of excitement, satisfaction and fun. The ride will surely challenge your limits at the resort’s highest and fastest adrenaline rush. All ages are welcome to enjoy the ride, provided that reach the height requirement of 4 feet and within maximum swing weight of 300 kg. Feel the anticipation rise as you are slowly elevated to your desired height. Hanging from your harness, you will be notified by a whistle before you will be dropped. The ride will take approximately 10 minutes including putting on safety gears. 

Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is definitely exciting, relaxing and refreshingly outdoorsy. Explore the trail, lined with beautiful pine trees. Leave the stresses and worries of life behind you and take in the splendor of the scenery. For beginners, rest assured that the guides are skilled and knowledgeable enough to make the experience worthwhile fun and safe.  

Fishing Village

Experience the simple joy of fishing and eating what you catch. Our ponds abound with tilapia (St. Peter’s Fish), dory, and hito (catfish). Whatever you catch is weighed and paid for. You may either take these home or eat it fresh from the pond. Choose from four different ways of cooking: pinaputok, inihaw, fried, and paksiw. For a minimal fee, our village staff will serve your fish dish in your preferred manner of cooking.

Swimming Pool

Take a refreshing dip in our swimming pool surrounded by lush vegetation. This used to be an infinity pool with the Davao Gulf as a horizon.  However our lush forest has nurtured rather tall trees that now obscure the horizon-but we think the ambience is just as divine! This blue, kidney shaped pool is 4.5-feet-deep. For the young ones, the pool has a shallow area (roughly 3 feet), as well as a kiddie pool. The snack bar provides food and refreshments after a swim.  

Indiana Jones

Children and adults alike can entertain themselves while waiting for their meals in its huge playground at the Vista Park and will surely feel pure exhilaration as they experience the popular Indian Jones.


Another one-of-kind feature where guests can walk inside the wheel while it’s up to 60 feet meter. 



The Amphitheater is reminiscent of the ancient Roman civilization. Masses, wedding ceremonies and small concerts have been held at the center of the amphitheater. The site presents another excellent view of Davao City and its gulf.


Awaken your senses to the soothing sound of a mountain stream and a myriad of bird songs in the aviaries, resembling their natural habitat.

Deer Park

The Deer Park serves as the domicile of over thirty Philippine deer Spot the deer as they move beneath trees and shrubs while you enjoy the sight of their interesting habitat in a ravine.

Flower Garden

At Eden, particularly in the Flower Garden, flowers grow in wild abandon. Many of these were brought in as seeds from abroad. Here you will find, among others, the Black-eyed Susan, Buddleia Lavender (Butterfly Bush), Sunflowers, Blue Rose, Cleome White Brush, Gerbera (Daisy) and now a favorite in Eden, the Mickey Mouse.

Hiking Trail

Experience nature as you ramble through the friendly ravine walks and boulder paths. Listen to the chirping of the birds and the rusting of the leaves as the site if nature’s richness energize you while you jog or walk through the trails.

Lola's Garden

Lola’s Garden flourishes with grandma’s favorite flowers and vegetables. Take a stroll in the garden on one of the guided shuttle tour stop overs and be amazed with the breath taking view of the Davao Gulf.


“A cultural journey into the heartland of Indigenous Wisdom” Deep in the heart of Eden lies Tinubdan, a wellspring of Mindanaon culture. Occupying over 5,000 square meters, it is a cultural park within a park. Derived from the root word tubod, meaning spring or origin of water, Tinubdan is the tubod of wisdom-a dynamic tour designed to give viewers glimpses of the customs, traditions, beliefs and the way of life of the indigenous peoples of Mindanao. Tinubdan shows you several dimensions of the Lumad existence.


All year long, Eden grows and harvests only what is best for your health, the organic or friendly veggies. Two greenhouses are also used to grow several varieties of the mouthwatering lettuce using the state-of- the-art Hydroponic Technology.


The playground is situated near the Vista Restaurant, overlooking the Deer Park and Fishing Village. The new playground features a modern playground structure that blends with the natural resort setting. There are various play equipment children will surely enjoy. Kids will be excited to try the colorful playpens , swings, slides, climbing frames and rides. Take your pick whether it’s testing your skill and agility at the Obstacle Course, or taking turns pushing each other on a swing, or just romping around on the grass, we’ve got everything covered it all for you.

Butterfly Garden

Take a short walk from the Day Tour Center to the Butterfly Garden and discover something new about these familiar insects. Take time to read fun facts and look at the beautiful preserved insects at the center. Take the path around the garden and be amazed by the colors of our very own Philippine species.

Bamboo Maze

BAMBOO MAZE – Challenge yourself with the breathtaking twists and turns depending on how good you are with navigating. It usually takes a guest 8 to 10 minutes to complete the maze, there is no time limit so you can stay in as long as you like. 


You can check out there site or visit their sales and reservations office at Matina Town Square, MacArthur Highway, Matina, Davao City.


My day tour at Eden Nature Park has been amazing. I had fun doing the hike trail and visiting Tinubdan. It really makes you appreciate more of your culture by going back into a little history about the different tribes in Mindanao. The food is really good and the people are very much accommodating. 

If you like to spend time with nature and appreciate the fresh air breeze, then Eden Nature Park and Resort is the perfect place for you. If you also plan to do any wedding pictorials, the location is also available for that nature like prenup photoshoot.  

For more details, you can get in touch the Sales and Reservation Office:

Matina Town Square McArthur Highway, Matina Davao City, Philippines

Tel. Nos: +63 82 299-1020, +63 82 296-0791

Fax: +63 82 299-0313

Mobile No.: +639189307590

Email Address:


Dahican Beach: Surfing Meca of Davao Region

Mati, Davao Oriental, specially Dahican Beach, is known for its powdery white sand, uncrowded shores and crystal blue waters that will surely greet you if you are new to this location. 

This 7-kilometer stretch of beach surrounded by coconut trees has been dubbed as the next Boracay which draws crowds from all over mainland Mindanao, Manila and Cebu. 

This destination is called as the "Surfing Meca" in the Davao Region as this place is known for surfers, skimboarders, and beach bums like me. Local Government units strives to keep the area protected as this is also a sanctuary for sea turtles (Pawikan). The name "Dahican" comes from the word "dahik",  the word locals use to describe their act of coming in from the sea to nest.

You can also watch the full episode of me exploring in Mati Davao Oriental specilly in Dahican and Bahia Beach Resort in my You Tube Channel: Exploring Mati Davao Oriental: Dahican Beach

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New Beginnings

 "Never stop trying. Never stop believing. Never give up. Your day will come." - Unknown

I have been away from blogging for so many years. My last blog was in 2015. I got busy. My priorities changed. I have lived a life out of the blogosphere. Then, COVID-19 happened. Need to change my priorities. Opportunities arises... then vlog came. I began vlogging last March 2020 (exactly on my 40th birthday. I launched Call Me Xander vlog which aims to give inspiration and hope to people who are in lockdown and to remind everyone that despite of the global pandemic we can still live and rise from the adversities in life. 

And so, I have decided to revive this blog as well. To continue to write down all our experiences and travels. 

I hope you will also join me as I start a new chapter of my vlogging/blogging journey. 

Salamat mga Ka-Generation!

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