Are You Good Looking?

As humans, we desire to look good physically. At an early age, maybe three or four, kids are already aware and has consciousness whether they looked good or not.

Men in particular, specially those who are unprivileged would die to have the looks of Brad Pitt or maybe Mario Maurer or Sam Milby. Men who are less fortunate spend most of their time at the gym trying to achieve the look that they wanted. While those who are fortunately able, spend their money and undergo plastic surgery and have those looks pasted on theirs. Women on the other hand; wears make up, tight or fit clothes, wear jewelries to attract the opposite sex.

For what reasons?

One, maybe because that is what society or media is telling them/us to do.


Maybe, again, to get women so easily or maybe to attract others with less effort for their own personal gain. I can see that some companies are hiring people because of their "pleasant" appearance.

Tsk... Tsk... Tsk....

But being good looking has its downside:

1. They always work hard. Actors and actresses who are good looking always gets the lead role which entails hard work since they are the first pick by the Producers. They need to work hard or maybe double it to prove that they are worth the role and the project offered to them. At times due to over work, this affects their health.

2. They cause trouble. I remember the: "The face that could launch a thousand ships." It came from the Greek Mythology about the Trojan War, when Paris took Helen of Troy from her husband Menelaus, the king of Sparta. Really trouble indeed.

3. They are branded as dumb. Everyone thinks that you only have beauty but no brains. But you can prove them wrong. Some of them already did.

4. You are always hated. A lot of people will hate you for no apparent reasons. Maybe because you always get the attention. You always have the best and those who are unprivileged will get what is left.

5. Full of pride. Being good looking make you feel conceited. Just like Lucifer, who conceited of his power as the second in command of God. He was handsome and has undeniably gifts for music. He thinks that all attentions should be his which pushed him to rebel against God. So now, his out there making everyone ugly.

So there...

Is being good looking a curse? I don't know.

You judge!

There could be more disadvantages and I will surely add more when I experience more in the future... Hehehe..


Is Love Really Blind?

I was reading this old slambook I found on top of the table from one of my friends' house. I noticed that the most common definition they can give about love is "Love is Blind." Is love really blind? I can see that love is being abused in terms of giving out its concrete definition. And most of the time, people who used it doesn't even know what it means. Totally clueless.

I was looking at this postcard posted in the mirror just beside my bed this morning and saw this postcard with the bible verse from 1 John 4:8 - God is love. Then this logic came to me which is related to the statement: Love is blind. God is Love. Therefore, God is blind.

It make sense now?

This means every time we say love is blind, it means God is also blind which is non-sense. God sees things the and He sees everything. So as love sees more and not less. Loves is not blind, it sees with great clarity. It can see things that the normal vision can't see. Love sees the worst in us and it does not ignore it, instead love forgives.

Every time we say "love is blind" we say selfishness is blind. Just say for example, when one person is looking at himself/herself as the only beautiful person in the world is being selfish. He/she does not see other but of himself/herself. When one lose sight of everything but only himself is blindness.

Some of those who thinks "love is blind" are just people who are blinded by selfishness. They said "love is blind" because they think love fails them. They were hurt and broken-hearted. But the truth is, they are are actually not in love in the first place; they were "in lust" to gratify their personal satisfaction by using other people's weakness. And when things go wrong and they messed up, they then excuse themselves by saying "love is blind".

Love is as clear as the sun. Love is patient and kind and it does not envy and not proud.

Lets start to love with clarity and use it and not abuse.


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