Conquering Acrophobia in Cagayan

One of the best trip that I had happened in Cagayan De Oro. This is another unplanned trip that we had with my friends that we considered very fun and exciting. This is one of those moments when you're just talking and then out of the blue you just want to do something nerve-racking or maybe death defying stuff. So, me and my two girl friends booked a flight to Cagayan De Oro one weekend. Without any itinerary, we even don't know where to sleep or stay. All we have is our backpack and then things that we need for a 3 days 2 nights stay in Cagayan.
When we arrived at the Lumbia Airport in Cagaya, the very first cab driver approached us and asked if we need a ride. We then asked Manong Driver to take us to the nearest hotel in town or maybe the best hotel he can suggest. He brought us to VIP Hotel in Cagayan De Oro which is a very nice hotel for "travellers" like us. 
Just a brief background about the city, it is dubbed as the "City of Golden Friendship" (Dakbayan sa Bulawanong Panaghigala-ay in Cebuano) which is evident because people in Cagayan are hospitable and very friendly. It lies along the northern coastline of the island of Mindanao in the country's southern portion. Cagayan de Oro is considered as the melting pot in Mindanao.
What to do when in Cagayan?
Our first day was unforgettable. We went to Dahilayan Nature and Adventure Park. The best way to reach that place is to hire a cab for 2000/day tour (or you can make "tawad").

You can do a lot of stuff in Dahilayan. But the first thing you should try is the longest Zipline in Asia. This is actually my first time and I'm proud I conquered my fear of heights in Dahilayan.

You might want to try the Zorbit. Nakakahilo nga lang pero masaya.

And when in Cagayan De Oro, never dare to miss this one.

Cool isn't it?



  1. Wow, adventure trip to the max, naks!

  2. wowowow.

    sana next year makabili ako ng seat sale for cdo at matry ito

  3. @Bino, may zipline sa Tagaytay! Tara!

  4. Parang nalungkot naman ako, ang ganda nung lugar tapos baka nabaha din sila? Tsk.

  5. gustong gustong gustong gusto ko nang mag zipline next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    happyy new yearrr ;)

  6. my Dahilayan zipline experience is one of my best trip...

    thanks for dropping by my blog... Happy New Year! Cheers!!!

  7. may kulang sa adventure nyo dito sa cdo, u should try the water rafting. it's more fun in cagayan de oro city hahaha lol

  8. Oh, hello. Good to hear (or read) that you've been here.

    Great experience, huh? CdO has been really famous for these stuff. Unfortunately for me, I've never tried doing the "zip".

  9. worth it ba ung zorbit? para kasing ang mahal pag.katapos sandali ka lang sa loob.

  10. we skipped this adventure coz my wife was pregnant when we went to cdo :) sori umepal lang :)

  11. they say hindi na daw sa Dahilayan ung longest. nasa somewhere so Ozamis na daw

  12. Waaah! gusto kong try yung zorbit, pero baka mahilo ako, hindi ko makaya!!!! juskow. lol..

  13. I've been studying for almost 2 years now here in CDO, I'm now moving to another place and haven't tried this yet. Haha. Maybe next time. Not my luck yet.


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