A Letter To My Son

Dear Nash,

I know you still can't read, however; when time comes that you know how to read, hopefully you will appreciate that in my little way I was able to do something on your birthday. Looser kasi uncle mo kaya pasensya na. Lol.

You turn three years old now and as always I am not there to celebrate. I just miss your cuteness and hopefully I will be there when you grow up so you will know me and wont forget me. 

Looking at your pictures always makes me smile. I miss the first time we play together. That was unforgettable. If you only knew how much I want to stay to play more but I can't. 
I pray that when you grow older, you will have the wisdom and the knowledge of Yahweh. Be a strong man and keep the faith. I will always be behind you and no matter what I will be you're best uncle in the entire world.

I love you and I miss you.

Happy Birthday!

Tito Xander


A simple poem for you little one

Your innocent smile is like the heat of the sun
That radiant through the hearts of the man
Your energy overflows
Like a wind when it blows

Your cheerfulness ignites us
At the end of the day you continue to surprise us
Your sweet little voice makes me giggle
Your pure heart wants me to be like a child forever

My dear nephew I want to say I love you
I will be your second father and I promise to take care of you
I will be your defender and will be here forever
Till my last breath I will be the best uncle and with this I will swear


Minsang Napadpad sa Pangasinan

Lately, napapadalas ang gala ko sa ibat-ibang dako ng Pilipinas. Karamihan sa mga galang ito ay LIBRE lang. Lol. Salamat ng marami sa isang mabuting kaibigan na lagi akong sinasama sa mga gala niya. Hindi po oportonista ang tawag sa isang tulad ko na pilit na sinasama sa bawat lakad ng barkada. Minsan kasi, gusto kong magbayad sa nga gastos sa gala namin ngunit sadyang busilak ang puso nitong kaibigan ko at gusto niya siya lang ang magbayad. Ang lagi nga niyang sabi ay.. "A simple Thank You is enough". Kaya kaibigan -- "THANK YOU".  Lols

Anyways, isa sa mga lugar na napuntahan namin ay ang Pangasinan. 

Isang araw kasi habang nag-uusap kami bigla na lang niya naisip na pumunta sa Pangasinan. Ako naman ay nag yes agad. Gusto ko kasi malibot ang Pilipinas bago ko libutin ang mundo. Lels.

Kaya heto na muna ang mga kuha kong walang kwenta.

Ebidensya na nakapunta nga ako sa Pangasinan. Lels.

Ang mga sumusunod na kuha ay gawa ng walang magawa sa Pangasinan. Napaghalataan na hindi ako masyadong mahilig sa ulap. Tingnan nyo.




 Aurora Borealis sa Pangasinan?


Stand in Awe of You
Medyo madilim nga lang ang mga kuha na yan kasi dapit hapon na. 

 Row your Boat Gently down the sea...

Kaya ayan na ang mga walang kwentang kuha. Masaya naman ang naging gala ko sa Pangasinan. Nag-iisip na naman kung saan ang sunod na gala ng aking kaluluwang gala. Hmmm.. Lets see...

Sa muling paglalakabay...


I hate You Numbers!?

I hate numbers... Whoever invented and discovered the idea of computation or anything that involve numbers.. I HATE YOU!

If you hate numbers too, better continue reading. If you love numbers, please continue reading as well. You might understand why I do, "HATE NUMBERS".

I hate the idea of computing something and the fact that it involves numbers. I remember when I was a kid, I'm not one of those who really excel in math. You can let me do anything in the class like do reports, write on the board, list those who are noisy, you can let me sing, I can dance, I can do oration or public speech or impromptu speech but never ever dare to let me solve problems and have me sit in a class finding the letter "X" or the square root of this and that and so on and so forth...

I always wonder and up to know why do we need numbers? why Math? What's in it that makes people insane and why some people love it.

I almost failed in my math subject when I was in high school. I always get 75 in math when I was in elementary. I tried very hard to achieve and excel in Math, but I really cant. So depressing! I admire those who loves Math and makes it like their bread and butter. Duh!

Sometimes I think that I develop Dyscalculia (math disability).

But, IM NOT! and Im glad!

Me and Mathematics have love-hate relationship since my childhood days. I like algebra though but not Trigonometry. You see, their are other fundamentals (or if that's the right term) or other branch or forms of mathematics that I like.

However, hating it doesn't mean I don't like it. I am still glad that numbers where created. I'm glad that we have numbers that makes our lives easier.

I like number and numbers because I have the ability to do the following:
  • Count my blessings and continue counting
  • I can count how many good friends I have and continue counting
  • I can how many days I can still live so that the remaining days will be spend on those valuable things
  • I'm glad there is numbers to use so I can count how many billions I have already saved in my account..Lol
  • I can use numbers when I want to know my waist line or my weight. 
  • I can use numbers and check how many miles I already ran and will continue counting on how far my life would go.
  • With numbers, I know exactly the size of my foot
  • My glad there are numbers in our watches and clocks. With it I know what time is it and when I am go to work and when to take some rest. 
There are so things that I'm thankful for because of numbers.

So what I said above that I hate numbers... Nah! Its just normal. As what I said, me and numbers have this love-hate relationship.

Thanks to numbers!


Dear Ex-Lover

I never imagined I would write a letter to you. I thought that my last letter and words was the time that we agreed to part our ways. I thought life would be easier without you and by just merely accepting everything will let my love for you die a natural death. However, everytime I resist and ignore my feelings, it becomes stronger everyday. I felt hopeless and weak everytime it hits me for I know for sure that in the end I am the looser and you again won. I know I should'nt feed this feeling anymore since we both know that this will lead us to nothingness. The feeling of hoping and dreaming but failed in the end will always be the result of my stubborness. 
Let me just tell you straight that lately my feelings is really acting weird. At times I realized, what If I fought for you and that I didn't give up just like that. What If I didn't agree on the idea that we will never be together again. What If I said "No", when you said goodbye to be with someone. What if... I remember the movie "Letters to Juliet", we watched it together and it says... "What" and "If" are two words as non-threatening as words can be. But put them together side-by-side and they have the power to haunt you for the rest of your life: What if? What if? What if?
I admit "What if" is haunting me now. But everytime "what if" starts to disturbed me, I resist and keep away from it. That's the only way I know to keep myself from getting hurt. That's my way of protecting myself from possible pain (again). I am such a looser right?
Ex-Lover, this letter is not to win you back or anything for I know it will never be us again. I am not closing my doors for the both of us but I am just not seeing ourselves back in each others arms. We better off as friends, I believe. Though It hurts to see you with someone else, which really make things complicated. 
I should'nt tackle this issue as it has been rested for quite sometime. I know that renewing the past will only caused more pain on the scars we have created. This letter is just to let you know things that you never heard from me before, things that I did'nt tell you, words that I should'nt have told you. It's ironic to say but I am saying goodbye because I love you. It's not good to say I'm free for in the first place, I was never in caged. In fact, you give me freedom to choose what I want. You let me be myself and you always bring out the best in me. 
This letter will be my Certificate of Clearance. Stating that from this point forward; I, A Boy Named Xander, will release every feelings, emotions and pains and will leave it behind but will retain all good memories between us. The smiles, laughter, the scarifices and the happy days we've shared will always be remembered. This is to notify you that I am longer holding ang grudged against you but instead hoping that a brigther future will come for the both of us. I am officially and willfully  swear to God to be happy and look on to the positive side of life. 
So there! 
Kapag dinapuan ka nga naman ng tupak ay siguradong makakapagsulat ka talaga ang mga ganito. #EmoMode #Nagiinarte #PusongSawi #BaliwSaLove

Dear Lucky Winner, Congratulations!!!

I was checking my emails the other when I noticed that my Spam Emails Folder is screaming because its already full. I then clicked and checked if there are emails that's supposed to be not a spam but was routed to that folder. I also noticed that most of the are really Spam. Lol!

The only thing that catches my attention are these emails from someone in Burkina Paso. Funny thing is, I dont know someone from that place. However when I open the email, it says: Dear Lucky Winner! Congratulations!!! 
I know this is a spam email and a scam. Where in they will tell you that you won in a lottery and all you need to do is to send your Full Name, Address, Telephone Number or even your bank account so they can deposit the amount you've won. Funny!
As I continue checking my emails, I found another one is which more of like a personal email from Western Union

And another one from Mr. Ming Yang
And another one from Karen Polak and Co. said that I am the beneficiary/next of kin to their client as Ibear the same name identity. Weird!!!
This post is really not to tell everyone to believe in this type of emails but to let people you guys know that we need to be careful in giving out information specially our personal information. They might use it for something else. Scary!
However, at the back of my mind; what if I will try. There is nothing to lose anyways, I suppose!
What if its true? What if I really deserve that amount and behind this emails are really people who cared so much in giving out there riches. What if?
Honestly, I tried it once... A long time ago when this type of emails started to circulate the world wide web. But after I sent an email giving out my information.. NOTHING HAPPENED!!!
Its a scam!!! 
BUT What IF?
If I am going to sum it up:
- $5000 - Western Union Compensation
- Estate from Am Schanzengraben 25, Zurich 8047, Switzerland
- $24,500,000 - Profitable Business Proposal from Ming Yang
Reall is a huge amount. Wish its true...
Maybe I'll just keep on dreaming.
However nothing is more fulfilling from getting your riches out of hardwork. Maybe some people are lucky enough to get their millions in a blink of an eye, but its also easier for them to spend it in a snap

Unfortunate Events in Iloilo

Larawan galing kay Bino
Wala naman talagang unfortunate events nung trip kosa Iloilo...

Buong akala ko hindi ako aabot sa scheduled flight ko papuntang Iloilo dahil sa kailangan kong manatili sa opisina hanggang alas dos ng madaming araw noong Novemver 4. Malas ko lang!

Pero dahil sa mabait ang boss ko, she let me leave the office at 12Am. Swerte pa din!

Paglabas ko ng opisina ay medyo may kalakasan ang ulan. Halong kaba at saya ang aking nararamdaman. Kaba na baka lumakas ang ulan at magkaroon ng aberya sa paliparan o di naman kaya ay mismo sa paglipad ng eroplano. Saya dahil sa makikita ko na naman ang mga kaibigan ko sa blogging at makakakilala ng mga bagong kaibigan.

NAIA Terminal 3.. Here I come...
Pagdating ko sa paliparan ng Ninoy Aquino International Airport, nakita ko agad sina Bino, John, Mark Brian and Berlim na naghihintay sa akin bago sila mag check in ng bagahe.
Habang kinakapa ni Manong Guard ang aking katawan (for security purposes naman po yun...Lol), agad kong hinablot ang aking bag para kunin ang aking ticket. Isang malas ko pa sa araw na iyon ay hindi ko mahagilap ang ticket ko. Ang alam ko pinasok ko sa bag at inilagay sa notebook ko. Ngunit wala. Malas talaga!
Mabuti na lang ay mabait ang taga AirPhil Express at inimprintahan nila ako ng panibagong ticket. Swerte pa din! I love you na AirPhil!
A few minutes after, dumating si Kurog and Otep. First time ko ma meet si Kurog and Mark Brian, by the way. Dyahe sa una kasi hindi ko pa sila nakilala sa personal na buhay. Tanging mga blogs lang namina ang namamagitan sa amin.
Habang naghihintay kami sa Gate 3 ng NAIA para sa aming sasakyang eroplano, ay duimating si Ro Anne straight from Macau (actually, 12AM pa siya sa airport, kasi nga galing Macau). We didnt get the chance to personall introduce ourselves. Nagkaroon lang kami ng pag-uusap nung nasa Pirates Bar, Smallville Iloilo na kami. Naalala ko pa ang sabi niya sa akin:
"Kamusta ka naman Xander? Pasensya na, bored na kasi ako."
And that breaks the ice... Lol.

The first U-Bloggers trip (out of town) is actually full of fortunate events. Full of memories rightfully remembered and kept.
  • Its fortunate to meet new people who I look up to in blogging. Meeting U-Blog Admins is exceptional-- Bon, Jowel, Bernard...Thanks Guys!
  • Ang agahan sa bahay ni Meliza ay parang nasa sariling bahay ka lang din. Masarap. Nakaka feel at home. Nakakabusog. Parang may fiesta lang sa araw na yun. Nakakamiss ang KBL at ang Papaya ni Meliza. Lol. Thanks din sa parents ni Mel at pinakain kami.. hehehe
  • Cj's durian fruit and durian cheesecake is really mouth-watering. Parang bumyahe lang kami sa Davao nung naamoy ang Durian.
  • Ang Top of The World and Picture of You dance interpretation ni Cj.
  • Ang Valenciana na parang Biko na tinawag ni Ro Anne na Valenciaga.
  • Ang mala TV Patrol Updates in Bino sa bawat pangyayari sa Iloilo na nirerecord pa niya sa kanyang sariling cellphone.
  • Ang makalaglag panga na quotes ni John gaya ng:
"Yaya, pakilabas ang aircon. Naiinitan ako" -- habang nasa ilalim ng sikat ng araw sa tabing dagat
"Yaya, pakilinisan ang dagat, marumi" - habang nasa tabing dagat pa rin.
"Bruno, pakipatay silang lahat" - habang nakaturo sa mga taong naliligo sa dagat.
  • Ang kakulitan ni Otep.
  • Ang katarayan pero lambing lang talaga yun ni Kurog. Peace! Isama mo pa ang bangayan ni Kurog at Cuteberlim
  • Ang Beach Hut Commercial ni Kat
  • Ang walang kapantay na 1,2,3 PUSH! -- Habang tulak ang malaking bangka.
  • Bawal baliktarin ang sugbang tilapia-- MAPANGANIB.. Lol
  • Ang nakakahimbing na hilik ng mga kasamahan sa kwarto at sa kabilang kwarto.. haahahaha-- Alam nyo na kung sino kayo. Isa din naman ako sa humihilik.. Lol
  • Ang nakakatuwang lip sync ni Ro Ann sa kantang Weak
  • Ang pag giling ni Jowel sa bawat musika.-- Hahaha
  • Ang pag byahe ng Poon na si Mark pababa at pabalik sa bangka-- Peace Mark
  • Ang sugatan at duguang mga paa dahil lang sa pagtulak sa bangka.
  • At ang di makalimutang sing and dance number ng UBloggers na pinamumunuan ni Cj.
  • Nakakamiss ang kwentuhan namin ni Leah
T'was a very fulfilling trip. Thanks everyone for making me feel I belong to the group. Im looking forward on our next Trip. And I believe it spells as M-A-C-A-U.. Ayehh!

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