When Love Moves In a Mysterious and Unpredictable Way

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I called my Mom the other day telling her that I will be going home this coming October 21st for a very short vacation with my office mates. We had a very short conversation that leads me to think about my future. After I told her about my unplanned vacation, we then have these conversation below. 

She asked...

"Kamusta ka na? Ano na balita sayo? May girlfriend ka na ba dyan or kasama sa buhay?"

Being away from my family for almost 6 years now probably makes my Mom wonder If I am already committed with someone. I am not that open to my parents when it comes to relationships.

With her question I replied with a laugh...

Then he continued by asking me...

"Wala ka pa rin bang girlfriend? Kahit fling wala? Mag fling ka naman".

With those words coming from my Mom, my laugh becomes louder than the first. I then told her.

"Importante pa ba yun? Masaya pa naman ako kahit single ako eh. Saka ko na siguro iisipin yun kapag marami na akong pera pang gastos at ipang buhay sa magiging ka fling/girlfriend ko".

She then replied with...

"Ah ok. Sabagay, alam ko naman marami ka pang gustong gawin sa buhay at pangarap sa buhay. Naintindihan ko naman yun. Gusto ko lang naman makita at maabutan ang apo ko sayo."

With those words uttered from the only woman I truly loved, I came to realize that I am not getting any younger. I really don't know what the future holds for me but I am still enjoying my life being single. Living a life of freedom and away from heartaches. I sometimes miss those moments when I was still committed but right now.. It's just not my priority. 

BUT not today. Something very interesting happened at work. Something mysterious and unpredictable. Something that I never expected it will happen.

After doing my daily stuff at work, I took a short break but instead of going out to get some coffee I choose to stay in the office to do some catch up with my colleagues.

I happened to notice this one girl, lets just named her Ms. OJT as she is an really an OJT.

I didnt notice her when I had my first day last week, but today there is something in her that catches my attention.

Every time I talked, I notice that she turns her head and look at me. Sometimes, I caught her staring at me and every time our eyes met she then goes back to what she is doing. I am not assuming or anything but I think its a normal gesture when you personally dont know the person.

Honestly, I don't know what I am feeling right now?

She had this unique aura that catches my attention. She is simple in terms of how she handles herself, she doesn't wear a fancy make-up, she dress up just the way I like. She always wear that smile that melts my heart every.

Well, I cant explain.. BUT one thing I know, up to this very moment, I can't get rid her out of my mind. 

Unfortunately, today is her last day at work as OJT and too bad I dont have her number. I am not that straight-forward in terms of.. you know... I am one of those torpe. 

Well, I am just happy that someone gave me a reason to smile. 

Is there LOVE in the air? -- I dont know!

Am I liking her? -- A LOT!

Did I miss her? -- Definitely!

Well, I don't know what will happen in the coming days and if our paths cross again then I will surely take that chance to get to know her. That's for sure!

One thing that I am thinking though is our age gap. There is a 10 year gap between our age. BUT who cares!? Age is just a number and young is an attitude. 

I actually asked her to guess my age and her answer???? 


See? I am not that old.

And to you Ms. OJT, If given a chance I want to let you know this...

"I am an optimist. I am a fool. I am not sure. because I love you, that I'm in love with you. I'm in love with you. I can't promise a future, I can't promise perfection, because we're us, I'm me and you're you. no one knows what will happen. But in my heart, I am sure. I'm in love with you. And I hope you're in love with me too." 

The line above is a line from one of my favorite TV Series, but I just want you to know that I am feeling exactly just that.

And if ever, you got a chance to visit my blog Ms. OJT I know by now alam mo na! 

This is the first time I'm putting my feelings into writing. I never wrote about something like this in my blog. NGAYON LANG!

Anyways, maybe this is what my mom told me to have some flings? Hahaha.. NOT REALLY!

 I'll surely update what will happen in the coming days or months. 

 God bless us everyone. 

And keep loving...


  1. OMG?! hahaha..

    you're working at where? hehe..

    it's cute to know guys do write about this stuff. I mean, what if that girl has a blog? wow. interesting..

    who knows?

    she could be the one...

    now I'm bothered. I'm single. I'm not getting any younger and I don't have any fling..

  2. my mom is so like that..everytime the topic will pops out, sumesegway siya kung may bf n ba ako. irritating and so funny at the same time :D

  3. xempre di ako makakabigay ng advise tungkol dyan dahil for now, ala sa isipan ko ang love. hehehe pero good luck and i'm happy for you hehehehe

  4. Syempre joke lang na bukas ko pa babasahin
    Yihi --- ikaw na may crush. Sayang, papakilala ko pa naman sau si Zen. Hehehehe
    Yey. love love love

  5. @Mai-- oo naman... guys have a unique way of sharing stuff like this. Lol.. I dont care if she blog or she will read this. Thats my point anyway. Papansin ba para makuha attention niya. hahah

  6. @HappyVic - hahah yung MOm ko kasi palaging ganyan everytime na lang tumatawag ako hahaha..

  7. Wow... Love. :D

    Wow, such a bold move. Ngayon, siguradong alam na nya na gusto mo sya. Will we get to see those words put into action? hehe..

    It is so adorable when someone, especially a guy, makes a move. It makes them seem more.. manly. Pogi points! Woot! Good luck, xander! Stay happy!

  8. @Bino-- hmmm.. di ako naniniwala ehh inlove ka din ehh hahahaa

  9. @Ate Zyra- hahahaha oo nga tinamaan sa pana ni kupido.. wahahaha..lol.. aww papakilala mo pala ako..pwede pa naman single pa naman ako as of this writing.. haha

  10. hahaha kwento ko sa yo once nagkita tayo

  11. While reading this entry I felt like I was the one who wrote it. LOL! I can totally relate.

  12. @Gasoline Dude-- heheh wow nice youre also inlove.. hehehe.. cool

  13. naks... hopefully magbloom yang something with ms. ojt

  14. Xander!!! Congrats!!! ayiii!!! umuusbong! Godbless ah! ahehehe... ako din, pinepressure na ng nanay ko magka syota. ahahaha.

  15. Yun lang. Good luck sa love story. Lablayp na yan! Hahaha. Ikaw na inlove Kuya Xander.

  16. Hehehe at bumalik tlaga ako d2 para basahin ang comment mo sa akin hehehe

    Oo papakilala sana kita kay Zen hehehe wala lang. Di umubra kay Bino e. Try natin sau hehehe

  17. Kung walang bf yung girl na yun eh di may chance ka. unlike in my case i like a girl pero taken na :(

  18. wow... sometimes, you can't deny the fact na minsan nararamdaman natin na parang tumatanda na tayo at naiisip natin kung anong at sino ang makakasama natin sa hinaharap...

    susundan ko to na parang telenovela.. :)

  19. Wow! lahat yata ng iBloggers ay nagiging actibo ang lablayp after that magical iBall.

    hahahahahaa! aylabet!

    si ate Leah may Dylan, si Bino meron na din, si Berl taken na rin, si Xander meron na din. ako marami din ka-fling. ahahahahahaa! (aminado?)

    i'm happy for all of us! :)

    PS: my blog din daw si Miss OJT.. she's also known as A Girl Named Bebang.. LOL

  20. hayzzz! sana alam ni Ms. OJT ang blog mo para malaman na nya hehehe

  21. Cheers to flourishing lovelife!
    Kayal lang parang ang seryoso ng dating sa 'ken neto.

  22. hahahaa.. maraming salamat sa mga komento nyo.. haha.. sa mga oras na ito malamang nabasa na niya ito.. hahaha.. Goodluck to me!

  23. @SOB- hahaha natawa naman ako dun sa comment mo.. haha A Girl Named Bebang talaga? lolz.. hahaha

  24. @DB-- hahah thanks thanks... seryoso nga toh hehe

  25. @ka-swak - im sure sa mga oras n to nababasa na niya toh... ininvite niya ako sa fb ehh hahaha.. lolz..

  26. @Aj- maraming salamat sa pagsubaybay.. aheheh.. sana lang maging masya ang love story na ito

  27. @lonewolf- meron daw nanliligaw sa kanya pero parang nabanggit niyan na masyadong mabagal. haha.. kaya banatan ko na cguro to haha

  28. @Zyra -- haha oo nga bumalik ka.. salamat ng marami.. lolz.. tingnan natin kung walang mamuong relasyon sa amin ni ms. ojt.. haha

  29. @khantotantra sana nga mag bloom ito into something

  30. @RoNRoNTuRoN - mga nanay talaga mahilig mamressure noh..

  31. Wow! Ang cute naman. I can imagine Miss OJT smiling all throughout reading this post. Sweeeet!

  32. Talaga tong si Zyra.. Binebenta na naman ako ng hindi ko alam...
    Anyway, I hope maging okay naman ang lahat.. Hehe. Ako din kasi, medyo single.. Pero ayos lang.. Darating din ang lahat sa tamang panahon :)


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