Serenity in the Myst

I was cleaning my mailbox (a literal box full of old mails I got from friends and loved ones) when  I saw my old notebook and read this old poem I wrote down many years ago. Wow, Its amazing how puppy love inspired me to write such poem. Ngayon hindi ko na magawa. Lol.

I feel col
As time goes old
Things change so fast
Everything won't last

I hold your hand
They crumble to pieces of sand
And as I stroke your hair
I know, you won't dare to care

A pain I felt
Things that love dealt
And it left me bleeding
Slowly goes to my brain, creeping

As I hug you tight
I feel and see no light
And as I kiss your lips
I no longer feel loves depth

Why do I feel
That your heart is sealed
You have left me behind
And done it without any sign

Now, as I pull you close
Your hands drop loose
And as I ask for love
You shrug and said I no longer have

As I see loves bitter end
Torture and pain you've send
It leaves no direction
To my very evolution

I bid farewell
For love didn't bloomed well
I don't want to feel pain
Never ever will be in vain.



  1. naks naman!!! astig ng tula. gawa ka ulit ung nakakanosebleed :D

  2. Intense emotion really forces us to do things we're not used to doing. This time, as a means of expression. :)

  3. puppy love talaga pag tinamaan ka, napapagawa ka ng tula hehehe! reminiscing the past ha? hehehe

  4. Wow, ang galing naman.. bata pa lang tumutula na.. Iba talaga ang love nuh? :)

  5. mei pinaghuhugutan.... hahahhaha... galing galing... :D

  6. nosebleed.... emo...

  7. E di ikaw na englisher noon pa man. Hahaha. Bata ka pa nga nito, kasi yan nafifeel ko pa lang ngayon eh. LOL. Juk!

  8. @YOW hahaha englisher talaga? hahaha oo bata pa lang naglalandi na ako wahahaa.. nakks ngayon mo pa lang yan nafifeel? hehe

  9. @Bino- hahah dati lang yan.. hindi ko na kaya ngayon hahaha.. tagalog na lang wahaha..

  10. @Ka-swah hahahaa oo napahalungkat lang sa mga lumang baul jhahhaa


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