6 Quick Ways to Calm Down

Stone of Calmness
A friend of mine told me that I show symptoms of axiety and depression. I ask him how? why? He just laugh and told me that he can see it in my face. I was worried and alarmed because what he told me means something.

Then I start evaluating myself, like things that I usually do, food I ate, people I talk to, places I go to... everything. I found out that I worry too much about everyday life events with no obvious reasons. Sometimes, when I hear a news or an information from someone and I know that I will get affected by it, I immediately panic about it and never calm down. There are also instances than I easily melt down when I open my email and found 100 mesages in my mailbox that I need to read and answer.

So, I find some ways on how to calm ourselves down when melt down strikes. I always turn to these when I dont have time to phone a friend or call my parents asking for comfort or words of encouragement.

So here's my calming tip:

1. Let the world disappear
How to do it? By closing your eyes. Just gently allow your eyes to close and let the world disappear, and go within to regain your equilibrium. Just feel the calmness inside like your separating yourself away from the world that causes you not to calm down. Listen to the beat of your heart. This of happy and positive thoughts. In this way it will regain your balance and proper focus.

Though, I would'nt recommend using this tip on the road (if you're driving).
2. Find some Privacy Sometimes finding a place of solitude is very important. When I am restless and can't calm down I always find some solitude and every time I did that, I always find myself in a bathroom. This is where I can think freely where nobody can disturb me (unless someone wants to use it). However when I am in a place of solitude this allows my nervous system regenerate. This allow my mind to work and think properly. Though, its challenging to do this specially if your at work.

So find your space. Be creative. Anyway you can. even if it entails of going or staying in the bathroom for hours.

3. Go Outside
Go out with friends. Go swimming. Running. Go to the mall. Have dinner with your old friends. Being outside calms us body and our mind specially if you go out with your real friends or your support group. When you're outside with nature, for example, you feel relax and relieve from the stressful world. You feel freedom deep within you.

4. Breathe In, Breathe Out
Breathing eliminates toxins from our systems. It provides our brain and other vitalorgan in our body with oxygen needed for us to survive.

I came across eHow and found out that proper breathing exercise can be used to calm ourselves. They called it the Four-Square Breathing:

4.1. Take a deep brather, breathing in for four seconds.
4.2. Hold your breath for four seconds.
4.3. Slowly exhale for four seconds.
4.4. Do nothing for four seconds and then repeat the process as many times as you need until you calm down.

5. Listen to Music
Across time and space, music has been used to soothe and relax. When I am depressed, or sad, or when I am very down, I always listen to music and I always go for country music and christian music. Something that will uplift my spirit. I love listening to Casting Crowns, Vineyard Music, Collin Raye, Steven Curtis Chapman, etc. Most of the time when I listen to these music, I tend to close my eyes and then meditate and feel the music into my spirit. Its like wanting to rejuvinate my whole being or renew my spirit within.

It actually depeneds on what type of music you like. I suggest to go for music that soothe you or keep you calm.

6. Pray
I believe in the power of prayers. Pray for peace of mind and clarity of spirit. Pray to dispel negativity and replace it with something positive. Prayer covers is from any spiritual negativeness. Of all the tips this is the best ever!

So Friends, Relatives, Romans, Countrymen... Keep yourself free from worry and make every effort to keep you calm. Stay positive!


  1. tnx for this. i badly need this now..

  2. @bloggingpuyat..thats goo at nakatulong yan..

  3. hahah tamang tama pala itong post mo. stressed na stressed ako ngayon e. breathe in, breathe out... dapat yata every 15 minutes gawin ko yan.

  4. ayan! worry ka kasi ng worry. hehehe joke lang. i agree sa mga naisulat. pero syempre, kasama ang stress dyan kaya nagkakaganyan. chillax lang

  5. sabi ni Ryan, make it light. Hahaha! Agree ako kay Bino.

    Sasawsaw din ako sa tips. Ako, umiinom ng tubig. Parang Four-Square Breathing lang din yung concept, pero sa tiyan pupunta ang tubig. Hahah!Yung tubig, pwede palitan ng ibang liquid -- *ehem* *ehem* -- like mga inuming me pangalan ng anghel o kaya nama'y uri ng hayop katulad ng kabayo -- yung kulay pula! Hahaha!

  6. nice post maraming ma gandang aral :-)


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