I am my own Best friend

Knowledge of the self is the true month of all knowledge. So it is incumbent on me to know my self, to know it completely, to know its minutiae, its characteristics, its subtleties, and its very atoms. -- Khalil Gibran.

Have you ever tried talking to your self? I mean not in a lunatic-psycho way of talking. Not like a taong grasa way.  In a way that you are talking to someone close and dear to you, like confiding something.

I remember when I was in elementary, every school year, we were asked to write an essay on "My Best friend. Everytime I keep on thinking and always thought for a while about all my friends that I had and tried to find out one who knew everything about me. It always surprise me that in a group of close friends there was no one who knew everything about me. None of thing knew anything about how and what I feel. Nobody knows how desperately I wanted to work abroad and earn a good income. Nobody knows what I really want in life. And few who knew.. but never understood it. Instead some of them judge me for who I am and for being me. After brief rumination, I realized that I was my own best friend as only I knew about my life completely. So I always write about myself and always got a negative feedback from my teacher as the essay is about my "best friend" and not about "myself".

I am friendly by nature, though I am shy at first specially those I knew the first time. And I think its normal. So gaining friends is not a problem to me, but everytime the thought of my best friend comes to mind, I am confident to say that my self is my best friend.

Everytime I have a problem and no one to turn to, I turn to myself. Its like my inner soul gives me accurate and precise answers to my questions. I always ask myself about the actions I'm about to take, desires of my heart and soul, about my current feelings to a certain situation. My inner self always ask me the right answers and reasons. Honesty is the only thing that is needed to carry on with the conversation with myself.

As always our inner self will give us the exact and honest answers to the questions that our "physical friends" could not give. They might give you an honest answers but hesitations come in between. Maybe because they dont want to hurt your feelings or ego. But our inner self will give us a straight-forward answers.

What should we do to have a better conversation with our innerself?

Build a relationship with your inner self. It's like building a relationship with someone. If you can build a good relationship with other people, then why not with our own self? Its like loving yourself. Buying good stuff for yourself. It actually depends on what type of relationship you want to build. Figure it out and improve it. Build a rapport where your sould is free to talk to you.

Be Honest.

Have a quality time with yourself. This is maybe the reason why some of us dont know what we can or maybe we wont be able to get answer about life and things that surrounds us because we are to confuse with ourselves. Try go to somewhere, a place where you can think freely and have that inner peace. In a rooftop, on a seashore, under a tree or lie down in a grass field. Have time for yourself and talk freely to your self.
Respect your inner self. Its no use if your letting your conscious speak, if you do not listen to it.  Allow and respect the voice of your inner self. Listen and respond.

Developing a relationship with yourself is the most overlooked process that needs to be focused on more. So start talking to yourself and appreciate its conversation.


  1. best friend ko din sarili ko eh. hehehe

  2. I definitely can soooo relate! Hahaha! Emo pero hindi maitatanggi ang totoo. :D

  3. Best ko si empi kasi alam ko kung ano at sino siya. hehe

  4. same here. Triny ko talaga alamin kung may bestfriend ako pero hanggang close friend lang but not really bestfriends as seen on tv shows and some novels. :(


  5. That is really. You know what I noticed about back fighters and rumor mongers? Deep down, they really hate themselves, so hitting on others is a psychological technique to make them feel good. But decent people respect themselves, and sana sila yung dumami, not the other way around na mukhang ganun ang nagyayari. Magandang morning, nice post

  6. @Chad-- hahah emo nga talaga siguro akong tao.. wahahha

  7. @empi-- ahh bestfriend mo din pala si empi.. ako si xander bestfriend ko hehe

  8. @Khanto-- pang soap opera ba ang drama? hehe

  9. @Huggybear Jonathan Aquino- i agree.. respect in ourselves is important. kaya dapat magparami na tayo. thanks sa pag comment.

  10. ❤ (つ• ㉦•)づ agree..we should always be the one who understand ourselves and can deal with our own behavior ^^

    visit me back ✌

  11. ヘ(^_^ヘ)(ノ^_^)ノagree!! we should always be the first person who knows how to deal with ourselves

    visit me back☆⌒(>。≪)

  12. know yourself well, and after that.. share it! =) masarap ang may bestfriend! ^^

  13. @BON-- tama ka din dyan. masarap ang may bestfriend aside sa sarili mo lang.


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