Nang Mapikon si La Greta

I was browsing the internet this morning before going to bed when I saw the article about Gretchen Barretto walking out in an interview during her photo shoot last June 16, 2011. It has been said that she got offended and cut the interview short. Ilang beses na ba nyang ginawa ang mag walk out sa mga interview nya? If I can recall she hastily left a press conference after a reporter asked her regarding her supposed rift with sister Claudine Barretto some time in April of this year. Another walking out incident is during her Entertainment Live guesting when a VTR of Nadia Monetnegro was shown spilling details about her gap. Halata bang chismoso ako minsan? Lol.

Anyways, I was curious about the reason why she walked out again this time? Well, the reason why she cut the interview short is because she was offended when one reporter asked her about finishing high school compared to her daughter Dominique who is not attending college.


You see me as a paper
Clean and bright
Sometimes with lines
Not always white

You can write anything into it
Any words that might fit
You can erase if you don't like it
And then maybe tear into pieces when you really hate it

You can cut me in any styles and angles
In any shape with scissors, cutters and punchers
You always write your love story
But hurting in the end is a must and necessary

I'm like a paper to you
Sometimes nothing, sometimes with value
Sometimes crumpled
Always burned

You've Got Mail #2: Silent Reader

This is another email I got from someone whom I'll call Silent Reader. It's interesting to know that lately I've been receiving emails who are asking questions about anything. This one is something serious. I am scared to share my own opinion about this certain topic that Ms. Silent Reader is sharing as I am not in the authority to give out any advise. I am still learning about life, love and other mysteries. However, since I value and love those who follow this blog and read it wholeheartedly, I'll share whatever I have in mind and will give my best and I hope that Ms. Silent Reader will get something out of this.

Medyo may kahabaan po ang post na ito, so pagpasensyahan nyo na po.

Anyways, below is the email of Ms. Silent Reader. Again, personal information like email address and name were changed to keep the identity of the one who sent it private.

Mga Kaibigan sa Kabilang Daan

Below is a poem dedicated to my colleagues from my previous company whom I wasn't able to say "thank you" for the wonderful memories and great things they did for me. Thanks guy! I miss you all.

Ako ay may mga kaibigan
Sa opisina na aking pinasukan
Hindi man ako nagtagal sa opisinang yan
Ngunit pagkakaibigan ay naubuo ng walang pag aalinlangan

Unang nakilala si Jervy na kay sigla
Katabi sa upuan, kakwentuhan at katawanan na kay saya
Ang tawag sa akin ay Kuya
Dahil sa totoo lang ako ay mas matanda sa kanya

At dito na nagsimula na ang iba ay nakilala
Si Yumi na kay kulit, swabi kung humirit
Walang tatalo sa kanyang pangungulit
Kaya goodluck sayo kapag sya ay bumirit

I am my own Best friend

Knowledge of the self is the true month of all knowledge. So it is incumbent on me to know my self, to know it completely, to know its minutiae, its characteristics, its subtleties, and its very atoms. -- Khalil Gibran.

Have you ever tried talking to your self? I mean not in a lunatic-psycho way of talking. Not like a taong grasa way.  In a way that you are talking to someone close and dear to you, like confiding something.

I remember when I was in elementary, every school year, we were asked to write an essay on "My Best friend. Everytime I keep on thinking and always thought for a while about all my friends that I had and tried to find out one who knew everything about me. It always surprise me that in a group of close friends there was no one who knew everything about me. None of thing knew anything about how and what I feel. Nobody knows how desperately I wanted to work abroad and earn a good income. Nobody knows what I really want in life. And few who knew.. but never understood it. Instead some of them judge me for who I am and for being me. After brief rumination, I realized that I was my own best friend as only I knew about my life completely. So I always write about myself and always got a negative feedback from my teacher as the essay is about my "best friend" and not about "myself".

You've Got Mail #1: From Ms. Coincidence

I got an email from a reader who wants to know and get my opinion about Coincidence. The name of course has been change for privacy. Please read the email below.

From: Ms. Coincidence
Date: Sunday, June 13, 2011 at 9:04PM
Subject: "aboynamedxander concern"

Dear Kuya Xander,

I really love your blog. Gustong gusto kong basahin yung blog mo kasi madami akong natutunan lalo na yung mga inspirational post mo. Masaya ang blog mo kasi hindi ka lang nag focus sa isang topic kundimaraming bagay pa. Napansin ko lang na lately ang post mo parang broken-hearted ka at medyo may pagka emo. Bakit po? Ok ka lang po ba? Alam mo ba Kuya Xander an yung blog mo nalaman ko lang sa isang friend ko. Sabi nung friend ko yung teacher daw niya sinabi na i visit yung blog mo kasi madami daw matutunan na aral. Tama nga siya. Hope you will keep on posting inspirational stories and stuff.

Ang Pitong Pangako

Nagising ang aking diwa sa lakas ng ulan na tila hudyat ng isang malaking unos ang darating. Dinilat ko ang aking mga mata at tumambad sa akin ang kalat sa loob ng silid; mga bote ng alak na nakakalat sa sahig, mga hugasin na nakatiwangwang sa kusina, mga librong at magazine na hindi naibalik sa kinalalagyan nito. Tumayo ako at tinignan ang itsura sa salamin.

"You look wasted." Sabay bulong sa aking sarili.

Dapat lang sa akin ito. Dapat lang akong malugmok sa kalungkutan. Dapat lang akong parusahan sa kasalanang nagawa ko sa kanya. Hindi ako karapat-dapat kay Diane. Hindi ako karapat-dapat sa pagmamahal niya. Niloko ko sya. Sinira ko ang tiwala na matagal na naming binuo. Sinira ko ang kaligayana niya na makabuo ng pamilya. Ako ang nangloko.

Habang nakatitig sa salamin, isang imahe ang bumuo sa aking harapan. Tila anino ng aking kaluluwa ang bumungan sa akin.

I Choose Not To Be Discouraged

I choose not to be discouraged
To be sad, or cry
I choose not to be downhearted
And below are the reasons why

I have God above all
Who is merciful and mighty
He never leaves me when Im down and fall
He always love me forever and faithfully

I have my family who cares for me
Accepted me even if I have flaws
They never judge me because I'm "me"
But loves me even if I growls.

My true friends are also there
Who will stick to me to the very end
They will stop me specially when I'm frail
And we'll cherish that promise that no one could ever bend

I choose not to be discouraged
Because there is nothing to worry about
God already have this burden carried
A long time ago, I remember on that mount

Nothing Shall Separate us from His Love

Life at times is difficult, often it is painful, and most of the time it is imperfect. Most of us complain about what we've been through and the roads that we undertake is hard as hell.

While I was walking down the street this morning on my way home, I saw this small christian bookstore stuffed with different books, reading materials and posters. One poster that caught my attention is the one marked with the slogan "Life is good." Sometimes we need to remind ourselves of that simple truth. We need to remind ourselves that living a life of happiness and contentment is great.

Most of us are busy woking to live, go to the gym to maintain good health and fitness, we raise our family to the last strength we can give, we manage our relationship and stick together but in the end all this things will overwhelm us. When that time comes its good to think about how small our part in the universe really is.

Couldn't Last A Moment Without You


I just woke up last night saying your name
I thought I can carry the burden without your love and I'm starting to get insane
My life was fine before I knew you
And then you came and said: "I will never leave you".

But one day you just said: "Im leaving".
To the place unknown you want to make a great living.
Do you know how hard it is to start a life without you?
I wish you know that before asking me to love you

You know that when were together
My life is getting better
I can smile to anyone
Without faking it and its really fun

I can walk down the street with my head up high
Knowing that you are always and I will never sigh
I can hold your hand and hug you in public
Just want to let the world knows that loving you is a magic

And now you're gone forever
What will I do with my life that's in perfect slumber
It's killing me imagining that you'll not coming back and in a great sunder
Oh baby please never let go of me cause I'll surely die from down under

Thinking I could still walk down the street
With head up high is impossible to meet
Now that you're not here by my side
Alone in the night, I wish you're love I can abide

Wish this agony will be over
I cannot live a life like this forever
So please save me from this misery
Cause I couldn't last a moment without you my Baby.

The Family that Eats Together, Stays Forever

I was reading Notbuk ni Lhan's latest post; Iba na Talaga Sila. My heart was broken while reading that post. I couldn't imagine how kids today utter such harsh words to an eldery couple. This makes me think how and why kids today think and act differently (not all, I think). Sabi nga ni Lhan na magkaiba talaga ang mga bata sa ngayon kesa dati. I wonder why and how? Probably because of how the world evolves, it also affects the personality, characteristic and behaviour of the person. Technology, TV shows, Computer games, Internet are the few things that can impact and influence kids behaviour.

But I tried to dig deeper and understand what is the main reason why kids doesn't even give importance to good manners and right conduct. Then it boils down to how the family interects with their kids. How family values the importance of eating together. I remember Sharon Cuneta's Lucky Me commercial where it tackles about how important it is to have time for kids during meal time. With its infomercial: Ugaliing kasama ang pamilya sa hapag-kainan is one of the best thing that a family can do to save the future generation.

So, you might ask: What is the importance of family meal?

Mga Taxi Drivers Na Hinugot Sa Ilalim ng Lupa

Sobrang napaka (sobra na, napaka pa! lels..) ironic minsan ng buhay. There are things that I completely don't understand, like if you're desperately looking for your underwear and then you keep looking at it but can't find it. And then if you dont look for things, andyan naman sa harap mo. Kulang na lang kalabitin ka para sabihing, "Andito ako, kailangan mo ba ako?"

Just like taxi drivers. If you badly needed them, they'll ignore you. But if you dont need to ride a taxi (hindi dahil sa wala kang pera) then there they are falling inline infront of you. Parang mga langgam na dumapo sa matamis na asukal.

Last Monday evening pauwi ako from work, habang nakatayo ako sa napakahabang pila at nag aabang ng jeep. Napansin ko ang ibang taong nakatayo na nag aabang ng taxi. Maraming taxi na ang dumaan sa harap namin. However, most of the taxi drivers just go drive straight na hindi man lang pinapasakay ang mga pasahero pumapara nito. Napaisip ako, bakit ganun sila? Everytime you needed them, they're not around but at times that you dont need them, there they are infront of you. Sila pa yung pumapara para sakyan mo lang (ang pangit pakinggan! lels). Ang arte lang nila noh? Namimili ng pasahero.

Naisip ko na marami palang ibat-ibang uri ng taxi drivers sa mundo:

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