1st Blog Anniversary

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Wow! Amazing! My blog just turned 1 and I never imagined I'll reach this far. It has been a year since I started this blog, though I've been blogging for more than a year. I started blogging using multiply, friendster, livejournal and some others until I finally decided to have this blog as my first and very own. I could not imagine how and what this blog been through.

My dear followers and readers, please accept my apologies as I don't have anything right now to give back to you. As you can see I don't have any contest or any give aways to give as my THANK YOU for your undying love and support for my blog. Shame on me!


Having my first blog anniversary is overwhelming. In a span of one year, this blog grows unexpectedly.
  • In just one year, A Boy Named Xander has been recognized by fellow bloggers and followed by a well respected blogger in the country.
  • Meet other bloggers who eventually became my blogger friends. My confidante, mentors and critics. 
  • Have a new header before turning one. Header sponsored by Blessed Zyra
  • Had my first Bloggers Eb last February 13.
  • Second Bloggers Eb was at Banchitto


I have so many things in mind to write and to share with you my avid readers and followers. In the coming days, months I hope to do something differently on my blog. I am not sure yet what is it but I am sure that you will be part of it. Here are some things that I want to do with my blog:
  • Create a book based on the inspirational entries I have for this blog. This is inspired by a very dear friend of mine who offered me to make a book out of the entries I have. She will finance when that happened. I hope and excited about it. Hopefully this will realized soon.
  • Upgrade my blog and hopefully to have my own dot com. Lels. 
  • Post more pictures of my own. Not really pictures of myself but pictures that I took using my own camera. Panning to buy SLR. Malapit na! Sana may mag regalo. hehe

Again, avid readers and followers I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. This blog wont be this good if its not because of your comments and suggestions. If not coming back to this blog everything would be impossible. I wish this blog gives you something that you need and inspired you in anyway possible.

God bless you and hope to hear from you again soon.


Because I gave so much importance on my readers, your suggestions and tips is much appreciated. Anything in mind that might help this blog and enhance its potential. Thanks. Love you all!

Loving you with all my heart,


  1. happy first blogniversary! cheers and more power! :)

  2. Keep going. I know this blog will continue growing. Kudos!

  3. Happy birthday sa iyong blog!!!! hehe.. naka 1year na. Good news naman yang about sa book.. Hope nga matuloy. Wishing you luck, Xander! Anyway, happy birthday ulet sa blog mo.. More years of blogging to come! :)

  4. Congratulations! More years of fun blogging!

  5. Congrats Sir Xander! :) Im looking forward to seeing your pro shots with your new dSLR, hopefully.

  6. Wow happy 1st year. You got good posts! Keep it up! ( :

  7. at dahil anniversary ng blog mo, pakain ka naman! hehehehe. congrats sa one year mo sa blogosphere :)

  8. naks.. may sponsor na siya for the book..
    wow new dslr malapit na yan hehehe :D
    one again.. happie 1st blogsary sau and nice meeting you finally heheh :D
    and more cool and inspirational msg to come :D

  9. Congrats and happy 1st year of blogniversary! keep on blogging

  10. Happy birthday to your bloggie! :P keep writing.

  11. Happy 1st year on your blog p. I hope my blog can stay for years just like yours. :)

  12. Happy first anniversary Xander. like i said i Just feel so sad when some people leave their blog and build relationships with other bloggers. so today im writing for you and for everyone. Btw guys I was hoping to see you on sat.Its a nuffnang family day. who among you are joining, i still have 2 more invites. Hindi kasi nagconfirm yung niinvite ko eh. let me know ... Happy anniversary again to your blog .

  13. @juanderfulpinoy- maraming salamat po sa pag greet. Taos pusong pasasalamat sa lahat ng mambabasa ng blog na ito..


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