Unanswered Prayers

Common reason we often hear from people tells us that "unanswered prayers" is due to lack of faith. Maybe alot of us believe this and sometimes we often agree to those who tells us that we need more faith. Minsan sinasabi nila na anak lang ng Diyos ang pinapakinggan ang mga dasal.

Pero sabi sa Bibliya if we have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, "move from here to there" and it will move. Ang lahat ng bagay ay possible kung tayo ay naniniwala.

Ngunit, kadalasan naman may mga panalangin na hindi nasasagot. Minsan iniisip natin na nakalimutan tayo. We then start to think that were forsaken and forgotten. He starts to hate and then stops praying. Only to realize that there are times, prayers who are unanswered means we need to wait or maybe were praying for the wrong reasons or motives. We need to check the purpose of our prayers. We need to evaluate if where praying for our selfish ambitions. God always hear our prayers and God answer;s are wiser than our prayers.

Sometimes unsanswered prayer means we lack fellowship with God. Yun bang palagi na lang tayo ang humihingi sa kanya. Yung tipong lumalapit lang tayo sa kanya kapag may kailangan tayo. Sabi nga sa libro ni John 15:7 "If you abide in me and My words abide in you, you will ask what you desire and it shall be done for you."

Unanswered prayers is the result of absence from fellowship with God.

Kadalasan din, hindi nasasagot ang ating panalangin kahit na sang simbahan ka pa pumunta at kahit na tumambling ka pa ehh wala ring sagot ay dahil yan sa hindi sya will ni God. It means its not according to his will or not asking in God's will.

Sometimes, unanswered prayers is due to lack of faith. Kulang sa tiwala. We can pray anything we want and anytime we like, but its only just by merely saying it but no faith. So hindi pa rin nasasagot. Sabi ko nga sa itaas na kailangan may tiwala para mangyari ang lahat.

At ang pinakahuli, kung bakit di nasasagot ang ating mga panalangin dahil sa HINDI TAYO MARUNONG MAG PRAY.

Pano nga ba ang tamang panalangin?

There is no right steps or formula in praying. Other passages teach us that prayers is primarily to be a private, intimate time with God, to be intermingled with praise and thanksgiving. Time of fasting with prayer are beneficial to strengthen our faith and power of prayer.

Lastly, (may pinakahuli na ako may lastly pa!..lels)

Promise last na to!

Hindi rin pala nasasagot ang prayers natin kapag wala tayong perseverance. Yung tipong pag hindi sinagot ang prayers natin eh tumigil na tayo sa kakapray. Kasi nga dahil carnal ang mind at ang pagkatao natin eh kapag naramdaman natin na hindi nasasagot ang panalangin natin eh tumitigil na tayo. Wala na, dun na natatapos ang lahat. But as long as we have the promise of God's word, be patient and persistent- keep believing and don't quit, no matter how long it takes! God has a "due season" when He will bring the answer to pass.

God answer's are wiser than our prayers.

I Surrender To You

Lord, you have given your life for me
It's not because you want it but because you want to set me free
Free from sin the world has given
Which started from the very beginning

You have given up your being You
Because you want me to be like you
And now I can see the purpose and the reason
Because you want me to know the truth and that is to believe in you.

I surrender my life and my wealth
I surrender my selfish motives and my guilt
I have given up my life for someone I love
What more to someone who gave his life without a doubt

From now on I will take my stand according to your word
And be by your side till my life cannot hold
Everything I can think of I find in you
Believing in your promise as its always true

I lift my burden unto you
Your loving grace will see me through
For I know that when I surrender to you
My life will be renewed and became the son that you want me to

A Letter to my Heart

Dear Heart, 

You know what sometimes you are unfair. Bakit ba kailangan mong umibig sa iba kung may mahal ka na? Bakit pa kailangan mahulog sa taong bago mo lang nakilala at kayang ipagpalit ang taong matagal mo nang nakasama. Unfair ka nga talaga! Ang sabi ng utak ko sya lang ang mahal mo, ngunit ngayon di ko mo namalayan na umiibig ka na sa kanya. Pano mo ngayon masasabi na tapat ka sa kanya. Pano mo ngayon idepensa ang sarili mo at sabihing siya lang at wala nang iba. Manloloko ka! Sinungaling ka!

Sinabi mo na siya lang ang mahal mo, pero heto ngayon kaharap ko ang taong sayo ay nagpapasaya. Pano mo ngayon masasabi na ako lang kung nakikita ko sa mga ngiti mo ang saya sa tuwing kayo ay magkasama. Pano mo nakayang ako ay saktan ng ganyan. Hindi mo ba naisip na binigay ko ang lahat para lang sa ating samahan. Looser ka talaga! Nakikita ko sayong mga mata na masaya ka. Ramdam ko na kakaiba ang binigay nya na ligaya. Hindi pa kita nakikitang ganyan ka alaga sa kanya. Nakakalungkot at ako ay nawala na nga.

Ngunit, my dear heart, ganun pa man, nagpapasalamat ako sa ginawa mo. Nalaman ko na matapang pala ako. Nalaman ko na may mga bagay pala na hindi ko kayang pwedeng angkinin habang buhay. May mga bagay pala na kahit mahalaga sa akin ay pwede pa rin kunin hindi upang ako'y ay parusahan kundi upang ako ay may matutunan. Naging buo ang loob ko sa ginawa mo. Hindi ako magpapatalo sayo. Hindi ko rin pinapangako na maipaglalaban ko sa kung ano man ang sa tingin ng iba ay para sa akin. Ngunit, taas noo kung sasabihin na nakaya ko kaya salamat sayo. Wag mong isipin na titigil ako sa pag-ibig. Alam ko makakatagpo din ako ng para sa akin. Sana lang wag mo na akong lokohin.

Ganun pa man, my dear heart, alam ko na masaya ka. Wag kang huminto sa pagtibok ng iyong puso. Mahalin mo ang sa kung sino at ano ang tama. Wag ka malandi. Gets mo?

Nocturnal Mode in Full Swing

My life will turn upside down starting today. I finally decided to move to a new company and leave the company who has been so good to me for the past 7 months. I was a call center agent for 3 years before I got promoted as an HR Specialist in my previous company. Working so late at night is easy for me but since I was promoted my life goes back to its normal routine. And now, I'm working on a graveyard shift again. Why? For some reasons:
  • Need to earn big for some future plans. (syempre numero uno ang kaperahan dyan!)
  • The company is offering a great training which I think, will help me grow in my chosen career (kung meron man akong career..lels).
  • Leaving my comfort zone makes me a better person, improves my decision making and becoming strong in whatever problems encountered along the way.
Since this new job requires me to work on a graveyard shift, I decided to think of many ways to make me awake during those 9 hours of working. This might not work for everybody but is a surefire ways to keep you awake and alive till the cock crows and beyond. 


 How to do it: 

Go and find someone who is as sleepy as you. Surprise him/her with a slap as strong as you like. This is a great way to wake him or her up and I'm sure he/she will surely fire back at you. And when commotions starts everyone on the floor will also awake. So everybody is awake and nobody is sleeping. Nice right? Hahaha.

If you are hypertensive and caffeine is your number enemy, you might want to try this very efficient and effective way to stay alive. This is very self explanatory. 

Requirements: Ears, toothpicks

All you need to do is to get a toothpick and then pinch your ear, scream in agony and feel the sleep melt away. Easy right?


Get a 3 cups of coffee in the pantry and 3 bottles of energy drink (cobra, extra joss, etc.). Mix ingredients in a liter jug. Shake, chug and do a little dance while mixing it. I believe most people working at night are caffeine immune already and I think drink a cup of coffee wont keep you awake for long hours. You can drink cups of coffee but then doze off after a few minutes.

Mixing coffee and energy drink will surely keep you awake like a firefly. BE CAREFUL though that your blood pressure might hit its limit. Nonetheless, you will be as perky as a high school student and ready to confront those irate callers. Kaya ingat lang po at wag pasobra.

Requirements: Needles or Pins, Lemons or Kalamansi (para mas matapang)

How to do it:
  • Prick yourself using the needle or pin
  • Squeeze kalamansi on it
  • Grimace in pain
This is better than a thousand caffeine jolts. If you happened to know and read the story of Ibong Adarna? This is what the prince did to stay alive and capture that mythical bird. So go and try it yourself, para makita mo hinahanap mo. Lels. This will also keep you away from getting caught snooring while you sleep on the middle of your shift.

Anyways, those are just some funny things to think when working at night. I know its hard to change our body clock but hopefully I can adjust so I can live a normal/not-so-normal life. 

Goodluck to me!


1st Blog Anniversary

pic here
Wow! Amazing! My blog just turned 1 and I never imagined I'll reach this far. It has been a year since I started this blog, though I've been blogging for more than a year. I started blogging using multiply, friendster, livejournal and some others until I finally decided to have this blog as my first and very own. I could not imagine how and what this blog been through.

My dear followers and readers, please accept my apologies as I don't have anything right now to give back to you. As you can see I don't have any contest or any give aways to give as my THANK YOU for your undying love and support for my blog. Shame on me!


Having my first blog anniversary is overwhelming. In a span of one year, this blog grows unexpectedly.
  • In just one year, A Boy Named Xander has been recognized by fellow bloggers and followed by a well respected blogger in the country.
  • Meet other bloggers who eventually became my blogger friends. My confidante, mentors and critics. 
  • Have a new header before turning one. Header sponsored by Blessed Zyra
  • Had my first Bloggers Eb last February 13.
  • Second Bloggers Eb was at Banchitto


I have so many things in mind to write and to share with you my avid readers and followers. In the coming days, months I hope to do something differently on my blog. I am not sure yet what is it but I am sure that you will be part of it. Here are some things that I want to do with my blog:
  • Create a book based on the inspirational entries I have for this blog. This is inspired by a very dear friend of mine who offered me to make a book out of the entries I have. She will finance when that happened. I hope and excited about it. Hopefully this will realized soon.
  • Upgrade my blog and hopefully to have my own dot com. Lels. 
  • Post more pictures of my own. Not really pictures of myself but pictures that I took using my own camera. Panning to buy SLR. Malapit na! Sana may mag regalo. hehe

Again, avid readers and followers I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. This blog wont be this good if its not because of your comments and suggestions. If not coming back to this blog everything would be impossible. I wish this blog gives you something that you need and inspired you in anyway possible.

God bless you and hope to hear from you again soon.


Because I gave so much importance on my readers, your suggestions and tips is much appreciated. Anything in mind that might help this blog and enhance its potential. Thanks. Love you all!

Loving you with all my heart,

Subic’s Swell Bar and Café: A great place to dine and chill

         Subic is a popular tourist destination for visitors coming from a crowded Manila and even a destination spot for people from around the globe. A lot of travelers want to go and loosen up in a place where they can be themselves specially after indulging in a very hot summer activities. Well, Swell Bar and Cafe offers a diverse experience for travelers who wants to situate in a relaxing place either to meet friends for a drink or just to dine and eat. It's the best place for rendezvous or if you just want to unwind and be alone.

          Swell Bar and Cafe has a prominent position along Waterfront Road Subic Bay Freeport Zone which aims to provide  exceptional facilities and service in beautiful surroundings with stunning sea view from their indoor and outdoor spaces. Swell is truly a unique business, property and location.

Subic beach fronting Swell Bar and Cafe
          The outside part of Swell gives you the impression that its a great place to chill. There is no feeling of intimidation when you enter the bar as it has this homely aura even on the outside. It has a very modern architecture which combines Western and Asian touch. It has these Japanese-like brown wooden frames from the outside of the bar that makes it more relaxing. My first impression, "Its an air bar and cafe baby!". It's like you're standing in front in a bar or a restaurant in the streets of L.A. where you can literally see young people do their acrobatic skateboarding in front of a panoramic beach while people inside are happily dining and enjoying the best moments of their lives.

Outside view of Swell Bar and Cafe
          Food has always been the number priority of every travelers when dining in a restaurant or bar. Most of us want something different, something new but still has that traditional taste. Swell offers a different taste of gourmet. As Head Chief Niko Martinez said that they offer, most likely, Pinoy dishes but presented in such a different way with a foreign touch.

          When me and my friends (Francis and Len) arrived in Subic, we go straight to our rooms to freshen up before hitting the table for dinner. We stayed in Boardwalk Inn which is also part of Swell Bar and Cafe. It serves as the hotel for Swell Bar and Cafe's guests. So if you want to chill out in Swell, there is already a place for you to stay. It's like "hitting two birds with one stone?" Lels. There's a place to sleep and rest (Boardwalk Inn) after having a great dinner at Swell. 

Sweet Potato Chips + Mayonnaise handed to us by Head Chief Niko while waiting for our dinner

Two new dishes that Chief Niko is planning to add on the menu are the delicious and super yummy Gambas and Beef Salpicao. I really like the taste of Gambas, not too spicy and not too salty. The taste is just even. Bravo!

Beef Salpicao

Len ordered Swell's best seller, Pork Medallion; while Francis and I ordered Fish Fillet braised in Aromatic Asian Sauce (cream dory braised in hoisin, ginger and garlic served with Moroccan rice.

Fish Fillet braised in Aromatic Asian Sauce with Morrocan rice
Pork Medallion (pork loin wrapped in bacon with cream cheese sauce and buttered pepper served in potato disc.

And for our dessert for that night, we have the all time Filipino favorite Turon with ice cream sprinkled with chunk of almonds and powdered cinnamon with caramel sauce.

Turon with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce
Before calling it a night, we had the mount watering cocktail called Citrus Crush. Super yummy. "Pantanggal uhaw at panghawi ng pagod sa mainit na araw".

Citrus Crush
Swell offers not only great food best accommodation in town but also offers fun activities for summer specially beach activities. One best way to complete your summer getaway is to try Paddle boarding. On our second day at Boardwalk Inn/ Swell Bar and Cafe we tried paddle boarding. I thought its hard to do it, but surprisingly, its not that hard. According to Chief Niko, I'm a natural. Naks! 

Chief Niko taught us the basics of Paddle boarding
All you need to have if you want to try paddle boarding is a good balance and a strong arms. Which we luckily have. Lol.

Pwede na ba? Pang Baywatch ang dating

emote on the beach...Missing someone actually. Lels...

I can honestly say that going to Subic and visit Swell Bar and Cafe has been the this summer escapade I ever had. Who in the world will give you such a great accommodation and dishes with awesomeness, only at Swell Bar and Cafe. And do you know what is the best thing to do after paddle boarding? Well... It's eating! After feeding our hearts with fun and joy through paddle boarding, we need to feed our baby creatures inside...lels. What we have for our breakfast? Feast your eyes...

I ordered Bugsy Burger

Len ordered Chief Niko's Smoked Salmon Sandwich
Francis ordered Binagoongan Pork Shoulder

Vegetarian Breakfast Buritto
One of my favorite Blueberry Pancakes
Swell signature lemon ice tea is one of their best seller. Thirst quencher.

You can also try their best and most recommended appetizers.

Kick Ass Olives
Healthy Hummus and Torilla Triangle
My experience at Swell Bar and Cafe is unforgettable. The people and staff are very accommodating and hospitable. I could never see anyone who always wear a smile even if they are tired or busy. Even if customers keep on coming in, they still manage to show eagerness to serve and give their customer the best satisfaction they need. 

Satisfied customers dining at Swell

To the Management, Staff and Crew of Swell Bar and Cafe, Kudos to you guys. Wishing you a great success in the coming days.

Staff and Management

Chief Niko (middle) and his great team members

L-R: Jj, Xander,Gianne, Francis and Len
See you again soon guys!!!

Basic Info:
Swell Bar and Cafe
Bldg 664 Waterfront Road
Subic Bay Freeport Zone
Tel. #: (047) 250-2221

dd and check their facebook fan page for more details: http://www.facebook.com/Swell.Bar.Cafe

photos courtesy of Francis and Len

Power of Love

“If two people love each other, but they just can’t seem to get it together, when do you get to that point of enough is enough?” ~Samantha, Julia Roberts‘character in the movie THE MEXICAN.

I believe that if you are not happy anymore in a relationship, its better to let go. However, letting go becomes difficult especially when you eventually realized that you’re still in love and that you’re being unhappy is something that can be fixed.  Acceptance and reconciliation after letting go is hard especially when one is still hoping that someday there is still hope for you and your partner to settle things and be back in each other’s arms. It becomes more difficult when pride sets in. Pride creates assumption. Assumption begets hatred. Hatred eradicates the possibility of reconciliation. Thus, you carry the burden of not doing something about the situation and you start to resent about the whole thing.

            If you feel that you are no longer happy in a relationship, better tell it straight to the person. In this way, you might see a possibility of doing something about how you feel. You will get a chance to hear the side of your partner. There is always a room for improvement if you feel that there is lacking in the relationship. Try not to be selfish. That way it’s called your partner because you’re not alone in the relationship. Don’t carry the burden alone. Be honest. Be straight forward to a point where he/she will understand. Never keep it to yourself that you are no longer happy as this will prolong the agony and eventually your action will speak for it.

  • You’re partner will eventually feel that you are not happy anymore. When he/she ask about it, tell it with all honesty. Never think that it’s not the right time to talk about it. Whether you tell it now or later, you will still hurt that person.
  • The most painful cause of breaking up or letting go is because someone is having a third wheel, O yung tinatawag na “kabit”, “may iba”, “may kalaguyo”, “may kulasisi”. Mas lalong masakit kapag hiniwalayan ka dahil sa nahuli mo sya at saka nya sasabihin na hindi ka na niya mahal.
  • It’s unfair if you’re still in a relationship and then you’re having an affair with someone else. For me, it’s very inhumane, and disrespectful. Let go of the other and then go with the person you love. You cannot keep it forever. Sabi nga sa bible: “No man can serve two masters”. Wag na pangarapin na sana dalawa ang puso mo kasi isa lang talaga yan.

HATRED stirs up dissension but LOVE covers all things

You probably hate the feeling of being broken from a failed relationship. You start to swear not to love again. You start to keep yourself away from people who care so much about you. You start to hate people and of love. But just when you’re wallowing in pain all of a sudden, everywhere you look there is love, hope and possibility.
If you are hurting because somebody hurt you, just accept that you are not meant to be. Isipin mo to: Noong nasa bahay ka pa, inayos mo ang sintas ng iyong sapatos mag-isa. Nakaya mong isuot ang sapatos at nagsimulang maglakad. Nung nakita mo sya, nangako sya na handa sya tulungan ka para isusuot ang sapatos mo para alalayan ka. Aayusin ang sintas ng sapatos mo kapag ito’y nakawala. Ngunit, napagod sya. Nakahanap ng iba. Nasaktan ka. Di mo kinaya. Nagsabi n asana di mo na lang sya nakilala. Ayaw mo nang isuot ang sapatos ulit. Ayaw mo nang umibig ulit.Tandaan mo na nung una bago mo sya nakilala alam mo kung pano mabuhay ng wala sya. Alam mo pano ayusin ang sintas ng iyong sapatos at isuot itong mag-isa.

Life is very messy, but love is messier. Wala kang karapatang magmahal kung hindi ka handang masaktan. Loving is difficult. But then again, loving is easy too. It’s a matter of how you handle yourself and the situation. It’s a matter of accepting, letting go and moving on. Never dwell in the past. Think of the future. Loving is a wonderful thing, so spread love!

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