The Fellowship of the Bloggers (An observation)

DISCLAIMER: This post is just an observation of the writer. You have the right to react or give out your own point of view or idea, but be constructive enough and respect the idea of the writer. After all, this is my blog. Respect is highly recommended.

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A well-known blogger texted me and invited me for a meet up (eyeball) with other bloggers one night. Since I do not have the right to name names and since I respect each others privacy and their plea not to  post any pictures from that meet up (at least for 2 months?), let’s just named and hide the blogger who texted me as Ms. Well-Known Blogger. Anyways, I was invited and so I said yes.

            I never imagined that on that particular day, I will create a post out of that meet up. This is the second time to be with a group of bloggers but this one was unforgettable. Nothing really fancy happened on that evening, but it’s just a night full of realization and awareness of what is commonly happened during meet ups. At least my circle of blogger friends is now growing as I happened to meet 5 new faces on the blogosphere. Though I visited their blogs maybe once or many times but seeing them face to face is such an honor. Thanks guys (you know who you are!)

Since I’m not an active participants in meet ups and eyeball with other bloggers or any events, I only knew few bloggers, those whom I get in touch with and had a constant communication through facebook, twitter, through text or those who constantly visit my blog and religiously leave some comments. I am a shy type specially meeting up with people I do not know (yet). But the shyness and timidity will only last for a few hours and will eventually expire when I’m at ease and comfortable with the people I meet.

Getting to know YOU, getting to know all about YOU

Due to my shyness and silent type characteristic (laugh out loud!), I got the chance to observed and determined common questions they normally ask about you. It’s actually a getting to know each other or probably to break the ice and shyness in you. It’s also the chance for you to be open to them and make you feel that you belong to the group. I listed the some of the common questions they normally ask. You might add some on the list.

·         What’s your name?
·         What’s the URL of your blog?
·         What’s the name of your blog?
·         Where do you live?
·         What’s your line of work?
·         How old are you?

From those questions, it’ll start the conversation and will lead to a more meaningful discussion with them. When the ball starts rolling, you start to laugh with them, crack some jokes with them and you feel the camaraderie. Most bloggers normally have sense of humor, though I meet a lot of bloggers who are just like me, silent at first but deadly in the end (laugh out loud again!).

Topics commonly offered on the table

Normally, when bloggers situate in a table where food and drinks is overflowing, the conversation goes on and on. The topics actually vary from personal to professional level, but common topics are:

·         Which one is better Wordpress or Blogspot?
·         Future events and activities (those that will promote blogging)
·         A unforgettable post from a blogger
·         Sharing of events that you participated
·         Unforgettable experience in a conference/event/activities (for bloggers)
·         Personal life (love life to be exact) of a Blogger.

I realized that meeting up with other bloggers; you will learn so many things from them. You’ll get the chance to know them personally and the type of life they have as a regular employee, as blogger, as a person, and as a citizen to the community.

Blogging has been my avenue to express what I feel inside; whether it’s an experience I got from my past or a new discovery. To others, blogging could be their way of releasing stress and expressing their opinion and as a person. To some, blogging is a way of life, a way of living by earning through blogging. But whatever purpose that we have, what’s important is giving time to know the people behind that blog. It’s a plus if you appreciate not only the blog but the person behind it.

Kudos to all bloggers!


  1. nice. at least may framework na ako sa may 7 event! nice new look xander! :)

  2. Nice, ganyan pala ang flow ng conversation pag meet up ng bloggers. 2008 pa ko blogger pero Wordpress pa gamit ko nun kaso strict sila sa mga widgets at third party apps tsaka malungkot hirap makakita ng kapwa bloggers. This year naisipan ko lumipat sa blogspot mas ok nga talaga. lol

  3. masyado ka namang stiff. relax kasi---pag nagmeet kayo---para nakakita ka lang ng bagong barkada. di kailangan masyadong strictured yung mga tanung or yung mga dapat gawin---after all, bloggers are also humans and we human are social in nature.ayoko rin dati ng meetup pero nung nasimulan ko. nakakatuwa. kasi you get out of the blogosphere and get a wider view of mga blogger kasi na alter-ego yung nasa online, mabibigla kanakang pag nakilala mo sa personal. meron naman ayaw mo nang makita uli.hahaha.iba iba--pero masaya.go out and meet more~~

  4. eto siguro ung eyeball na di ko napuntahan. o baka nagkakamali ako. ahahahaha. anyway, congrats sa iyong new header at kita naman tayo minsan nila lhan whahahahahaha

  5. EB again. I want this kind of meetings more on one on one or small group.
    total kaibigan mo na talaga sila.

  6. Yown oh. May naka EB. Kaw na! Di naman bawal magsalita. Lalong walang bayad magtanong. Sana next time e medyo open ka na sa meet ups. Wala lang. \m/ apir ba tayo dyan?

  7. sayangs walang pics ng actual na event. hihihih. yan ba yung nagbanchetto kayo?

  8. nice... happy for you nakilala mo na ang ilan sa mga bloggers.. inggit ako.,. hahaha :)

  9. Simple question to start a conversation. :)


  10. TAMA.. agree... every meet up you learn a lot of new thing and discover new thing :D

  11. That was nice, simula nung nagsulat ako sa blog, i don't even get a chance to participate in blogger's eyeball. Now if ever na magkaroon man, sana di ako maging shy type, xmpwe first time sa meet ups eh, anyway, nice meeting you here ^^,v

  12. na naman.
    ur way of writing always have a smooth flow of thoughts mr xander! keep it up!!!
    PS can u remove the word verif request here??

  13. Nice of you to share this. It appears to be similar to group studies held by students from online universities. They know each other so well on the Net but it could still feel a bit awkward during meet ups. But it's always great to know that your friends online could also be your friends in real life. :)

  14. oh, sayang namn to oh di ako kasama hehehe.. kelan tayo magkikita kitanila tolits xander?

  15. that was a very nice experience.. wish i could join one someday..

  16. Guys, thanks for the comments..I love it.. hehehe.. Salamat

    @Francis - Thanks.. yung header ko courtesy of Zyra yan,.,.

    @Ken -- uu ganyan ang flow..pero iba iba actually yan lang ang common.. heheh join kana para madami ka din makilala..

    @pusang kalye-- hehehe stiff nga..pero observation ko lang naman un.. hahahaa.. mahiyain kasi ako sa

  17. @Bino - yun na nga yun.. hehehe

    @Bulakbolero- mahiyain ako sa personal ehh

  18. @khantotantra -- uu yan un.. hahhaa.. bawal daw kasi mag post ng pics.. hintayin daw muna ang 2 months? bwahahah

    @kamila-- sama ka minsan sa blog events..or eb.

    @Ashton -- thanks man,.. nice meeting you.. sama ka minsan sa mga eb or gathering.

    @Laser-- Thanks a lot.

  19. grabe ka naman sa maka 2 months.. nahiya naman daw ako bigla!
    sino ba yang kumaladkad sayo?
    nagpakaladkad ka naman..
    kaladkarin ka din! ahihihi apir.

  20. sama ko next EB... promise magpo-post na ko ng pics, hehe. nice one Xander.

    Ang hirap nga pag inherently ay mahiyain ka. Most writers are shy actually, now that I think about it. Mas expressive sila sa pagsusulat kaysa pagsasalita.

    RE: your closing sentence, I think if you are a follower of a blog, you somehow get to know the person behind it. Kasi nga, unless may ghost writer ka, it is hard to generate content without "embedding" your personality. Yun naman ang madalas binabasa natin- content from someone whose thoughts are something we can relate to? Tama po ba?


  21. Wow ang astig naman, sana maexperience ko din yan. Ang sarap siguro pakinggan ng mga advice nila about blogging.

  22. @kench Alegado -- yes you will surely get so many things from them.. from kalokuhan to serious na usapan..o

  23. Thanks for sharing pre.I agree all of the above...basically those are the things that bloggers discuss in any meet up....kakaiba talaga ang mga


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