Conversation with God

However, most of the time, we ask the wrong questions even if the answers are already laid infront of you. We cannot find the answers as we are blinded by questions, blinded by our troubles and our fragile emotion.

When I woke up this morning, my mind is full of questions. I know that its not right to question God about what is happening with our lives or with the world. But I did.

I ask God: “Where are you when I'm in my deepest trouble? Why have you forsaken me and left me alone with this trouble?"

Sometimes, we felt that God seems to be quiet when we pray. He seems to be absent and never listen. As humans, we always think that when we call Him, he never answers. Most of the time, we think that when we ask for help, He never rescues.

But that is just the devils snare, for us to believe that God is not there and that He never really helps.

God answered and smiled back at me and said...

"I never left you... I just watch you fighting, using my Words that restored in your heart and mind as your weapon... I'll always be with you, just BE WITH ME ALWAYS.

At that very moment, I realized that I was wrong. It’s me who left. It’s me who keep myself away from Him. God is always there, I knew it.

We are like the prodigal son who left in his father’s arms, but in the end realizes that life without our Father is nothing, that apart from our creator we are nothing.
May you have a life filled with God's love and grace.

God bless you my dear friends.


  1. have a blessed holy week :)

  2. God is great. He has never left us uninformed, unequipped, left out, and never will..if we just believe and keep the faith. ^^ Have a blessed week there.

  3. i truly understand what you're saying. God bless!

  4. @Diamond R -- Thanks it is priceless.

    @Sendo - Amen to that Bro!

    @whiteelephant -Thanks man!

  5. nice post... very inspiring... have a blessed holy week... =)

  6. astig... nice reflection... have a great holy week n you bro :D


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