Travelling Alone is A Whole New Adventure

Doing things freely and independently is something that I enjoyed the most. Things like nobody is asking you why you're doing it or maybe nobody is dictating you why you need to do it. I enjoyed going to a movie, eating out in a fancy restaurant, walking in the park, going to the gym, having coffee, watching TV, drink some wine/beer in a bar are some of the things I enjoyed doing all by myself. 

Sounds boring? Not exactly! I love doing it as it gives me time for myself. It brings me joy when sometimes I treat myself into something like those I mentioned above. But what about traveling alone? Is that also the same case as those I've mentioned. Well, the answer is YES! I tried traveling alone, just me and my backpack.There is power in numbers, but if you know the drill, there is also power in being alone. Why its fun to travel alone? Because...
  1. You can go anywhere you want to go without thinking of other people. If you want to change your schedule or plan then you can do it without asking permission or asking the opinion of your travel mates and getting worried if they like your idea. Your the boss and the decision maker of your travel. No need to compromise your own happiness when your travel in a group.
  2. You have more time for yourself. If you want to relax and enjoy the beauty or serenity of the place you're in, then it will be yours.
  3. Its your chance to meet up with other travelers. Imagine you're in a cafe or pub alone and then on the next table you see couple travelers and on the other side is a girl sitting by herself all alone. Who you are going to talk to? Solo travelers love to meet people who are also alone. With it, you can get other options or maybe ideas on your next travel. Or if you meet someone who already traveled to that place, then its a plus for you to get helpful information from that person. Maybe she would like to be with you in your travel. 
  4. Traveling alone will do wonders in developing your self-reliance, even your self-esteem. Taking full responsibility in all the decisions you've made during the travel without asking the someone else is such an empowering thing. 
     Well, it's not advisable thought to travel alone all the time. There are some experiences that you might want to travel with someone special, be it a friend or a partner. Experiences that you both might want to keep for the rest of your lives. Also, I believe traveling alone might develop into a selfish manner like tendencies. So you better mix your travel mode. Travel with your loved ones, family, friends and special someone is also a great experience, but always remember to savor your travel plans by going out solo. Wink!


  1. i totally agree with you... sometimes it's better to do things alone... sometimes i do that as well... have a great day!!! =)

  2. Masarap talaga mag-travel alone. I usually travel alone. This is because traveling for me is a form of catharsis and stress therapy. And it is also a way for me to commune with nature and to be attentive to details around me.

    If I need to travel with company, I usually do it with one or two of my intimate friends, unless I need to travel with 60 or 30 of my co-workers.

  3. agree...gusto ko na talaga masubukan mag travel alone nyaha.

  4. I agree, travelling alone is more of a treat to yourself. When I travelled with other people I usually doing it less for myself and more of them.

    Think about freedom. and what you can do about it.Enjoy- while still single and available.

  5. agreee heehehe :D kahit malungkot minsan eheheh :D

  6. never pa akong nakapag travel out of town... takot ako eh. hehehe.... pero kung mga galaan at tambayan lang dito sa manila, pwede pang ako lang mag isa. hehe..

  7. I'm doing this once in a while, totally refreshing coz you will have time to really reflect and organize you thoughts.
    tapos you will meet and talk with local people which are total strangers.
    astig yun!

  8. i'm kinda having a major major headache right now....agggghhhh LOL

    don't like to travel alone i'm kinda scared but that doesn't mean i cannot go out by myself.....

    hanuhbaaahh!! engeng tissue (sniff-sniff bleeding)

  9. I agree with you... sometimes it is also a great experience to travel alone... I've done it twice... Albay and Negros Occidental in Sept. and Dec. last year... it was for me, a liberating experience! =D

  10. mahirap dyan pag natulad sa 127 hours. hehehehe

  11. oks mag travel minsan kung alone kasi hawak mo ang gagawin mo. but for those na medyo into budget, mas okay pag groups :D

  12. Madalas din akong lumalabas alone kaya naka-relate ako sa post mo. :)

  13. natry ko na to. pero minsan nakakalongkot. lol. gusto ko pa din mag bulakbol ng may kasama.

  14. @Francine -- yes its nice to travel solo.

    @Nortehanon -- wow nice to hear the word catharsis. Sa major subject ko lang sa masters narinig to ha.. thanks! so

    @Sendo - try mo maganda sya at exciting.

  15. @Diamond R- correct word.. Freedom!

    @Egg-- malungkot minsan.. pero think about giving yourself something like a

    @Leontrap-- try mo masaya sya!

    @Yodz-- i agree.. its exciting and fun to talk to strangers sometimes. hehe

    @iya-khin -- why may sakit ka ba? hehe..may tissue ako..

  16. @Pinoy Adventurista -- wow! havent been to those places..

    @Bino-- naku wag lang sana! hehe

    @Khantotantra-- tama consider din natin ang kaperahan.

    @empi-- salamat..

    @Bulakbolero-- hahah masaya talaga magbulakbol kung may kasama ka.. hehe

  17. it feels good to travel alone but it feels ultimately great when you travel with your best travel buddies... watchutink? kanya kanyang trip hihiihi. takot ako minsan baka may mumu =)

  18. I definitely agree. I also love traveling alone. The great thing about traveling alone is that you have the power to lead yourself, and the freedom to do what you want. you can even shout, and go running naked cuz nobody knows you in a new place. hehe. But seriously traveling alone is a great experience.

    As Jessica Zafra once said, "Everything that ever happens to you in the world is not about the world, it's about you. What does it do to you and how does it make you feel. The thing about being human is, it doesn't come with an owner's manual, so you have to figure out how you work all by yourself. It's mostly hit-and-miss, and that's the great thing about being alive."

  19. naglakbay nako mag-isa ng 2 beses sa Thailand. I enjoyed it at madami akong natutunan :)

    kung anu man yung pinagdada-anan mo. Cheer up! Enjoy Life.! :D

  20. People are wrong when they say one is loner when preferred eating alone in a restaurant, when they say one don't have any friends or worst one has a bad attitude when preferred walking alone, when they say one is crazy and freak when preferred going out for a movie then laughing and crying alone - well, they are too judgmental. Although loner is defined as such in dictionaries. Lol. What is right then? I think there's no right or wrong here. This is all about individual differences. Our preferences. Choices. As you have said, it gives us time for ourselves. And this gift of moment keeps us to discover new things and learn from it.

    Good day Xander! My second visit here! Indeed, a nice blog. You express a whole point clearly. I was fascinated to read your posts. :)

    You can visit me here. - World of Vhincci

  21. Nicely written. I had my moments of traveling in and out of the country... alone. I also went to Thailand alone. When you travel alone, You are more aware of the place you are visiting because you are not distracted by your companions.

    Lonely planet adventure itoh! =)


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