30 Things I Learned At The Age 30

Turning age 30 is something that I am proud of despite all the hardships and trials I've encountered along the way, hence, it makes me a better person. As what other people say, life starts at 30. Well, I disagree, life starts the moment I started breathing. It started when I first learned my lessons on how to walk and talk, when I stumble when I had my first step as a baby, when I had my first hair cut, it started when I cried over a candy taken from me by my other siblings, it started when I finish my grade school. and started to dream bi.g It all started when I had my first crush at school, and then broken-hearted after. It all started when I learned that life is not a fairytale. Life is not always a happy ever after but being happy with life means contented with what we have. However, being contented with what we have doesn't mean we stay where we are. We can still dream big and continue dreaming until we achieve what we aim for. Contentment means living with what we have for a day and not wanting things that we cannot get.

     So what now that I turned 30? Its funny to think that my age is already at the end of the calendar, but fear not! There is still a Bingo card that I can use as reference if people always tease me that I'm getting older. I honestly don't feel old. I feel young and even feel younger than before (this is the spirit!...lol). A lot of things happened in my life for the past 30 years and lessons are always available to guide my path every time.I'm so blessed to experience life's lesson and I believe that are worth sharing.
  1. Being an adult doesn't mean you stop being a kid. Its fun to act like a kid sometimes. 
  2. Chance is a gift. It only knocks once. So always give your best. 
  3. Love has something to do with looks but everything to do with TRUST, TIME and INTEREST. (I've learned this from a post which I forgot the link. Sorry!).
  4. Hurt, pain, cry, joy and anger are important to make us all humans.
  5. Bad things do happen even to good people. 
  6. Always remain good even if others are not. 
  7. Time always heal all wounds. 
  8. In making decisions today always think and consider how it will impact your life in the future. Remember that every decision you make has a consequences.
  9. Mother knows best, but sometimes its good to follow your own choice. It will help you realized that you still need your mother's advice.
  10. Your actions and decisions today will create memories that you will reminisce and be proud of in your elder years. 
  11. Accepting you failed in something will build your confidence and foundation for success. 
  12. Don't give up on love. Continue loving.
  13. Prayer is the best tool. 
  14. It doesn't that mean two people argue, they don't love each other. My parents always argue (before!).
  15. Spend more time with your family and tell them how much you love them while you still have chance. 
  16. People deserve a second chance, but NEVER third (that's too much!)
  17. Sometimes people you care the most are the same people who will hurt you even worst. 
  18. Smiling every time you wake up in the morning will motivate you to start a day with a smile.remember that sharing is caring. Always share your best smile.
  19. Always treat everyone with respect so you will also be treated the same way.
  20. Who knows you is more important than who you know.
  21. Just always be yourself. You don't need to act like a perfect person. You look idiot!
  22. Learn the art of letting go of our unresolved grievances. 
  23. Learn to laugh at ourselves is life's best medicine. Do not laugh alone though.
  24. Life is not a rehearsal. The show is always on the go. 
  25. It takes years to build trust and a second to destroy it. 
  26. Life is not always a happy birthdays and anniversaries, its living at the very moment. 
  27. Live with fewer regrets. 
  28. There are people who loves you dearly but just don't know how to show it.
  29. You cannot please everybody. Some people don't like you. What you can do is to be a someone who can be liked. The rest is up to them. 
  30. Be grateful you can still read this list.
     Well, life is a continuous process. As I continue living so I continue learning. I believe that I still have so many things to learn and to discover. So many things to share and give. So many thanks and appreciation to utter. Thanking God for every blessings He has given.

Oh and by the way, I am not officially 30 as of this writing. Next week I will be! **wink**


  1. as we grow older, we learn many things in our life.

  2. kung maka-ate ka sakin...
    eh 24 lang ako. 30 ka na pala. gagraduate ka na ng grade 6, graduating palang ako ng prep. :))

  3. @emmanuelmateo -- oo nga naman... kung wala ehh ibig sabihin nun "walang pinagkatandaan" lol.

    @ATE ZY (AdodcEspresso) -- jajaja.. hindi daw sa edad ang basihan pag tinatawag na Ate.. pag may asawa na daw, ate at kuya daw ang tawag. Bwahahaha.. joke lang Ate Zy.. hahah

  4. the more years you have the more blessings you got the better you become.Keep the spirit burning and growing it keeps you young.

  5. wow! 30 ka na. natawa naman ako sa "ate" part..ibig sabihin di rin ako pwede tawaging ate dahil wala pa ako asawa ahihi.

  6. For a while I thought this is my blog 'coz I'm turning 30 next week as well, and Xander is also my name (well sort of).

  7. nice post... happy 30th birthday i guess is all i can say... hehehe!!! =)

  8. full of wisdom :) ang ganda. ahehe. happy 30th!

  9. advance happy birthday sa yo. painom ka naman :D

  10. @Gasoline Dude - hahaha oo nga same age and name.. nice one heheh

    @Francine-- thanks for the gretings.

    @AdodcEspresso -- hahahaha..lol

    @Nowitzki -- maraming salamat...

  11. Happy birthday sayo! Hehe!

    Inspiring ang post. Hehehe!

  12. happy birthday in advance!

    I'll wait for your 31st learning. :)

  13. Happy, happy birthday Kuya!

    Idk if I've been to your blog before but whattaheck, I'm here. I'll add you up in my blog roll 'cos I find your blog quite nice.

  14. well... in my case, life begins at 30... hahaha!!! enjoy! Happy Birthday... =D

  15. advance happy bday xander. parang ayaw ko pa mag trenta. lol

  16. as the song goes...there's a child deep inside always playin'

  17. wow! you really learned a lot! and that's really good, because age is just FIGURE, what counts is what we learned through the years tantamount to that figure..

  18. happy birthday choi,,more birthdays to come..sana malasing mo kami.. lol

  19. Happy birthday! :) this is a great post! :) up for the #25 :)

  20. Salamat sa mga nag greet sa akin sa birthday ko.. Tapos pusong pasasalamat..


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