Live A Life Like A Child

         “In every real man a child is hidden that wants to play.”  ~Friedrich Nietzsche

When I had my vacation in Davao last March, I got the chance to play and had some fun with my cousins and nephew. I love kids and sometimes, it's nice to be with them as this will transport me into a different new dimension where I can abandon my worldly concerns and just have fun with them. I love to watch them as they play with their toy cars and stick guns, pretending they are kings and queens or princess and even superheroes who will save humanity from alien invasion.

These little kids never fail me. They always give me the sense of wonder, of innocent smiles and purest laughter, of their sinless thoughts and their absolute intentions.

As grownups, this is what we lost; the childlike sense of life. This makes the world the saddest place to live. When we grow old, worldly concerns starts to corrupt our innocent smiles and we focus more on the things that take away that childlike thing in our lives. This means we forgot to live like a child.

Being a child, it’s not only about happiness and playing with toys and guns, it’s not only about laughing with their playmates but as a child we are more creative, more innovative and we open to the world of possibilities. As children we are naturally imaginative, our minds can fathom the most impossible things, we love to play and create things that is beyond compare. We always play and don’t encourage worries in our minds. None of us knows a child who thinks about world peace and the problems of the world. I do not know someone, who is a child, who is so worried about the problems of famine, war and how to resolve differences among nations. None!

Children don’t worry about money or not being cool. They are cool in their own way.

They don’t have any limit in terms of using their imagination. They are naturally creative.

They always ask... unending... they are curious.

Children always live in the present. They don't worry about what will happen tomorrow and what they eat and what they should wear. They always live today/now!

There are so many things that we should learn from being a child. Some of you, maybe, doesn't like some of their qualities, but we should learn something from them. They are the perfect people- blameless, innocent and curious.

As we grow old, these qualities are lost and were taken out of us because of what our society, perhaps, is dictating. We forgot to live like a child. It doesn't mean that we should care anymore about the world, but in some ways learn from the way they view life and we can still get something from them.

30 Things I Learned At The Age 30

Turning age 30 is something that I am proud of despite all the hardships and trials I've encountered along the way, hence, it makes me a better person. As what other people say, life starts at 30. Well, I disagree, life starts the moment I started breathing. It started when I first learned my lessons on how to walk and talk, when I stumble when I had my first step as a baby, when I had my first hair cut, it started when I cried over a candy taken from me by my other siblings, it started when I finish my grade school. and started to dream bi.g It all started when I had my first crush at school, and then broken-hearted after. It all started when I learned that life is not a fairytale. Life is not always a happy ever after but being happy with life means contented with what we have. However, being contented with what we have doesn't mean we stay where we are. We can still dream big and continue dreaming until we achieve what we aim for. Contentment means living with what we have for a day and not wanting things that we cannot get.

     So what now that I turned 30? Its funny to think that my age is already at the end of the calendar, but fear not! There is still a Bingo card that I can use as reference if people always tease me that I'm getting older. I honestly don't feel old. I feel young and even feel younger than before (this is the spirit! A lot of things happened in my life for the past 30 years and lessons are always available to guide my path every time.I'm so blessed to experience life's lesson and I believe that are worth sharing.
  1. Being an adult doesn't mean you stop being a kid. Its fun to act like a kid sometimes. 
  2. Chance is a gift. It only knocks once. So always give your best. 
  3. Love has something to do with looks but everything to do with TRUST, TIME and INTEREST. (I've learned this from a post which I forgot the link. Sorry!).
  4. Hurt, pain, cry, joy and anger are important to make us all humans.
  5. Bad things do happen even to good people. 
  6. Always remain good even if others are not. 
  7. Time always heal all wounds. 
  8. In making decisions today always think and consider how it will impact your life in the future. Remember that every decision you make has a consequences.
  9. Mother knows best, but sometimes its good to follow your own choice. It will help you realized that you still need your mother's advice.
  10. Your actions and decisions today will create memories that you will reminisce and be proud of in your elder years. 
  11. Accepting you failed in something will build your confidence and foundation for success. 
  12. Don't give up on love. Continue loving.
  13. Prayer is the best tool. 
  14. It doesn't that mean two people argue, they don't love each other. My parents always argue (before!).
  15. Spend more time with your family and tell them how much you love them while you still have chance. 
  16. People deserve a second chance, but NEVER third (that's too much!)
  17. Sometimes people you care the most are the same people who will hurt you even worst. 
  18. Smiling every time you wake up in the morning will motivate you to start a day with a smile.remember that sharing is caring. Always share your best smile.
  19. Always treat everyone with respect so you will also be treated the same way.
  20. Who knows you is more important than who you know.
  21. Just always be yourself. You don't need to act like a perfect person. You look idiot!
  22. Learn the art of letting go of our unresolved grievances. 
  23. Learn to laugh at ourselves is life's best medicine. Do not laugh alone though.
  24. Life is not a rehearsal. The show is always on the go. 
  25. It takes years to build trust and a second to destroy it. 
  26. Life is not always a happy birthdays and anniversaries, its living at the very moment. 
  27. Live with fewer regrets. 
  28. There are people who loves you dearly but just don't know how to show it.
  29. You cannot please everybody. Some people don't like you. What you can do is to be a someone who can be liked. The rest is up to them. 
  30. Be grateful you can still read this list.
     Well, life is a continuous process. As I continue living so I continue learning. I believe that I still have so many things to learn and to discover. So many things to share and give. So many thanks and appreciation to utter. Thanking God for every blessings He has given.

Oh and by the way, I am not officially 30 as of this writing. Next week I will be! **wink**

Travelling Alone is A Whole New Adventure

Doing things freely and independently is something that I enjoyed the most. Things like nobody is asking you why you're doing it or maybe nobody is dictating you why you need to do it. I enjoyed going to a movie, eating out in a fancy restaurant, walking in the park, going to the gym, having coffee, watching TV, drink some wine/beer in a bar are some of the things I enjoyed doing all by myself. 

Sounds boring? Not exactly! I love doing it as it gives me time for myself. It brings me joy when sometimes I treat myself into something like those I mentioned above. But what about traveling alone? Is that also the same case as those I've mentioned. Well, the answer is YES! I tried traveling alone, just me and my backpack.There is power in numbers, but if you know the drill, there is also power in being alone. Why its fun to travel alone? Because...
  1. You can go anywhere you want to go without thinking of other people. If you want to change your schedule or plan then you can do it without asking permission or asking the opinion of your travel mates and getting worried if they like your idea. Your the boss and the decision maker of your travel. No need to compromise your own happiness when your travel in a group.
  2. You have more time for yourself. If you want to relax and enjoy the beauty or serenity of the place you're in, then it will be yours.
  3. Its your chance to meet up with other travelers. Imagine you're in a cafe or pub alone and then on the next table you see couple travelers and on the other side is a girl sitting by herself all alone. Who you are going to talk to? Solo travelers love to meet people who are also alone. With it, you can get other options or maybe ideas on your next travel. Or if you meet someone who already traveled to that place, then its a plus for you to get helpful information from that person. Maybe she would like to be with you in your travel. 
  4. Traveling alone will do wonders in developing your self-reliance, even your self-esteem. Taking full responsibility in all the decisions you've made during the travel without asking the someone else is such an empowering thing. 
     Well, it's not advisable thought to travel alone all the time. There are some experiences that you might want to travel with someone special, be it a friend or a partner. Experiences that you both might want to keep for the rest of your lives. Also, I believe traveling alone might develop into a selfish manner like tendencies. So you better mix your travel mode. Travel with your loved ones, family, friends and special someone is also a great experience, but always remember to savor your travel plans by going out solo. Wink!

A Letter to Myself

I am writing this letter the day before I left everything behind.  I am writing this believing that everything happens for a reason and that I will live my life to the fullest. I am writing this with my mind set that life has so much to offer. I am writing this letter before my 3oth birthday. A proposal to myself that I am no longer young and that I come of age. 

I am determined that I will conquer the world as what Alexander the Great did, even better. I am positive that I will see the world in any possible way. I assure you that I will be something in the future, that I will make a difference. I do not care if my future holds something bad, what I care is today; believing and trusting that what you did today will also reflect of what will happen in the future. God holds my fate and nobody else. I believe in my maker, the one who created and knitted my inmost being. 

I am sending this letter to let you know that somehow I experienced what it’s like to live; and I will tell you that even if bad news comes along my way, I will continue to inspire people, swim the deepest sea and will continue to swim in more waters, climb the highest mountain and continue counting the stars up above because my fate is not written in stones and I must continue to live life the way I know how. 

This letter will reach me carrying the hopes that I need to have self-respect and courage. This letter will tell me that I will not cry anymore, unless joy is the reason of my tears for saying goodbye to negative thoughts and negative people who happens to hurt me along the way. This letter will tell me every day that I need to embrace new experiences and new life – one that is unknown and mysterious. One that will help me understands why things should always be that way; one that will sort out regrets and replace it with sense of self and character. 

This letter will remind me to always be ready in every battle and that I need to have the full armour as life is like a battlefield. This will also be a reminder that it’s alright to be crazy sometimes. This will remind me that I am an independent person and a very proud man with what I achieved in life so far. I know that I still have more to accomplish and that I will continue to find ways to reach make it realize. I need to remind myself that I need to always be good to myself and to others even if they are not. I will always remember my family, friends and loved one and that I wish them the best things in life. 

I wish that this letter reaches me well and that this becomes a sort of memento telling me that I need to make most out of life. A reminder that I need to make every decision as my last and if I fail with the decision I chose I will not look back and regret it. I will accept it with all my heart and that there is always a reason for improvement believing that its part of the process of who I become in the future. I will always look to the future where good things await. I will reiterate that I need to wear a smile everyday wherever I am. 


Reasons Why You Should Think Your Rich

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     A lot of people believe that being rich is measured on how big is your savings in your bank account. To some, you are rich if you a lot of properties in the land like Jaime Zobel de Ayala, Henry Sy, Lucio Tan, or John Gokongwai, and some other high profile people in the country. Well for me, being rich is keeping the right perspective even in the midst of financial crisis. It's when you can still support and supply your daily needs even in times of nothingness. Being rich is when you experienced life to the fullest.

     There are lot of things that you should be thankful for that you are rich.
  1. You didn't sleep on the street every night. (Nakatulog ka na ba sa gitna ng kalsada?)
  2.  You can eat 3x a day.
  3. You can read and write.
  4. The air that you breathe is still free of charge.
  5. You can wear the type of clothes you like.
  6. You wake up this morning and you still have food in your table.
  7. You have the right to express your opinions and feelings.
  8. You can use internet and surf and blog. 
  9. You still have the chance to say "I Love you" and "I'm sorry".
  10. You have trusted and honest friends who will not tolerate your crazyness.
  11. You didn't go to sleep hungry last night.
  12. Your parents love you very much.
  13. You can express your love to someone. 
  14. You still have the chance to correct every mistake you did yesterday and make it right. 
  15. You have the chance yo re-evaluate your past and make good in your present. 
As you can see, the list goes on and on and we have so many things to be thankful for. Being rich is not measured on the material things we acquired but on the values we get from people and from the things around us. Be grateful always for all the things you do have.

Baguio Adventure

     Few months back, a friend of mine asked me to go out of town with her and spend some time with her special someone. The original plan was to visit Ilocos but that didn't push through for some reasons. We talked and planned and visit some other places instead. The last place we have in mind is Baguio City. I got excited as I've never been to this place. I don't travel that much aside from traveling back to my hometown, Davao City.

     Anyways, this is the first time I'll be in Baguio. This is also the first time I traveled with two wonderful people. This is also the first time I'll meet my friend's special someone. So almost everything is "first time" for me and every first time experiences I have in Baguio means a lot to me. The places we visited are great but what I love about my travel with the people I'm with is the memories we've shared and the thought of having real and wonderful friends is amazing. I believe that most of the relationships are built many years before you consider someone as friend, but what is amazing is the friendship built within a short period of time. This is when people accept you for who you are without hesitations. This is when respect and understanding go within that relationship and that is what these two people showed. I appreciate the friendship and I'll surely keep it. 

Oh and by the way, before i forgot, Thanks for the nice watch. I really appreciate it. As what you told me, this is much more important than my ex's. Hahaha. Which I believe is true. I'll keep it for life. As you can see, I still have it in my wrist even when sleeping. Thanks!

Simple Words with Great Impact

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Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind Rudyard Kipling

Clearly words influence our thoughts, feelings, actions and states of mind. Even little words often bring great meaning. A lot of us don’t really care much about what we say and tell even if it hurts others. Most of us doesn’t really care at all to tell even just simple words yet will surely creates huge change or impact to someone’s lives.

Think about it, whether you want to get the best job in the land, save your marriage, win a friend, approval of your proposal, retain your employees; all boils down to how you used words that will surely make a difference.  Simple words that we normally taken for granted have the ability to inspire people, hurt someone, encourage and discourage, help, promote, or hinder.

I have listed 11 simple words but have great meaning and impact in a constructive way.

  1. I’m Sorry.  When we hurt someone whether it is intentional or not, saying you are sorry for what happened can ease the pain. I’m sorry, I apologize, please forgive me; are some words that shows you acknowledge and recognize your fault and the damaged caused. Saying sorry will somehow ease the pain.
  1. Thank You. Every one wants to be appreciated. We always long that someone will acknowledge the good things we did. We love to hear these two words THANK YOU as this is lifts up our spirit.
  1. I forgive you. We all fail and screw up. Sometimes our friends and love ones cause us hurt unintentionally. Words of forgiveness are essential to take away guilt feelings.
  1. I love you. The greatest statement of all. This reflects the purest and natural gift to all mankind: LOVE. Though saying I love you is not enough, it needs action to make it more real.
  1. I understand. Nobody wants to be misunderstood. We want other people to understand us in everything we do. It does not necessarily mean agreeing on my own opinion but understanding the points of views of others and that you get there point is such a comfort.
  1. Great job. Whether we admit it or not we are pleased when somebody recognizes us for something we did or for our efforts. Words of praise inspire us to do better next time and to perform more and work hard.
  1. You can do it. Sometimes we feel weak and discourage. We love to hear from our friends and from people around us some comfort like hearing the words “you can do it just be strong” or “you can make it”. These words always make us feel the strength and then convert it into energy that will make us moves forward and continue the fight.
  1. It’s okay. At times, we commit mistakes and then we felt bad about it or maybe we feel anxious, worried or afraid; a comfort from a friend or words that will ease that feeling of being sad is very much important. Words like “its okay”, “everything will be alright”, “don’t worry about it” always reminds us that things will be okay soon.
  1. I’m here for you. These words remind us that we are not alone. It evidently shows that there is always a shoulder that we can cry on and arms that we can hug on to.
  1. I support you. These simple words mean that whatever decisions we will do it could be the best decision or not, there is always someone out there that will support us no matter what. A word of support from our family and friends will get us out from the fear of being judged.

  1. I miss you. Saying I miss you to someone means that since we can’t always be around for those people we love, its good to know that there is someone out there wants our company and that gets excited to see us again.
It’s important that we carefully choose our words properly. Pick those words that will inspire other people. As we live each day continue to speak wisely and encourage everyone with the power of your voice. It’s not always action speaks louder than words; sometimes action needs words to express and to confirm the actions taken.  Do not assume that everyone knows how you feel unless you start speaking.

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