Tom & Jerry

 I was watching my all time favorite cartoon movie, Tom & Jerry. Since I was a kid, I was so obsessed with this two cartoon characters. I enjoyed watching Tom chasing Jerry and always admired Jerry on how he thinks of different ways to escape Tom's ensnare. This has been one of my past times when I was a kid and up to now.

 After watching the movie, I was so struck by how Tom chased Jerry. Chasing could mean, Tom wants to eat Jerry whole or it could also be a way of revenge from Jerry's naughtiness and cleverness.

I observed that in the chase between Tom & Jerry...

Jerry mostly wins...

In real life, chasing does happened. Like a real mouse and a cat chase scenario. The mouse mostly wins. I believe this is because the cat is running for his food while the mouse is running for his life. A person who is in need will do anything just to get and satisfy his/her cravings. A person who has a purpose will surely wins.

    Purpose is more important than need.

    I've learned that we should live life not just with a need but more with a purpose. 


  1. true. siguro nga yung taong talagang nangangailangan ang nagwawagi :D

  2. panalo ito!tama...dapat may purpose tlga ang buhay natin!

    im move by this hehehe

  3. @Khantotantra -- thanks.. those who will are those people who live life with a purpose and not just a need.

    @uno-- salamat naman Uno..

  4. Korek tlga kaw Xander, thanks for this reminder...

  5. sabi nga nila u live for a reason and u have a mission :D

  6. winner xander..hindi ko alam na may mababasa akong ganitoo nung nakita ko si tom and jerry... akala ko ikkwento ko din sa comment ko kung paanong gustong gusto ko si spongebob.... running for cravings and running for life.. nice one...

  7. I agree! That lesson is not new to me, thats also one of my realization way back a friend of mine texted me, but somehow, agree tlga ako! Pero you know, rats are made to become food of cats?, i say so! But I know may ibang pagkain naman dyan ah, but I think because of the naughtiness of Jerry, Tom, wants to eat him or her? Not just for food but also for his life, para mabuhay! Dba? In the case si Jerry nanalo, for he or she's clever! ^^

    Indeed, cartoons is not just for children for adults too!, another realization, hahaha..Nice one, nice post!

  8. Hey,
    I just stumbled upon your blog and it's so interesting because I was JUST watching Tom and Jerry with the children that I look after. I asked the little boy if he liked Tom or Jerry better and he said Tom the cat better because Jerry was annoying. He said Tom was just doing his job to catch Jerry and Jerry always taunted him. Smart little boy.

    Anyways, cool blog!

  9. Thanks a lot guys... I appreciate your comments.. This is one of the reasons why I keep on posting even if there are times i dont have anything to write..

  10. and it is also a matter of finding and fully living with that purpose.

  11. @wanderingcommuter - thanks a lot for the comment

    @Suzanne -really smart boys.. thanks for saying my blog is cool..

  12. True. Let's live with a purpose. Ngayon ko lang nabasa! hehe :)


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