Guilty Pleasures I Shouldn’t Feel Guilty About

     Guilty pleasures are a good thing. We work hard, we think too much and get stress a lot. Sometimes it’s good to give ourselves a reward that we deserve. Sometimes we need to indulge into things that will give us relaxation and comfort. And by “sometimes” means as often as possible.

     Guilty pleasure means something pleasurable that induces a usually minor feeling of guilt. The “guilt” might involve a fear of others know about it or maybe judged by being in a low taste of something that you loved to do. Some people actually called guilty pleasures as “vices”. For me, guilty pleasures are things you indulge in that you can do anytime without compromising something. Like spending too much money on something that’s not too important, eating too much even more than your weight, or watching TV shows for hours until the network will sing its National Anthem.

     Anyways, I just want to share some guilty pleasures I have that I think I shouldn’t feel guilty about. Hopefully, I won’t be judged! Thanks! J

  • Sleep – I love to sleep. I believe this is the only time I can be with myself. It’s also my time to get back the energy I lost from my very stressful life/work.
  • Coffee – According to some research, coffee can fight heart disease and some cancers. Another research shows that moderate-coffee drinking in middle age has been associated with lower risks for dementia and Alzheimer. Again, moderate drinking, not too much. Too much drinking coffee is not good. Drinking coffee helps me think and relax. It’s like a drug to me like my own type of personal heroine.
  • Get a Massage – It’s my way of releasing stress. Going to a spa or a massage parlor is one thing that I can say I feel guilty about. Every time I feel the need to get a massage and go directly to the nearest spa and get a great body massage.
  • Hanging out with friends – They said that hanging out with good people will refresh your mind and it will bring a wonderful stress relief. It will also rejuvenate your body and mental health in an outstanding manner. It’s great to hang out and enjoy with friends but with limits. Going out for tours and vacation once in a while with friends will also provide you astonishing benefits.
  • Movies – it could be watching it in cinemas or at home. Sometimes, watching movies alone is also one thing that I feel guilty about. I can go to the movie house and eat in a restaurant alone. I don’t worry too much about being so lonely and sad. Sometimes I just feel the need to be alone with myself and enjoy.
  • Go to the gym – I just enrolled in a gym. This is my way of taking care of myself and pushing healthy lifestyle. I feel relax and energize after each session.
     Some pleasure might be too expensive for others, but think of the benefits that you can get out from these pleasures. You actually don’t need to spend too much money on the things that you love to do. You just need to be creative and always do things that you think will give you a healthy life.

Lessons I Learned When I Left My Comfort Zone

Definition of COMFORT ZONE

1: the temperature range within which one is comfortable
2: the level at which one functions with ease and familiarity

     It’s been 6 years since I left Davao for work here in Makati. I am 993.5 kilometres (617.34 miles) away from home. I know for a fact that this entails a lot of adjustment. When I decided to accept the job in Makati, I knew that I would be leaving my comfort zone. I grew up with my family around me all the time, and its something that I value for the rest of my life. Being in a place where I knew every road to take, every street to go, every twist and turns of every corner is where I have always felt comfortable with. Even simple things like knowing what kind of weather to expect is something that I am accustomed to.

     Deciding to leave your comfort zone is something that a person should think a thousand times. The time I decided and leave my hometown, I remember a lot of concerned people and friends asked me about why would make such a drastic change, left my life in comfort, uproot my life and then transfer to an entirely new civilization.   I can say that so far, this is the most difficult decision I ever made in my life. I cannot imagine life without my family. I did not even wish for this, it just knocks on my door one day and then courageously said “Yes to change”.

     Since it’s been 6 years now that I left my dear beloved land, I can say that I learned some important lessons. I hope this can help those people who are in the planning stage either to leave home and embrace new things and new challenges, or struggling to make that big decision, which in turn will have a great impact on your life.

  • Set and focus your goal – I think this is the very first step in the process. You need to set your goal first. Once, you have decided to leave, focus on that goal. In times, that sadness and loneliness hit you in the head then you can counter it with your goal. When you’re in doubt about your future, stop and think of why you left your comfort zone in the first place.
  • Be open to change – when they asked me if I was alright moving to a place that I am not familiar with, my answer was always yes. We should always be ready and accept new things that our new surrounding brings. In this way, you will enjoy and be comfortable in this new zone.
  • Internet can be your best ally – With the new technology, it’s comforting to know that we can communicate in just one click with our family and beloved ones. In this fast paced world having a mobile phone and internet is not a luxury, it is a necessity. This will lessen the sadness and loneliness we felt.
  • Embrace your new surrounding – The first time I set my foot in Makati, I already felt the warm welcome this new place has given. The smile of every stranger I met is something that is comforting. You can feel the sense of belongingness. Being friendly will also help you adapt to this new awkward situation. So it really doesn’t matter if you’re the newest kid on the block as long as you’re friendly then you won’t have any difficulty in reaching out. Exploring different places and locations will also eliminate boredom which will also cause you to think and feel lonely.
  • Stay grounded and use some wit – It’s great to continually stay grounded with certain values that your family and loved ones taught you when you are still a kid. I am proud to say that my parents taught me great values when I was a kid. I was able to use it when I transferred here in my new environment. Values like never talk to strangers, or don’t go with people you don’t know will surely help you keep away from harm.
  • Lastly, understand and study the new place that you will go to – It’s recommended that you have the right information on the area that you will go. It’s great that you learn about the culture and rules prior to moving as this will help you misunderstood by others. 

      I can say that I surpass the feeling of getting lonely every time I think about my departure. Though, I really and honestly miss my family from out there. But only distance can separate us. What matters is that we value and we care even if I am away from them. The comfort that I am getting from my family and from the place I belong to is also the same comfort I am experiencing now because I fully understand that there is a purpose as to why I need to left home and start a life away from home.


Lesson Learned From A Magazine Stand

     I was inside the 711 store to buy something for brunch. My eyes started to search for the perfect aisle with great foods to fill my hungry stomach. While I was browsing each stand with breads and cookies and tunas and instant noodles, I saw this magazine stand with some latest and catchy magazine covers available for this month. I started picking some magazines, and started those that captured my being and caught my attention. I forgot that the reason why I was in that store is to buy something to eat.

     As I continue checking the covers of the magazines, I realized that I really cannot open and check what's inside. All I can do is to read and see the table of contents or titles of each pages on the front cover of those magazines and then try to think and guess if the story is good or maybe not. The only way to feed my curiosity is to buy one and read. From the very top portion of the magazine stands lined up the very known magazine in the land. There's a lot of choices actually. Its up to you what type of magazine would you like to buy. If your into something that captures your romantic and sensual being then there's a great magazine that fits your personality. If your into fashion and healthy living, one is also available for you on that stand. A lot of choices. Different types of magazines. Different types of genre. Its up to you which one would you choose. If its something that satisfy your mind or your inner soul.

     I was standing in that magazine stand probably half an hour. Since my stomach started to murmur about me not paying attention to him, I immediately wake up from my senses and get the food I need and went home. 

     When I arrived home, I started thinking about the magazines I saw a while back. I can't imagine that a very great lesson is laid again before my very eyes. 

     I imagine that magazine stands is just the same with different people we meet every single day. Every people that come into our lives are like those in the magazine stand. You don't know the personality of the person and you don't have any idea how they think and feel and how they will react to certain things or issues. You don't know if they are for real or for reel. Some of them will reveal their personality upfront and some of them will just let you show their cover. You will meet people that will get your attention or that will interest you. At first, you think that they are interesting and that they are also interested to you, but as soon as you start reading and understand and know them, you'll find out that its just a facade of what they truly are. 

     Different types of people. Different types of magazine. Different personality. Different characteristic. In choosing a friend or someone to be with you. It needs your full attention, its not just because they are covered well and that their appearance looks like someone that could launch a thousand ships. Physical covering is not that important. What matters is if that person is someone who will teach you something valuable, something that you will treasure forever. Remember that good things in this world are not something that can be seen, its something that can be heard, felt and then learn from it. Its something that you feel inside.

     In making friends, choose wisely. Go for someone that will give you worth. Its like reading a good book that really catches the deeper sense in you. Do not give out your all for someone whom you just know. Keep reading and continue knowing that person. Its better to have real and great friends than wasting time from people who is not worthy of your friendship.

How To Avoid Being SMished

     Have you ever received a text message from someone you don't know asking for a load or your personal information? Did you received a text message telling you that you won in a lottery or a raffle from a company and that you need to call or send your own personal information? Are you a victim of these bogus attack from peoople who wants to get victimize innocent people like us?

     The world is so cruel for those people who are not vigilant enough in safeguarding our property, personal information and even our life. We need to be very watchful as there are people who will try to do anything just to get what they want. 
     The latest attack that a lot of us are encountering right now is what we called SMishing. This is the latest Phishing attack that uses text messages (SMS) to get personal information on cell phones and mobile devices. 

It derives from SMS + Phishing = SMishing.

     This usually happens when a text message is delivered to the "bait" (this could be you and me) to divulge your personal information. The message will appear in a way that you will not be suspicious about it.  The message usually contains something that will get your immediate attention.It might come from a legitimate source such as your bank or a merchant saying you must respond to protect your account or order. 

     This is also a mobile spamming trying to trick you to reveal your personal information.So, how can we avoid being SMished?

  • Never respond a text messages that you received which ask for your personal information, no matter who the text message came from. Crooks can manipulate text messages, so even if the message came from someone close to you, do not respond because you do not know if they are the one who actually sent it. 
  • Treat your mobile phone like your computer. Never download anything unless its coming from a trusted source. If you do so, you could install virus, worm or even mobile spyware that once downloaded can eavesdrop on your emails and conversation. 
  • Avoid using your mobile phone calling any phone numbers to cancel a membership you did not sign up for. 
  • Never click a hot link or attachments contained in unsolicited texts or emails. If you want to go to a website, type the url directly into your browser's address bar. Smishing have hot links in them where a spyware is installed, once downloaded it will surely get your personal information and thieves can still it from you in just a few seconds. 
     As the world progresses in terms of technology, criminals and thieves also becomes clever. They uses every single thing they have just to get something from someone. Its up to us to give and exert extra effort to take good care of what we have by being watchful and mindful.

So be careful!

Single is Sexy, But Two Is Better than One

picture courtesy of two-is-better-than-one
     I received a message from a very close friend asking me about my opinion on dating and love.  She's in love and she's 18. I'm not a love guru or an expert on something that I myself failed for many years.  I really do not know how will I answer and what feedback should I give her. Her message honestly caught my attention. I can imagine that Valentines day is approaching and that this teen friend is probably will be dating someone. 

     So I'll do my best I can to give her the best answer and the best opinion I have in mind. So here's my reply to her message:

Dear Teen Friend,

     I really appreciate you asking my opinion about dating and love but honestly I myself is also asking about it particularly about love as I do not date that much. It's not bad meeting new people and to know them but you should always be careful in meeting people. Probably the best thing I can tell you is to guard your heart. Do not give in that easy. Be vigilant. Dating is not bad as long as you know your limitations, as long as you know when someone is crossing the line. 

     You're 18 years old, my teen friend, you should enjoy life first. The right person will show itself in God's perfect and right time. Enjoy life. Have fun with your friends. Love your family more. Love yourself the most. 

Here's something that I want you to think about...
  • There is nothing wrong being single. Its fun to be single. I just heard this but, SINGLE IS SEXY!..Lol (kidding aside). It doesn't mean that if you're single, it means nobody cares and love you; YOU'RE ABSOLUTELY WRONG! Think about your family. Think about the people who care more than anyone else in the world. They offer you unconditional love maybe not in a romantic way but in a way that they'll give you everything. At your age, there are a lot of things in store for you. For now, take it slow and enjoy life. Soon, you'll meet that man - you're knight in shining armor. And when that time comes I can assure you that you understand that "two are better than one". 
  • The Bible says: Ecclesiaste 4: 9-11 --Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor. If one of them falls down, the other can help him up. This is how great to be in a relationship. Someone will take care of you. Someone will help you up when you're down. But don't get me wrong, what I mean about this relationship is when you find that person fit for you. It's not about puppy love like thing relationship. This is something serious. Something that you'll keep for a lifetime. Its the type of partnership that nothing can separate. Its a bond between you and that person. A bond that will last forever until your hair turns gray.
     Well, teen friend, love will come at the right time at the right place and for the right person. Don't rush yourself. This is not a dating contest. This is real life. For now, enjoy and have fun with your life. Think of the things that matters the most. Don't search for love, wait for it. It only blossom in its perfect season. You wouldn't know that one day it will just be knocking on your door. 

     Anyways, I wish and hope that I help you somehow. Again, I am doing my best about love and relationship. Not that expert when it comes to this topic but you can count on me my friend. I'll always be here. 

Dr. Love (lol),

     Well, if anyone of you needs some advise on love? Just shoot me an email and Dr. Love is here.. Kidding guys! I was just so caught up with this friend of mine. And since I do not have anything to write about, then I was just sharing this experience with this teen friend.

     Anyways, Dr. Love is signing off... Goodnight and be blest! Love Love Love! 

"Two are better than One, But Three is unbeatable"

Tom & Jerry

 I was watching my all time favorite cartoon movie, Tom & Jerry. Since I was a kid, I was so obsessed with this two cartoon characters. I enjoyed watching Tom chasing Jerry and always admired Jerry on how he thinks of different ways to escape Tom's ensnare. This has been one of my past times when I was a kid and up to now.

 After watching the movie, I was so struck by how Tom chased Jerry. Chasing could mean, Tom wants to eat Jerry whole or it could also be a way of revenge from Jerry's naughtiness and cleverness.

I observed that in the chase between Tom & Jerry...

Jerry mostly wins...

In real life, chasing does happened. Like a real mouse and a cat chase scenario. The mouse mostly wins. I believe this is because the cat is running for his food while the mouse is running for his life. A person who is in need will do anything just to get and satisfy his/her cravings. A person who has a purpose will surely wins.

    Purpose is more important than need.

    I've learned that we should live life not just with a need but more with a purpose. 

The Pencil and The Eraser

I went into a bookshop when I heard a conversation from an office supplies section. This is a conversation of two little creation (Scary! nagsasalita sila).

Excerpt from a text messages from a friend.

PENCIL: I am really sorry.

ERASER: for what?

PENCIL: I'm sorry because you get hurt because of me. Whenever I made a mistake, you're always there to erase it. But as you make my mistakes vanish, you lose a part of yourself. You get smaller and smaller each time.

ERASER: That's true. But I don't really mind. You see, I was made to do this. I was made to help you whenever you do something wrong. Even though one day, I know I'll be gone and you'll replace me with a new one, I'm actually happy with my job. So please, stop worrying. I hate seeing you sad.

Be careful of what you are doing so you won't lose someone so important to you in the end. 


It makes sense honestly, but in my own point of view; The pencil and the eraser are a perfect match. They help each other in a way that the other will erase and eliminate the mistakes that that other does. However, if I love to draw or I am someone who is fascinated in drawing using pencil and eraser, I believe that there is a reason why the pencil needs to write and draw and sometimes commit mistakes. But those mistakes are not made just for nothing. Again, everything has a reason and purpose. Mistakes are there to make someone strong. The eraser can only erase what's needed. But in the end its the one who is holding the pencil and the eraser will decide and come up with a great and a wonderful picture.

Make sense?

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