My Sister's Wedding

     ...Finally she walked down the aisle and will start to write her story. Her married life already started. No turning back. No regrets. No retreat and will never surrender....

     These are the thoughts that flashed in my head will seeing my younger sister walked down the aisle on her wedding day. I used to see her as a small little girl, fragile and sweet. We used to play under the heat of the sun. We fight a lot when were still kids. We consider ourselves as "frienemies" (friends-enemies). I really don't know the reason behind why we always fight a lot when we were kids; maybe because we're both middle child. We always seek attention when we were little but in the end we both have each other's attention. Well, those were the days... and today is totally different. She has grown so fast and I can't imagine she will decide one day to get married before me.

     She had a simple wedding, not that big and expensive. We want to have an intimate wedding where only close friends and members of the family are invited. Well, the wedding ended successfully. I was laughing when my sister hug me and told me while tears falls from her eyes..."I am not single anymore bro!". I just replied with laughter.

     Getting married is not easy. You need to be ready mentally, emotionally, physically, and most important financially. I promise myself that when I get married, it should be the best wedding in the world. I want to make it meaningful and worth remembering when that day comes.

     So I wish my sister a wonderful and fruitful married life.


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