When Nature Teaches You A Lesson

     The clock alarms at 5AM today. This pisses me every time I forgot to turn the alarm off specially if its my off from work. Instead of getting mad or angry, I kneel down and say a little prayer. I lay  my head back to bed and reminisce what happened yesterday.  I always do this almost everyday before getting out of bed. Its fun thinking and evaluating what you did and what happened yesterday and then planning on doing things differently to make it more productive. 

     As I lay my head facing the ceiling,  I thank God for the protection and the second chance He has given me. I consider every wake ups as a second chance of my life. Its my chance to do more and make my life better than what I did yesterday. It's the time for me to fulfill the dream I had when I'm still in the state of zen. 

After an hour, I decided to stand out of bed and take a few walks around the house. Waking up so early in the morning is not bad after all specially when nature teaches you valuable lessons.

  • The fresh air and the smell or morning dew reminds me that life is beautiful and that its a brand new day. It means that everyday is new every morning. The air that we breath means that we are given another chance in life. Another day for us to make life more meaning and worth while.The air means we need to inhale good things or good and positive vibes and then exhale the toxins out.
  • I raise my head up high and behold, the great white blue skies and the raise of the sun reminds me that there is always a wonderful day ahead of us after a rainy yesterday. The sun gives positive energy to go and move on with life. The sky tells me that someone up there is always watching and guiding me through life. 
  • I see the green grassy field while the mild dew sparkles as the raise of the sun hit it. Again, this shows that when you fully trust and follow God's will you will shine and become the light of this world. Not only that, you will also make others shine through the light that they see in you.
  • As I walked closer to the mini-forest, I saw the bamboo tree standing tall in the midst of the dark forest. The wind blow hard but the bamboo remains its stand. Raising its branches up high, strong and flexible. On the right side next to the bamboo tree is an acacia tree where creeping vines holding on to its body. The vines creeps as to where the sun is. It only shows that we are also dependent on other things in this world. We have family, friends and loved ones we can always count on when things gets tough.
  • I hear the water rushing from the outside where the man made waterfall is located. The clear water coming out from the carved stones signifies that even if we get into trouble sometimes, we will still comes out victorious if we continue to be like the water flowing out, smooth and calm.
     I went back inside the house and saw my bed is calling me. I went back to bed and  decided to take a few nap since its still too early to do my household chores.

     I hear another alarm and decided to wake up only to find out that I was just dreaming. A great dream and a great reminder about life and the good things you can get from it. 


  1. we have some common na as usual ginabuhat every morning pero naay gibuhat nimo choi na wla nimo gi mention ....isipin mo mabuti lol.

  2. this is the manifestation that the creation of God is really amazing and teaches us the way that we could never imagine. :D

  3. hi! very inspirational. we all must thank God for the blessings he has given us even the very air we breathe... :-)

  4. nice dream parekoy... very inspiring...

  5. everyday is like unwrapping gift from God. being thankful for a newlife.

  6. you might actually include here that the pitch-black night sky reminds us that there's always a dark portion of our every day life; but also to teach us that there'll always be another sunshine after that darkness of the day.

    this is a good read.

  7. Thanks everyone for your comments.. Thank God for its new every morning..

  8. inspirational dream. sakto at sunday ko nabasa to :D

  9. you have facebook account, dude?

  10. ooh i like this... sama sila... everyday is a gift we need to treasure it.. and thanks it to almighty god :D

  11. hello sa inyo!

    tama... nature teaches us something..i was blessed by this Bible reading Psalms 19:1-6 about GOD's creation..

    ibahagi ko rin po ung aking kaisipan sa related blog entry na ito...


    To GOD be the glory till eternity! :)


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