Morning Coffee

     I woke up late today and I didn't realized that its already 1PM. This is my usual routine every time I don't have a work or if its a holiday here in the Philippines. I have the pleasure in waking up late. I don't need to get worried about rush hours every time I go to work. No need to think about the bunch of emails waiting for me every time I open my computer at work. No need to think about those calls coming from my colleagues. Today, all I want to do is to hibernate, sleep, eat, rest and a get a lot of rest. 

     I got up and get a cup of coffee and as usual sit in front of the computer writing this senseless post. Lol. 

     Anyway, while I was stirring my coffee I can see the sugar, coffee and the creamer mixed and blended well which produces a very good taste; plus the aroma makes me wanna drink more coffee.

     This is exactly the same with life. When we are in a difficulty, trials and hardships all we need to do is to blend with it. Instead of complaining and blaming others about what we are experiencing, you just need to mix properly so it will produce a very good coffee. Its means blending with the problems that we have, keep the stirring wheel of faith and believing that everything will come to an end. I am 100% sure that it will produce a better person and a better attitude in you. 

     So keep stirring! Kape na!

When Nature Teaches You A Lesson

     The clock alarms at 5AM today. This pisses me every time I forgot to turn the alarm off specially if its my off from work. Instead of getting mad or angry, I kneel down and say a little prayer. I lay  my head back to bed and reminisce what happened yesterday.  I always do this almost everyday before getting out of bed. Its fun thinking and evaluating what you did and what happened yesterday and then planning on doing things differently to make it more productive. 

     As I lay my head facing the ceiling,  I thank God for the protection and the second chance He has given me. I consider every wake ups as a second chance of my life. Its my chance to do more and make my life better than what I did yesterday. It's the time for me to fulfill the dream I had when I'm still in the state of zen. 

After an hour, I decided to stand out of bed and take a few walks around the house. Waking up so early in the morning is not bad after all specially when nature teaches you valuable lessons.

  • The fresh air and the smell or morning dew reminds me that life is beautiful and that its a brand new day. It means that everyday is new every morning. The air that we breath means that we are given another chance in life. Another day for us to make life more meaning and worth while.The air means we need to inhale good things or good and positive vibes and then exhale the toxins out.
  • I raise my head up high and behold, the great white blue skies and the raise of the sun reminds me that there is always a wonderful day ahead of us after a rainy yesterday. The sun gives positive energy to go and move on with life. The sky tells me that someone up there is always watching and guiding me through life. 
  • I see the green grassy field while the mild dew sparkles as the raise of the sun hit it. Again, this shows that when you fully trust and follow God's will you will shine and become the light of this world. Not only that, you will also make others shine through the light that they see in you.
  • As I walked closer to the mini-forest, I saw the bamboo tree standing tall in the midst of the dark forest. The wind blow hard but the bamboo remains its stand. Raising its branches up high, strong and flexible. On the right side next to the bamboo tree is an acacia tree where creeping vines holding on to its body. The vines creeps as to where the sun is. It only shows that we are also dependent on other things in this world. We have family, friends and loved ones we can always count on when things gets tough.
  • I hear the water rushing from the outside where the man made waterfall is located. The clear water coming out from the carved stones signifies that even if we get into trouble sometimes, we will still comes out victorious if we continue to be like the water flowing out, smooth and calm.
     I went back inside the house and saw my bed is calling me. I went back to bed and  decided to take a few nap since its still too early to do my household chores.

     I hear another alarm and decided to wake up only to find out that I was just dreaming. A great dream and a great reminder about life and the good things you can get from it. 

Team Building Experience: A Life Changing Activity

     Our company had its General Assembly and Team Building activity last November 15-16, 2010 at Forest Club Eco Resort in Laguna,. This is the first time I participated in this kind of activity as I am a newly hired employee in the company. This is also the first team building that I've joined that I can say, changed the way I look things, my perspective in terms of dealing with different issues at work, with co-workers and with life as a whole. I always joined team buildings before in my previous company, but its more on like eating out, having fun, drinking session with my former teammates, videoke session and some others. This time, its totally different. Aside from its an overnight stay at the resort, its also the type of activity that is surely worth keeping.

    When we arrived at the place, I really didn't like the area probably because when we arrived its raining hard at that time. The feeling of getting excited was changed with hesitations and disappointment since most of us are excited with the activities laid to us before going to the venue. After we put our bags in our sleeping area, we immediately change our outfit and prepared for the activity. We are expecting a very wet and muddy activity. Though most of us are still disappointed with the climate, we are still hoping to have a fun filled activities. Fortunately, we're not disappointed by what the resort offered. Let me tell you the different activities we've done and what I have learned that it. 

The Survival Challenge. The survival challenge is divided into different activities:

     The Log Challenge. You think that its so easy to pass by a log in the middle of a muddy pond where live catfish and tilapia is waiting for you to get wet. At first, I thought its so easy to walk freely in the log but when I reached the middle of the log, starts shaking and was almost out of control plus the log is also slippery because its soaking wet. And oh by the way, the rule of the game is that, if one member falls into the water the team will get an additional 5 minutes on the groups time. The group who accumulated more hours on each challenge loses. This challenge will surely test your skills and abilities on how you will reach the end of the log without falling down and getting wet. You can do other techniques like seating on the log or crawling.

MORAL LESSON: Never trust someone or something even if it looks strong, or looks tough not until you will put it to the test. Likewise, never trust or listen to the counsel of the wicked nor stand in the path of sinners.

     The Rope Challenge. Just like the first challenge, you just need to go to the other side of the pond, but this time using just a rope. Same rule, same process all you need to do is to be very clever on how you can pass on to this challenge. This challenge develops you trust in the rope. Its like you have nothing to hold on to, but you just give your full trust on the rope and your abilities and skills in terms of how you balance in the midst of the cheers of your opponent to fall.

MORAL LESSON: Hold on to what you have and cling to it. There will come a time that you have nothing to hold on to but just yourself. Trust and never give up.

The Raft Challenge. This challenge needs to be in pairs. All you need to do is to go to the other side of the pond using the raft and a rope as your guide. This time you and your partner should work on how you will balance and not fall. Unfortunately our team fails to get the highest score as our team falls into the pond twice.

Team A versus Team B. Preparing and planning there strategies on how to be the first to go to the other side and then go back.

This challenge needs balancing, not only you but also with your partner. I needs technique on how to balance and not fall.

Unfortunately, we're the first pair to dive into the water. Lol

     Well, life is really a tough competition. You need to be clever in anything and in everything you do. You need to focus on what's your main goal in order to survive and win whether its for a personal motive or your team aim to win. Being in a group of people whose aim is not really to win but to help and carry each others burden. Even our opponent cheers us to get into the game, finish it and survive.

     After the Survival Challenge, we move to Trust Challenge. A different set of game. Different rules and also means, we need to change our tactics and techniques on how to will deal with the upcoming change. First challenge is to turn the tarpaulin upside down without touching the ground. Seven members of the team is on top of the tarpaulin and all they need to do is to turn it upside down using their foot. Every time one member touches the ground, the team needs to start all over again. Trust in your team mates and listening to the instruction is all you need in this challenge.

     There are other challenges that we had during our stay in Forest Club Eco Park. You can access some of the pictures here. It was a very fun filled day, even if we got bruised and wounded we are still satisfied and happy for we know that even if were in pain we learn something important, something we valued; lesson that cannot be wasted but something worth keeping.

Our Life Needs a Hand Plane

In life, sometimes we experienced hardships and heartaches. We sometimes experience brokenness or maybe wounded and betrayed. Most of us experienced pain and suffering at its peak and most of the time we want to surrender or maybe worst, we hope were dead. Those pains causes so much distraction that we cannot live life to the fullest. As always, when we experienced pain and suffering we feel that a little bit of something in us has been taken away, we feel incomplete and we lack focus on the good things that life has to offer. 

But everything I feel pain or suffering, I just think of it as a wood with a hand plane on top. I just always think that we need to experience pain for us to be whole again. We need to feel pain for us to be ready and be prepared for a much greater pain. Our life needs to be shaved so that when time comes that we need to face a much greater pain, we are ready because we are crafted and created beautifully out of the pains and sufferings we experienced in the past. So when you experience pain and heartaches, be happy, because it only means that God is preparing you for a great future. 

A Lesson Learned From A Cocoon

I am in a great dilemma. I do not understand why sometimes we need to struggle so hard for us to come to a point of realization that not all things always turns good. I can't accept the fact that sometimes, we need to undergo a challenge or a rocky road for us to become a strong and better person. I am struggling. I am trying my best to survive. I am undertaking a hard road. I forgot that in life its not always good, its not always happy. Sometimes we need to struggle for us to become strong. Sometimes, we need to fight for survival. Changing outside of your comfort zone is as hard as a stone. Trying to prove yourself your good is difficult. Doing it by your own strength is the weakest thing a person ever did. 

Lately, I have been bombarded with stress, pressure from work, guilt, worries and dismay which eventually took control over my life. For a while, I've been timid and lack of self-confidence until a butterfly cocoon thought me a very good lesson. 

I found a butterfly cocoon on a plant outside my window. I took it inside the room and observed what will happen in the next few days, as I am so intrigue by its metamorphosis. I wanted to see it by my very own eyes. Today, I saw a small opening at the bottom of the cocoon. I sat and watched the cocoon for several hours as the butterfly struggled to force its body through that little hole. After a few minutes, seeing that the butterfly cannot go through that small hole, I helped the butterfly to come out from the cocoon by sniffing off a bit of the cocoon using a pair of scissors, so it will create a bigger hole for the butterfly to come out.

I can see that the butterfly is moving its way out from the cocoon. As soon as it came out from its cocoon, I can see that the butterfly's body is swollen and had a shriveled wings. I know that in time the wings would dry out, enlarge and expand to support  the swollen body and in due time the butterfly will fly with its wings. 

A few hours... neither happened...

The butterfly is still crawling around with its swollen body and shriveled wings. 


Sometimes struggles are what we need in our life. Without any struggle we will not become a right person we want to be. Without struggles, we are crippled. I understand that its not right in helping the butterfly to come out from its cocoon. By helping the butterfly I only make the butterfly's life miserable. The struggling of the butterfly to come out from its cocoon is a great requirements for the butterfly to be able to fly. It needs for the butterfly to push its body and wings on that tiny hole to force its fluid to come out. Only by struggling from that opening the butterfly can make itself ready to fly once it comes out. 

I know accepted the fact that struggling with something is a test and a preparation for a greater glory. Its like a practical exam that you need to pass so that at the end of the school year you will graduate with flying colors.

With my sincere apologies and condolence to the poor and cute little butterfly. 

Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort in Davao City

     Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort is one of the most famous resort among the locals of Davao. This is located in Samal island off the coast of Davao. This resort is good and one of the best destination for couples, family gathering and outing or even just be yourself to relax and unwind. The resort owns almost 800 meters shoreline and the only place on the part of Samal Island. If you're into a resort where every time you open your doors you will see white sand beach immediately right before your very eyes, its in this resort. Its only 7 minutes away from the traffic Metro of Davao where travelers and visitors are ferried by a fleet of ten (10) colorful boats efficiently operated by the management of the resort from 5:00 AM up to 5:00 PM. For those who wish to go to Samal Island they can still travel by a Ferry Boat which serves the public until 11PM.

     Resort owner's first priority is there guest and visitors that the reason why there safety is more important. Because of that there Safety and Security Team have a different activities for there customers.

  • Bomb Awareness Program - this exercise is undertaken yearly with the help of the Provincial Police Office of Davao Province.
  • Monthly Fire Drill - the drill is being undertaken every second Thursday of each month. This is the time when all fire fighting equipment are tested and accounted for.
  • First Aid Seminar - being conducted bi – annually before each peak season (Christmas holidays and summer).
  • Lifeguards Re – orientation - taking place just before each peak season wherein the lifeguards re – train on their swimming and life – saving techniques.
  • Sea - Tragedy Drill - a major activity which requires almost everybody and also taking place before summer and Christmas holidays.
  • Gun Handling Training - this is done once a year for the Guards to establish a routine so that they can perform effectively during emergencies.
  • Nurse on Duty - nurse on duty at the resort’s infirmary.
  • Doctor on Call - Doctor on Call from the neighboring area.
  • Security Details - Security Guards surround the Resort and augmented by the local Police during night time.
  • CCTV Cameras - CCTV cameras are installed in strategic places around the resort.


  • Kananan - is located at the beach where guest are served with breakfast, lunch and dinner. They also serve snacks and refreshments. They offer different type of cuisine from Filipino dish to International. 
  • The Beach - more than 300m of white sand where people can do a wide array of activities. They can also bring there own food and snacks and dine with family and friends.
  • Ice Cream Kiosk - Delight yourself with a wide variety of fresh tropical fruit juices, pearl and fruit shakes, frozen delights and other cool favorites. Surely, a day in Paradise Island is not complete without dropping by especially on a hot summer day.
  • Massage - A visit in Paradise is never complete without a cool and relaxing massage either at the “Baybay Masaje” at the beach or “Ba’ay Masaje” inside the comforts of our fully air-conditioned Massage Room. Open at 10:00 am and last call for massage is at 8:00 pm.
  • Children's Park -  Aside from the white sand beach and azure blue waters, Paradise Island also welcomes everybody to its park where you can spend a quiet afternoon and engage in a tête-à-tête with a friend while your kids help themselves in the playground. 
  •  Aviary - Next to the park is the aviary, a must see side trip when you are in Paradise Island. It boasts of a collection of pheasants, pigeons, parrots, eagles, lories, lovebirds, doves, hornbills and the list goes on and on as it grows bigger and bigger. 

Chain Messages

Hindi ako motivated magsulat. Tinatamad ako at walang maisip kung ano ang ilalagay sa blog ko. But, I need to keep it going. Kahit ilang beses akong mag login sa account ko at kahit anong try ko, nothing comes up. Nangbiglang may nag text sa akin ng isang  Chain Text Messages. Bagay na kinaiinisan ko. HIndi naman sa hindi ko na-aappreciate ang chain message pero pag yung tipong nakakapikon at hindi nakakapag bigay saya at motivate sa mambabasa ng message ay hindi talaga maganda. Isang kakilala ang nagsend ng chain message na tipong "if you will not send this to 15 people, one members of your family will die" or "if you will not send this to 15 people sasara ang butas ng pwet mo". 

Naiinis ako dahil sa hindi marunong mag-isip at makikitid ang utak ng message sender. Eh kung bumalik kaya sayo ang tinext mo. Well, hindi ko din naman talaga pinoforward ang mga ganung klaseng message dahil sa alam ko hindi nakaka-inspire at hindi nakakatulong kundi takot at ligalig ang iniiway sa makakatanggap ng mensahe. 

Nais ko sana ipaabot sa mga taong mahilig sa ganun na maging considerate at maging responsable sa mga mensahe na pinoforward natin. Dahil hindi natin alam na ang nakakatanggap nun ay yung mga taong madaling maniwala at uto-uto. Kung sinabi sa text message mo na "kapag di mo ito pinadala sa 30 tao hindi ka makakatanggap ng milagro bukas bandang alas sais ng umaga. Pano pag wala? Siguro sasabihin mo na walang masama kung itry at walang mawawala sayo. Well, para sa akin, MERONG mawawala. You lose you faith in God. You believe in the message. Nawala yung belief mo na everyday is a miracle. Na bawat minuto sa buhay mo ay miracle at hindi bukas ng alas-sais.
So, hopefully wala na akong matanggap na mga chain messages at kung meron man the chain will stop on my end. Sorry! Peace out! God bless everyone!

The Race Of The Rabbit And The Tortoise The Story Continues

As I continue walking down memory lane, reminiscing every childhood days I've spent with my family, friends and things I did at school when I was a kid even remembering those well loved stories I've read when I was in grade school. I was searching for the famous story of all time, The Race of the Rabbit and the Tortoise, when I cam across this story. I never thought, the story continues. I thought it all ends the time the rabbit failed to reached the finish line. This story is worth sharing, so hopefully you will also learn something from this story.

The Added Value of CONTINUOUS LEARNING and Teamwork

Once upon a time a tortoise and a hare had an argument about who was faster. They decided to settle the argument with a race. They agreed on a route and started off the race. The hare shot ahead and ran briskly for some time. Then seeing that he was far ahead of the tortoise, he thought he’d sit under a tree for some time and relax before continuing the race. He sat under the tree and soon fell asleep. The tortoise plodding on overtook him and soon finished the race, emerging as the undisputed champ. The hare woke up and realized that he’d lost the race. The moral- “Slow and steady wins the race. This is the version of the story that we’ve all grown up with.”


there are few more interesting things… continues as follows…… The hare was disappointed at losing the race and he did some soul-searching. He realized that he’d lost the race only because he had been overconfident, careless and lax. If he had not taken things for granted, there’s no way the tortoise could have beaten him. So he challenged the tortoise to another race.

The tortoise agreed. This time, the hare went all out and ran without stopping from start to finish. He won by several miles. The moral – ” Fast and consistent will always beat the slow and steady. It’s good to be slow and steady; but it’s better to be fast and reliable.”


The tortoise did some thinking this time, and realized that there’s no way it can beat the hare in a race the way it was currently formatted. It thought for a while, and then challenged the hare to another race, but on a slightly different route. The hare agreed. They started off. In keeping with his self-made commitment to be consistently fast, the hare took off and ran at top speed until he came to a broad river. The finishing line was a couple of kilometres on the other side of the river. The hare sat there wondering what to do. In the meantime the tortoise trundled along, got into the river, swam to the opposite bank, continued walking and finished the race.

The moral – “First identify your core competency and then change the playing field to suit your core competency.”


The hare and the tortoise, by this time, had become pretty good friends and they did some thinking together. Both realized that the last race could have been run much better. So they decided to do the last race again, but to run as a team this time. They started off, and this time the hare carried the tortoise till the riverbank. There, the tortoise took over and swam across with the hare on his back. On the opposite bank, the hare again carried the tortoise and they reached the finishing line together. They both felt a greater sense of satisfaction than they’d felt earlier.

The moral – “It’s good to be individually brilliant and to have strong core competencies; but unless you’re able to work in a team and harness each other’s core competencies, you’ll always perform below par because there will always be situations at which you’ll do poorly and someone else does well.

Teamwork is mainly about situational leadership, letting the person with the relevant core competency for a situation take leadership. Note that neither the hare nor the tortoise gave up after failures. The hare decided to work harder and put in more effort after his failure. The tortoise changed his strategy because he was already working as hard as he could.” In life, when faced with failure, sometimes it is appropriate to work harder and put in more effort. Sometimes it is appropriate to change strategy and try something different. And sometimes it is appropriate to do both.

The hare and the tortoise also learned another vital lesson. When we stop competing against a rival and instead start competing against the situation, we perform far better.

To sum up- the story of the hare and tortoise has much to say:

Chief among them are that fast and consistent will always beat slow and steady; work to your competencies; pooling resources and working as a team will always beat individual performers; never give up when faced with failure; & finally, compete against the situation – not against a rival.

(Source: Sonnies Porch)

Bata Bata Pano Ka Noon?

Madami akong ala-ala nung bata ako. Siguro masasabi ko na masaya at buong buong ang childhood days/years ko. Hindi gaya ng mga bata ngayon na halos hindi na pwedeng maarawan o di naman kaya ay hindi pwedeng pagpawisan. Ako, o siguro tayo (sa mga ka-edad ko) masasabi kung naging masaya ang pagiging bata ko. Nakakatuwang isipin kapag bumalik ang iyong ala-ala sa pagiging bata. Nasabi ko na din sa sarili ko na sana ay naging bata na lang ako. Kasi sabi nga nila ang bata daw parang walang problema. Walang pinagdadaanang hirap. Palaging masaya. Naglalaro. Tumatakbo sa ulan na nakahubad. In short, walang masyadong iniisip. Hindi gaya ngayon, maraming responsibilidad, marmaing iniisip, kailangan mapagdaanan ang hirap para mabuhay at maging matapang. Pero panget din kung bata ka pa rin pero ang edad mo eh 100 years old. Ano ka isang bampira?

Ano nga ba ang mga alala ko nung bata ako? Heto ang ilan sa mga yon:
  • Nung bata ako kapag walang pasok, dapat kami matulog sa tanghali. Bawal ang gising at gumala kasi ang palaging sinasabi at panakot ni Inay ay may kukuha ng mga bata at nilalagay sa sako para gawin asin. So dahil bata ako at hindi antokin noon, tumatakas ako at nakikipaglaro sa mga bata sa kapitbahay. Kapag nagising si Inay, palo na gawa sa sanga ng bayabas ang inaabot naming magkakapatid. 
  • Minsan naman, hinahayaan lang kami ni Inay o ni Itay na maglaro pero kapag kumagat na ang dilim kailangan na kaming umuwi sa bahay, nakaligo na bago maghapunan.
  • Masaya ang buhay bata lalo na kapag sa probinsya ka lumaki. Laki akong probinsya kaya ang pag akyat sa puno ng bayabas, papaya, santol, langka, at atis ay nagawa ko na. 
  • Naranasan ko din na manghuli ng gagamba kasama si Kuya. Dun nga nag umpisa yung takot ko sa gagamba eh. Dahil sa yung hinuli namin ni kuya, pagdating sa bahay, nilabasan namin yung gagamba sa posporo, naipit pala ang paa kaya ayun nakagat si kuya at naitapon ang gagamba sa akin. Simula nun hindi na ako nanghuli ulit. 
  • Naranasan ko din ang pagsakay sa kalabaw. Panghuhuli ng buhay na manok at ang pag katay nito. Pamimingwit ng isda at palaka para gawing hapunan ay naranasan ko na din. 
  • Since nung kabataan ko ay puro laro lang ang nasa isip ko wala na kaming inatupag kundi ang maglaro buong maghapon. Nandyan ang laro ng patentero, habulan, taguan, tig-so (yung may dalawang grupo na may bahay kayo na kailangan nyo paglabanan ng kalaban. Kung sino ang maka punta dun sa bahay ng kalaban na di nahuhuli ay panalo), syatong, tumba lata, sipa, jolen, laro ng goma, batuhan hanggang sa mabukulan, iiyak, pagkatapos magtatawanan ulit na parang walang nangyari. 
  •  Minsan naman pag tinamad ako lumabas ng bahay, dun lang ako tumatambay sa loob ng bahay ng mga kaibigan ko, magtataguan kami at dun magtatago sa loob ng aparador, sa ilalim ng kama, o di naman kaya ay magkwentuhan ng mga nakakatakot. 
  • Isang libangan din namin ang panunuod ng TV. Kahit hindi pa uso ang colored TV at cable noon, nag eenjoy pa din kami sa mga palabas lalo na kapang bandang hapon or di naman kaya ay gabi. Naalala ko pa noon tuwing Biyernes ng gabi pinapalabas ang Regal Shocker.
  • Kapag umaga naman, naaliw kami manuod ng Princess Sarah o di kaya Cedie: Ang Munting Prinsipe. Pati na din yung Dog of Flanders, na sobrang nakakaiyak ang kwento. Naalala ko din ang mga kwento ni Remie at ni Jolicor (di ko alam kung tama ang spelling), ang batang nawalay sa ina. At ang walang kamatayan si Julio at Julia ang Kambal ng tadhana, na palaging hinahabol at gustong ipapatay ni Reyna Imperatress kasama ang hukbo ni Pudong. 
  • Naalala ko din dati na nung bata ako naglalakad lang kami papunta at pauwi galing ng school. Walang sumasakay ng tricycle or motor. Walang masyadong kotse noon kaya pagdating ng 4 or 5 pm ang daan puno ng mga batang naglalakd pauwi sa eskwela. Nakakatuwa. Ang gulo pa namin noon kasi uwian na at maglalaro na kami. Di gaya ngayon bawal na maglakad at daopat  may kasamang yaya o choperon, baka naman kasi ma kidnap delikado. 
  • Dati umiinom kami ng tubig sa gripo o sa batis. Malusog pa din naman kami. Kahit tubig sa balon nga iniinom namin pati yung tubig ulan. Walang uso ang diarrhea o sakit sa tiyan dahil sa pag inom ng mga tubig na ito. Pero ngayon dapat naka mineral water ang mga bata at di pwede ang tubig sa gripo. Dahil din siguro sa hindi na malinis ang mga tubig na ito. 
  • Dati kapag natuntong ka sa edad na 7 or 8 years old, dapat ay natuli ka na. Kapag hindi, pagtatawanan ka ng mga kalaro mo. Dati, ang paraan lang ng tuli noon ay yung tinatawag namin sa Davao na "pakang" o yung manual na paghihiwalay sa balat ng ari. Walang uso ang doctor at gunting. Isang labaha o balisong at isang dos por dos ay okey na. Medyo masakit, pero ang palaking sinasabi ni Itay ay parang kagat lang ng langgam. Pinapatingin ka sa itaas ng albularyo at pinapasok ang balisong sa loob ng balat ng junior mo sabay bilang ng isa hanggang tatlo at biglang papaluin ng dos por dos. Kawawang alaga pinalo ng pinalo. Pagkatapos nun kakagat ng dahon ng bayabas ang matanda at biglang idudura dun sa sugat mo. Very Hygienic diba? Lol. Pero wala namang nabalitaang namatay sa impeksyon. Buhay na buhay naman kaming lahat. Malusog at malakas pa. Iba na talaga ang panahon ngayon kasi kailangan ng doctor at anesthesia pa. 
  • Kapag natuli ka na, kailangan mong hugasan ang sugat mo sa maalat na tubig ng dagat. Tuwing umaga hinihila kami ng tiyahin namin upang lumusong at hugasan ang sugat dahil sa tuli. At dahil sa mahapdi ang tubig dagat, palaging palo ang inabot ko sa tiyahin ko habang umiiyak ako sa sakit at pagkatapos nun ay lalagyan na ng penicillin ang sugat para mabilis na gumaling. Normal na din ang mag suot ng saya kapag tuli ka.
  • Hindi uso ang cellphone at wala pa ding facebook dati, pero ang bawat bata na makikilala namin ay naging tunay naming kaibigan na sa hanggang ngayon ay andyan pa rin sumusuporta at gumagabay sayo. Kahit walang cellphone nakakarating pa din kami sa aming pupuntahan at nakakauwi pa din kami sa aming mga bahay na hindi nagalala ang aming mga magulang. Ang tanging komunikasyon lang namin ay ang laruang lata na may nakataling sinulid sa dulo na para bang laruang telepono. Di gaya ngayon, kahit nasa elementarya pa lang ay mag cellphone na. At wala ka kasi naka Blackberry pa. Sosyal na ang panahon ngayon! 
  •  Ang laruan namin dati ay yung kotse kotsehan na gawa sa gma ng lumang tsinelas. O di kaya ay mga lumang kahoy na pwedeng gamitin sa pag gawa ng laruang kotse. Ngayon remote controlled na ang mga laruan. Sa amin dati, saranggola ang pinagkakaabalahang gawin para maging libangan, pero ngayon ang mga bata nakaharap na sa computer o PSP. Kaya siguro masasabi ko na mas malusog at mga bata noon sapagkat nasa labas kami ng bahay, tumatakbo, pinagpapawisan nakapag ehersisyo.
Nakakatuwang isipin na minsan ay bumabalik ang ating isipan sa pagiging bata. Naway ang mga alaalang ito ay maibihagi at maituro din natin sa mga darating pa na henerasyon.

The City of Davao

     Most of my foreign friends keep on asking me about Davao City, the place where I grow up and undeniably proud of it. They always asked me if its a safe place, the fact that they've heard a lot on the news about people or foreigners being kidnapped and killed in this area. They keep on asking if I am not scared or afraid about Abusayaff or not afraid being kidnapped or something. Well, here's some information about the City where I grow up. 

     The City of Davao (Tagalog: Lungsod ng Davao, Cebuano: Dakbayan sa Dabaw) is the largest and de facto capital city located on the island of Mindanao in the Philippines. It's one of the most progressives cities in the Philippines. Davao City is one of several cities in the Philippines that are independent of any province. It serves as the regional center for Davao Region (Region XI). It has a population of 1,363,330 (2007 census) but according to data from the City Health Office Population Division (CHO-PD) Davao City will hit 1.5 Million before this year ends. Davao City was named "Asian City of the Future" by Foreign Direct Investment Magazine. Davao City has emerged as the business, investment and tourism center for the entire southern Philippines. The city also boast its wonderful beaches and mountain resorts in the country and also proud to be the home of the highest peak, Mount Apo. 


     Catholic largely populate Davao like most cities in the Philippines. However a lot of Christian churches, chapels and even mosques, temples and other places of worship can also be found on different places in Davao. 

     One of the Spanish influences (broughy by Don Jose Uyangerun in 1848) that is still being observed in Davao is the observance and celebration of barrios (or villages) of the day of their respective patron saint called "Fiesta". During this time, Davaoenos thanking their saints through songs, dances and other forms of merrymaking. Such showcases point to its ultimate climax as the celebration of all celebrations - the weeklong Kadayawan  Sa Dabaw Festival. 

  • Total Land Area: 2,443.61 square kilometers
  •  Divided into 3 congressional district which are further divided into 11 administrative district
  • a total of 184 barangays
  • 50% of the total land area is classified as forest
  • Agriculture utilizes 43%
  • Banana, Pineapple, coffee and coconut eat up a big chunk of the total land area.
  • approximately 588 statute miles southeast of Manila.
  • Traveling by sea, its location from Manila and Cebu is 971 and 593 nautical miles (1,098 km) respectively.
  • Presently, built-up areas used for residential, institutional, commercial, and industrial purposes represent about 10% of the total land area. Under the approved land use plan built-up and settlement area will cover 15% of the total area while agricultural will be maximized with 67.19%. The remaining 17.68 will be devoted to forestry and conservation.


     Davao City if a typhoon-free due to its location. Tropical storms and tidal waves are being blocked by peninsula. The City enjoys a weather that is balmy all year round. 


     Cebuano language is widely spoken in the city while Tagalog comes in second. Bisaloglish (Bisaya-Tagalog-English) is an informal mixing of languages, is spoken as well. English is the main instruction at school as well as in business community and for all official documents. 


     Our govern invested millions of pesos to ensure the security of people living and working in Davao City. Aside from the PNP (Philippines National Police), a special tasked force has been formed to insulate the city from terorrist attach and other forms of criminality. The Task Force Davao, as it is named, is headed by an army colonel and is affiliated to Philippine Army.

     The city government also maintains a 24-hour emergency response system patterned after the 9-1-1 system used in the United States. People can dial the 911 number to report emergencies and criminal incidents (except for Globe land line subscribers).

     A curfew on minors is also observed in the city. All business establishments, in particular bars and discos, are mandated by a city ordinance to refrain from selling alcoholic drinks beyond 2:00 am. Also, motorcycle drivers with no helmets and motorists with defective lights are not allowed to enter or drive in the city. Regular checkpoints in key parts of Davao City and at the city boundaries are conducted 24 hours to ensure the strict implementation of traffic rules.
     The use of fireworks and other similar pyrotechnics, as well as smoking, is strictly prohibited in most of the city. Even outdoors, if you are under a roof of any kind, you are prohibited from smoking. Violators are made to pay hefty fines, perform community service, serve jail time, or a combination of the three. Littering is also prohibited.

 As you can see our government is ensuring the security of the people living and visiting Davao City. For four consecutive years, Davao City has also been recognized by Asiaweek as one of the 20 Best Cities in Asia. Davao City has been awarded the “Most Peaceful City in East and Southeast Asia for seven years and is home to the “Best Police Office in the Country” for six consecutive years. The City also tops on the list as the number #1 Most Livable, Highly Urbanized Cities in the Philippines


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