A Lesson From The Soap

I was about to take a shower this morning when I found two different soap in the bathroom drawer. The other one is the cheap version where you can buy in the market, while the other one is expensive, the one that is endorses by big and well know people in the country and even abroad. I was thinking of using the expensive one but rather choose to try them both. Shower is always a comfort for me. This is where I have all the time to be alone and see things differently. Every time I'm inside the bathroom it seems like its a different world for me. I can create a different dimension inside my mind. And most importantly, this is the time I can be myself and think things that happened yesterday and then find solution to make things better and exciting in the future.

Now, going back to the soap story. After I uncover the two soap and put it on the side while I'm doing my morning ritual. I turn on the shower and then starts to feel the cold water as it touches my skin. I put some shampoo on and then get the soap on the side.  After a few minutes, I notice that the two soap change its size and its so soft like a dough which is actually normal to every soap when soaked in water or liquid. The expensive one is more softer than the other. The expensive one changed its size from medium to a small size while the cheap soap is still the same though you can identify that it becomes softer as well, but remains its smell. 

Then it came to my awareness that in life there are two different set of people. One that looks like expensive in terms of how you interact with them, like they know a lot about you and the world and the other one is a humble type person, not too cocky about life but can be truthful to you. Just like with friends. We encounter a lot of people in our lives. We may think that all of them  are our friends but in reality, not all of them are true to you. Some of them maybe brand you as there best friends but that is only for reel not real. In my 29 years of existence, (with conviction, just like when Ms. Philippines answered in the final Q & A during Ms. Universe 2010..kidding!) I notice that a lot of people come in your way, some may get close to you, like they knew you for a very long time. Some of them just come your way but will stick together like a glue. Our life is like a big banquet where a lot of people come and celebrate with you. Some of them you don't know or maybe uninvited but most of them are those people you knew for a very long time. People  you think will be there for you no matter what. Just like the soap you are thinking will give you the best smell after taking a bath. Just like the soap you think will give you the quality that a consumer should be getting as its an expensive one. Just like the expensive soap you think will never change its size or color when soak in water for a short period of time. But, some people in that party are those people whom you knew for a short period and maybe some of them are uninvited in your celebration but at the end of the party they are the ones who will be with you and willing to help you cleaning up the mess. But those expensive soap people already went home and rest.

In this life, we need friends... Good friends. The one we can count on, those friends who are willing to sacrifice their life. People who are willing to give there best just to see you smell good. But you know, life is not like that. We meet people for a reason. Good reasons. We encounter different people who will teach us how to live life. People who will make us realized that we cannot always get the best things in life. People who will make us feel good when we are down. But whats important is that we learn from every soap that we used. We learn from the people we get to know everyday. 

If you think, nobody is there to befriends with you. If you feel that your friends didn't treat you nice or betrayed you. Think about your family and most of all God. At the end of the day, your family will be there for you no matter what. They are the one who are willing to sacrifice everything. They are the ones who will be there for you in times when you think that the world turns its back on you. They are the first people who will make you feel and smell good to others. They will never change there color or attitude towards you even if you commit the biggest mistake in your life. They will get hurt, but will never turn there back on you. So think and choose the best soap!


  1. Wow! That's really something.. I mean, the bathroom as your comfort zone. Oh well, to each his own. Ako kasi, I really can't think straight while I'm in a shower. Hehe.. My comfort zone is my room. My place of zen. And my family knows that. Nobody can dare enter my room without my permission.

    Anyway, to that soap story. I see your point. Totally true. Most of time, people try to project this "image".. they look good, they smell good.. Parang mamahaling sabon. Nakaka engganyong gamitin kasi maganda ang packaging, mabango at ini-endorso ng celebrity. But then, when you use it, wala.. palpak. Its sweet smell disappears, then it quickly turns to mush.

    So we really have to be vigilant and choose the right kind of people as friends. Who can be the judge of that? Syempre, ikaw mismo.. You'd know who your true friends will be.. most especially during the times of need. So, dare I say it, we really do have to be picky, sometimes. Just like when we're buying a bar of soap. =)

    Nice metaphor. All in all, very nice post! =)

  2. wow, great insights about our usual day to day mundane things. I must agree - the best things are not necessarily expensive, it's how we treat them that counts.
    Keep on inspiring us buddy!

  3. Nice lesson from everyday mundane things. I admire your sharp observation about people. I think we should not only choose the best soap, but to be a good soap ourselves.
    Keep on blogging bro! I'll be back for more of your insights.

  4. astigin tong entry na to ha... galing :D

  5. Wow Leah.. thanks.. a comment from someone who is expert in blogging is something.. Thanks soo much.. Clap! Clap!

  6. @Yodz-- Thats buddy.. yeah there are so many things in our life that inspires us even just small things like the soap..

  7. Yodz-- i am inspired to write more with that kind of comments.. thanks a lot for keeping me inspired.. you my followers, readers and friends are the one making this blog keep going..

  8. Nay!!! Expert ka jan! Hehehe... Di po ako expert. Baguhang blogger palang ako, ano ka bah. Hehe.. I can't help myself lang kasi.. Everytime I see or read something na nakukuha ang interes ko, sureball.. meron talaga akong mailalagay na komento.

    And this post? Very nice talaga.. And even Yodz agrees with me. So clap! clap! rin para sayo, Xander. =)

    (Pasensya na, di kasi ako naka log in)

  9. @Leah- thanks alot.. hehehe... Expect some write.. have so many observations that might give us life lessons, kaso di ako masyado makapag sulat sa office ehh.. occupied kasi ako sa work.. and yun pa naman yung mga time na maraming bagay akong napapansin.. kaya pag dating ko sa house nakakalimutan ko nang isulat.. pero right now.. i have my notebook para masulat ko hahaha...

  10. Haha.. Oo nga noh? Ganun talaga ang buhay.. kung kelan ka busy, dun ka naman andaming napapansin. Example rin, kung kelan ka nagmamadali, dun rin naman punong-puno ang mga sasakyan. Ehehe..

    Sige, sulat mo lang muna lahat-lahat sa notebook. then write a post. Para mabasa rin namin.. Keep blogging!! =D

  11. Tama ka dyan Leah! sometimes nga yung mga bagay na di mo kailangan nakikita mo... pero pag kailangan na kailangan mo na.. hindi mo na nakikita.. may tawag dun ehh.. nakalimutan ko lang what is the exact term... but right now... a pen and a notebook will do.. ahehehe.. Thanks Leah!


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