Pictures of the Day #1: You're Such an Illusion

NOTE: Pictures posted on this entry is not solely owned by the author. Pictures are taken from the internet posted on this blog so the author can share and give his comments about what he sees as interesting, funny, inspiring and challenging pictures.

     I was browsing the internet when I came across this picture of black and white lines. At first, I find it meaningless and for me what's with the black and white lines anyways? But after I looked at the picture the nth time, it amazed me that its an illusion. Funny that I didn't realized that it has a code or something. It might be an important code that people can use to free someone. Lol. Anyways, try to check the picture below and tell me if you can see something from the black and white lines. If you cant see it, try again. Its a good eye exercise. Lol.

Picture # 1

     The second picture catches my attention and really gives my brain something to work on. Before you look or stare at the picture, please count how many circles do you see in the picture (if there are any)? The coffer is called Coffer Illusion created by Anton Norcia which was included in the Top 10 category in Best Visual Illusion of the Year Contest. So look at the picture and tell me how many circles you see.

Picture # 2

     Can't see any circles? There are actually 16 circles in the picture. Can't see it? Try again.

Ang Mantsadong Salamin

     Ako'y nabighani sa ganda ng aking nakita nang pumasok ako sa banyo kaninang umaga. Maliligo na sana ako ng may nakita akong bahaghari sa dingding ng banyo. Habang nakaupo ako sa aking trono at inilalabas ang aking galit at puot, nakatitig pa din ang aking mga mata na tila ba hindi kayang mawala ang ganda ng bahaghari. Nagtataka ako kung san galing ang bahaghari'ng paminsan lamang bumungad sa aking umaga. Nagmasid ako at inusyoso ang buong paligid ng banyo. Tiningnan bawat sulok at sinundan ang liwanag na pinagmulan ng bahaghari. 

     Humanga ako sa aking nakita na ang liwanag na pinagmulan ng bahaghari na yun ay mula sa madungis at nang-gigitata na salamin ng bintana ng banyo. Hindi ko lubos maisip na ang salaming ganito kadumi at makakbuo ng isang ganito ka gandang tanawin. Sabagay ang liwanag na nagmula sa araw na tumama sa salamin ang syang naging dahil kung bakit nabuo ang isang napakagandang likha ng Diyos. Napaisip ako at napabuntong hininga na kahit ang mga bagay pala sa mundo na hindi napapansin at parang baliwala na lang sa atin ay magiging inspirasyon at kapupulutan ng aral. 

     Parang ikaw at ako, parang maduming salamin na may mantsa na hindi kailan man na mawawala. Parang salamin na hindi perpekto, may bitak at minsan naman ay napabayaan. Ngunit kapag hinayaan ang Diyos na syang gumabay at magbigay ng lakas sa bawat ay ay makakabuo din ng isang bahaghari na kailan man ay hindi mapapantayan ng kung sino man. Wag hayaan ang kapintasan ang siyang maging dahilan na mawalan tayo ng tiwala sa sarili sa halip ay gawin itong lakas upang mabuhay at maging matagumpay sa lahat ng bagay. 

     Ito'y isang bagay na naman sa buhay ko, o siguro sa buhay ng bawat mambabasa ng sapot lugar (website) na ito na kapupulutan ng aral. Isang bagay na di ko inakala ay makakapagbigay ng leksyon sa atin. Nawa'y mapanatili natin ang pagtitiwala sa May Likha at wag hayaan ang kapintasan ang syang makawala.

Can You Reach My Friend?

     I was searching some documents this morning when I ran into this old script from one of our musical play at church. The musical is about friendship. In fact the title of that christian musical is Friends Forever. I scanned each pages while I reminisced the time that me and my best friend where still together "as friends". The time that we can share anything without any doubt, fear or what others would say. I quoted "as friends" because there was a time when I almost lost her. There was a time when we let go of the years and the things we've been together. Its the time when we stop calling as friends. Its the time when I thought I will lose her for the rest of my life. I cannot really tell in complete details about what happened, maybe in the future, but its something that I regret it happened to us. Its something that I didn't consider before doing such stupid things.

     Anyways, this entry is not about regrets and about failed friendship promises, but this is dedicated to her as I miss her a lot. I miss every moment when we were still. This is to tell her how I value our friendship and maybe telling her that whatever happened in the past, its already buried and forgotten as its not written in stones. This is to let her know that I am so proud of our friendship. I am so proud of what we have become after we parted ways. I just want to let you know that I still have that friendship deep in my heart and that I never really let it go. I wish we have more time to reach each other but I know that if I need you, you will always be there for me.

     Going back to the moment when I was scanning the script, I came across this song about reaching a friend who went away or ran away. The lyrics of the song tells about two friends who haven't had any chance to talked about their separate lives. They were separated by unavoidable circumstances. The other friend is asking God to reach her friend and keep her safe. The title of the song is: Can You Reach My Friend. Below is the song I was talking about.

     What happened between me and my best friend gives me some lessons. ONE, You need to value your true and trusted friends. TWO, Never say never to a friend. As the famous line said, A friend in need is a friend in deed. THREE, Do anything for a friend. Anything that will build your friendship and trust to each other. Never tolerate a friend to do something that's not good. When he/she commits mistake, be there for her/him. And lastly, FOUR, never compromise your friendship.

     To my best friend which I will call You-Know-Who (as I'm not sure if she will allow me to mention her name in my blog), if you read this, hope you'll know that I am always here for you maybe not physically but spiritually. Your "Best" is always here. I am a friend till the end.

The Holes in the Fence

When I was still teaching four years ago, I realized that I easily lost my temper specially when  my students don't follow the rules inside the classroom. Every morning, I always got angry to students who goes to school late and no assignment. This has been going on for 3 years. Anger corrupted my heart. With my temper, I hurt a lot of people even my colleagues. On my way home, I got the chance to talk to our carpenter as the chairs in my classroom needs to be fixed. He figured out that I am kinda irritated and angry at that time. 
He ask me, "Is there something wrong Sir?"
" Well, yes! I easily gets angry and lost my temper because of small things and sometimes I am unreasonable." I replied.
"Well, I wish I can do something about it." He said.
But here's a bag of nails and a hammer. Everytime you lost your temper, hammer a nail in the fence." He continued.
     I wonder what's the point of hammering a nail in the fence. But I did still try thinking that this will also help me count how many times I lost my temper. On the first day, I had driven 28 nails into the fence. Over the next few weeks as I learned to control my temper, the number of nails I hammered in the fence went down. I realized that I easily lost my temper or get mad on so many things. I also found out that its easy to control my temper than to driver those nails into the fence. Finally the day came when I didn't lose my temper at all. I told the carpenter about it and was happy about it. This time he told me to pull out those nails each time I able to hold my temper. 

     Days passed and I was able to pulled out the nails in the fence. I went back to our school carpenter and returned the bag of nails and the hammer. He smiled at me and then congratulated me again. He give me a tap in the back and told me to go with him to the fence where I previously hammered the nails. 

He said, "You have done well Sir. But look at the holes in the fence. The fence will never be the same again. When you say or do things in anger they leave a scar just like this one."

     I was so ashamed that I put a scar on my students. I should be a role model and should inspire them instead of saying things that will destroy there life. IIt doesn't matter how many times we said sorry or ask for forgiveness but the scar is still there. So we should always control our temper before we said something that we will regret for the rest of our lives.

Lesson Learned In A Pet Shop

     The class ended early at 3PM for my new hire orientation in my new job. I decided to take a walked going home which is about 30 minutes away from my working place. Since storm Juan is coming, so the sun is not up instead wind caressed me with love and care when I got out from the building. I saw a lot of people going in and out of the building while others are walking fast, probably they don't want to get into trouble when storm "Juan" reach Manila today. Since I had the guts that it will still not rain, so might as well take a few walks going home. I put my headset on to put some beats while walking home, its my way of getting myself to relax and think about things while walking. 

     On my way home, I saw a mom and a boy, who is I think about 7 or 8 years old, went inside a pet shop. I decided to go inside since animals has a very big space in my heart (except for spiders and snakes though! My eyes tried to browse on which particular area will I start looking. I noticed on the very corner of the shop, I saw again the boy and his mother, choosing the best gold fish in the aquarium. Her mother is looking for a different one while the boy left in the area where the fishes are. He is just staring at the aquarium for a few minutes. I was thinking maybe he was so amazed by those little creatures, swimming freely inside the aquarium. 

     He then tried to call her mom's attention. 

     Telling her that he saw a gold fish inside the aquarium, half dead and not moving. 

      Her mother doesn't care as she is busy looking for something. 

     He went back to the aquarium and tried to ticked the aquarium with his little fingers. I saw a smile on his face as the fish tried to swim and moved, but a few minutes, it goes back to its half-dead state. 

     "Probably the fish needs more air or maybe food", I told the boy.  "It's really not moving anymore"., I added. 

     I stared at him and just patiently waiting what he will do next. He then again ticked the aquarium glass with his fingers and then the fish moved again. 

     His mother who is in the counter paying there bills,  called him up and told him that they need to go since they already got what they want. The boy walks away from the aquarium but still his eyes is on the gold fish. He went out from the pet shop with a sad on his face, thinking that he cannot saved the fish anymore. 

     The pet shop owner went to the aquarium to check what the boy is doing a while back. He saw the half dead fish in the aquarium. He smiled, take the fish out of the aquarium and then transferred it to a bowl where a much cleaner water and big space is waiting. He put some fish food in the bowl and then after a few minutes the fish swims and back to its normal behavior.

     I went out from the shop with a smile on my face for I knew that I learned something valuable from that situation. 

     We are like the fish in the aquarium. We live in a world where we can freely do what we want to do, we can swim and live as long as we want. We work hard. We get  the things that we want. But all of these are just facade of what real life is. We are governed and covered by rules. We actually cannot live alone in this world. Our strength is limited. Our abilities are only to an extent. In times that we are sick or in need someone, we have our friends and family who will take care of us. They can help us to a point where we can survive and breathe a fresher air. But what if, they can't do much more than that? Just like the kid in the shop who willingly tried to do anything as much as he could, but cant. 

     We have a one great Maker and Owner of our life who will do anything and everything to save us just like the pet shop owner. Probably the best moral of the story I got is to fully trust your life to the one who made it, the Creator and Perfecter of life.

The Room In The White Court


I had a very strange dream last night. Dream that I never had in my entire life. Dream that made me realize about life, about relationships and about me as a person and who am I and what my purpose are in this world. Dream that made me believe that there is someone greater in this world and that someone lives in me. 

I was standing in front of a very unique building in a place where I don't know where.  The beauty of that building is incomparable. It's a four storey building, white in color. It was a very cold night that the only choice I have is to go inside that building It  seems that my feet were driven forward to enter that building. I saw the sign outside and it said: The White Court.

I was walk inside; I can only see mirrors and myself as a reflection. On the left side of it is an elevator. I move closer to the elevator as my curiosity drives me to go and check what's in that building. As the elevator opened, I can smell very unique incense, one of its kinds. Smell that brings me to solitude and calm. I went inside and then courageously press the button 1.  A bit of a second, the elevator opened and brought me to the first floor of the building. I check from left to right and can only see one door in front. The door has a sign saying: The Dark Room.

I opened the door and couldn't see anything. I tried to locate the switch but no to avail. As I walked closer inside the room, I saw a candle and a match. I lighted the candle and was amaze by what I see. On the left wall of the room are thousands of pictures, big and small, old and new. I went closer to check what pictures are those, and was surprised that the pictures in it are pictures of me; pictures of my past and my future. Pictures that I didn't know that was taken. They are pictures of me together with my family, of me and my friends and loved ones. Pictures that made me smile that were caught in action. Pictures of my family when we had dinner together every night. Pictures of me and my friends going out and had some fun. Really great pictures, one that I can keep for the rest of my life.

On the right side of the room is a wall covered by a black cloth. It's like a cloth that is sealed from the ceiling up to the floor. I was curious about what's in that wall. I ask if those are also happy pictures. I move closer and tried to remove the black cloth. As the cloth move down, I saw thousands of pictures. Different pictures. Big and Small. Old and New. I check each pictures and see pictures of me. In a different angle. In a different situation. But this time its pictures about me in a very bad light. Pictures of me taken out of my consent. Its a picture of me doing something really bad. Some are nasty and some are censored. I saw pictures of me the time I got to argue with my parents. Pictures that was taken when I was yelling at someone. Pictures of me while I was doing evil things. Pictures of me when the time I cheated someone. The time when I took something from someone. Pictures upon pictures that all I can say is that a shameful pictures. I tried my best to put the black cloth but to no avail. I tried to check if someone in the room that saw these pictures. I tried to figure out who put these pictures. I began to get scared and fear run into my veins. I turn the candle light off and then run away from that room. I locked it and wish that I didn't go inside. 

I went inside the elevator immediately pressing #2. It moved up so fast that I can't even notice that I'm already on the second floor. This time the place is kind of cool. It's a very futuristic in terms of how they design the lobby on the second floor. I can see high technology and high end gadgets on the wall. There is a big screen on the wall. While I was browsing the different gadgets in that floor, my eye caught the attention of the big maroon door at the end of the lobby. The sign on top of it says: The Speech Lab. I was excited to go inside and see what's in it. I slowly opened the door and to my surprise nobody is inside. I see a lot of chairs and at the middle is a stage with a microphone, a lecturn made of glass, and at the back is a while board. I was thinking maybe this is a conference room or something.

Suddenly a white light flash on my face  that my eyes can't stand anymore so I better close it.  When I opened both eyes, I was already standing on that stage with the microphone and the lectern. After a few seconds, the white light turns on again but this time it hit the white board at the back. I saw something on the board, something like someone is writing something. I walk closer to check what those words are. The worlds are familiar to me. I can still remember who said those words. Its like a script written for someone. I remember that I was the one who said those words. Words that I utter to the people I know. Beautiful words that I've said to the people I love. Words like thank you's, appreciation, words full of love and care, of encouragement and hope. Words of wisdom and words full of hope. Then suddenly, those words were wiped out. In just a blink of an eye those great words are gone. Erased. Then the light goes back again, this time the words on the white board turn to red. Words were written using a red ink, red like a crimson blood. The words are still familiar to me. These are the words that hurt the people I love. Words I've said that broke there heart. The same and exact lines I've said when I lied to my parents. Words that I used when I cheated someone, full of lies and deceit. Words with anger and malice, words of destruction. It reminded me of every words I said, words that makes me shiver in shame.

I'm shaking, angry to the one who wrote those words. I wanted to stop those writings on the white board but it keeps going like no end. Words upon words. I shouted "Stop!", as I can't take those words anymore. It hurts me reading those words. I didn't realize how I hurt the people I love with the words that comes from my mouth. I tried to erase the writings but to no avail. I cried and run away from that room. I am so ashamed of myself. I realized how bad I am. I continue running when I reach the elevator. I wanted to go out from that building but the elevator doesn't have a button to go down. It seems like what I've said and done can't be erased anymore. It's all recorded and everything is captured every actions and every words.

I don't have any choice but to go to the next floor. I don't feel like going to the next room thinking that something is waiting for me and will surprise me. While inside the elevator, I still can't believe that somebody is taking pictures of me and recorded every word that I utter. The elevator opens; a signal that I need to be brave and face everything with courage and determination that this is not real. This time the place is so different from the first two floors. I can see people walking. I can see people wearing white gowns with stethoscope on their neck. I then got some smile on my face knowing that I am not alone anymore. I can see doctors, nurses, patients coming in and out of the Surgery Room. Every single people I see that comes out from the surgery room are crying, if not they are lying on the emergency bed. I was wondering what's inside that room as every few minutes someone will come out but nobody comes in. Out of curiosity, I went inside. The light is deeming, but inside the room are three big cylindrical tubes with water in it.  Every tube had something inside floating freely. I draw myself closer to those tubes to see what are those things. On the first tube I can see its a human brain, the second tube was a heart and the third tube are two eyes. I closely check its part when writings at the bottom of the tube caught my attention. I read each writings at the bottom of the tube. Surprisingly, i had my name written on its tube. It means those are my parts. I got scared and trembled. Each tube has a black book on the side. I slowly opened it to check why my parts are on that tube when in fact I am still alive. I check the first tube where the eyes is on it. It said about what I can see from my eyes. Good and bad. It recorded how my eyes fail to see the beauty of the world. It recorded me not appreciating anything I see. It also wrote in the black book how I perceive things in my own way and not God's way. How I see people differently is also written in the book. Tears began to fall in my eyes, could not believe that I am reading something about how badly I'm using my eye.

I moved on to the next tube where my brain is, opened the black book and read. I first wipe my eye as it becomes blurry. I wanted to clearly see what written on the book. It recorded every detail about how I think. Things that I never and things that are only happening inside my head. It recorded how I hate manipulate people inside my mind. It also records how I love to kill someone in my mind. The book also mentioned about how I am so jealous of my siblings, how envy I am to my boss, how I wanted to choke a friend from hurting me. It recorded everything. I stop reading as I know it's said everything about what I think about people and about myself.

I moved on to the next tube where my heart is. This time, I feel exhausted and dehydrated. I don't want to read the book about my heart, but something inside of me wants me to read it. So i opened it. The very first page of the book said: Please do not read if you do not have a heart of stone. I have a heart of stone. I am strong and I can do this. I started reading, and reading and reading. Every page and every word on that page struck something in my heart. It says about how I love, how I appreciate things, how I am so blessed, how my heart feels when someone is happy. Everything. The very last page of that book shocked me. I thought that I have a good heart, but it mentioned about how cheated my heart. It mentioned about how I sold my heart to someone I really don't love. Its written in that book as well about how I hurt people, how I make them believe that I am true and honest to them. My heart is evil. My mind is evil. My eyes are evil. Everything in me is bad. Nothing is good. Nothing!

I understand why people coming out from this room crying and with a heavy heart. I run and run until I saw a stairs going to the fourth floor. I never used the elevator anymore. I run to the stairs and each steps reminded me about the pictures and the writings on the white board and how i think, see and feel people. I never realized I cause so much pain with what I have, my mind, body and soul. Until I reach the four floor. I saw the door with the letters: E-X-I-T.

I felt relieved and happy. I wanted to go out from this building as soon as possible. I wish I never go inside this building. I wish I didn't see that picture, that writings, the black book. I wanted to forget everything. I grab the door knob, but it's very hot like its burning. I can see that at the other side of that door is something that is hot. But i wanted to go out. I wanted to be free. I wanted this building to get burned instead so that nobody knows that this building keeps the very secret of my existence. I force myself to opened the door. I don't care if my hands get burned but I need to open this door. As the door opens, I can see fire and smell like burning sulfur. A big amount of flame touches my skin. I wanted to go out. I don't want to go to this door. I shouted but nobody can hear me. I can't run. I can't move. I keep on shouting for help but the door is shut. I asked for forgiveness for what I did, for what I have done. I said sorry to those people I love, to those people I hurt. I'M SORRY!

A hand of fire touches my face. It's burning my face. I close my eyes, like protecting it from the fire that eaten up my whole body. I don't see my flesh is burning, but I can feel the heat getting into my nerves. I then again opened my eyes, to my relief it's already 9AM and the raise of the sun touches my face so hot. I woke up, loosing my breath. Sweating. Shaking. Thanking its all just a dream. I run to the kitchen to get a glass of water to calm myself.

My dream gave me the best lessons I need as a person. Everything we did in the past is already done. We cannot change it anymore. Every words see let go, every actions we've done, every imagination, everything our hearts want and our eyes see whether good or bad already happened in the past. We cannot erase it. We cannot change it as its already captured in the past. The only and best thing that we can do is to do good, think good, feel good in everything that we do. Remember, whatever your actions are, whatever you think and feel will affect your future. So be mindful in everything that you do, making sure that it will bless others and not curse. Good luck readers!

(picture above is taken from: posie's place)

Takot Mo! Takot Ko! Takot Nating Lahat!

     Tumunog ang relo sa may uluhan ko bandang alas syeta kaninang umaga. Masarap akong humimlay sa karimlan kagabi kaya naman ay masaya kugn binuka ng bahagya ang akong mga mata, habang ang sikat ng araw ay tumama sa aking mga pisngi. Dinahan-dahan kung binuklat ang kaing mga mata habang dahan-dahan akong bumangon sa aking higaan. Binuksan ko ang kulay kayumangging tabing ng bintana upang masilayan ang kagandahan ng umaga. Sa di kalayuan napansin ko na para bang may kung anong gumagalaw sa salamin ng bintana, gumagalaw paitaas at papalapit sa aking kinatatayuan. Hinay-hinay na inikot ang aking mga ulo at tinuon ang mga mata sa bagay na gumagalaw. Mabilis ang kilos nito at para bang hinihila ako papalapit sa kanya. Dinilat ko ang mga mata upang makitang mabuti ang bagay na iyon. Pumasok sa isip ko na sana naman hindi ito yung isang bagay na kinatatakutan ko. Dinahan-dahan na nilingun ang ulo at binuksan ang mga mata upang makita ang kung ano man ang bagay na gumagalaw. BUmulaga sa isip ko ang isang malaking gagamba, malaki at mabalahibo, ang mga uri na mahaba ang mga galamay nito.

     Sa aking nakita, nawala sa isip ko ang aking sarili. Tumayo ang balahibo ko sa buong katawan at di makakilos sa aking kinatatayuan. Tila bagang isang balani ang nakalagay sa aking paanan upang manatili sa kinatatayuan. Nangingiyak sa takot. Nakakakilabot. Nakakawala sa sarili at nakakawala ng kumpensya. Yan ang mga bagay na aking nadarama sa mga oras na iyon.

     Naisip ko, hanggang kailan ako matatakot sa gagamba? Hanggang kailan ko malalampasan ang takot? Hanggang kailan ako magkakaroon ng lakas ng loob upang mawala na ang takot ko.

     Ang takot ay isa sa mga dahilan kung bakit nabubuhay pa rin ang isang tao sa mga nagdaang panahon. Ang takot ang syang nagpapalumpo sa mga tamang decision ng isang tao. Ngunit kadalasan, ang takot ay syang nagkokontrol ng buhay ng isang tao. Ito ay kung nagiiba ang asal o pag--uugali ng isang tao sa pagtugon sa takot. Kadalasan marami tayong paraan upang maiwasan ang takot, andyan na yung: pakikinig ng musika, panunuod ng palabas, shopping, kumain ng kumain, sumayaw, magpapawis sa gym, umuinom ng kape, uminom ng alak, at pagsama sa mga taong pinagkakatiwalaan.

     Ang sabi nga nila, maraming mawawala sa isang tao kapag takot na ang may hawak ng iyong buhay. May mga dahilan kung bakit natatakot ang isang tao. Isang palatandaan na isa kang normal na tao kung ikaw ay may takot, maliit man ito o malaki, materyal man o emosyonal, physical man o ispirituwal. Ang bawat bigat ng takot na ating nararamdaman ay ganun din ang bigat ng pagkabawas ng kumpansya at pagtitiwala ng isang tao sa kanyang sarili.

     Ano ano nga ba ang dapat gawin upang madaig ang takot. UNA, dapat batid mo kung ano ang takot mo. Sa unang beses na tinablan ka ng takot, pansinin ang iyong reacksyon at kung paano ka tutugon sa takot mo. Kilalanin ang iyong kahinaan. Tanggapin na takot ka sa isang bagay, halimbawa na nga lang sa gagamba, o ahas o di naman kaya kagat ng aso. Wala ka nang magagawa sa takot mo. Andyan na yan. Takot ka na! Ngunit, ikaw ang may kontrol ng buhay mo, ng pag-iisip mo, ng mga salita mo, ikaw ang may hawak ng kilos mo at ang iyong nararamdaman. PANGALAWA, maghukay ng mas malalim. Kung andun ka na sa sitwasyon na natatakot ka na, wag mong takbuhan ang takot kundi ay unawain at isipin kung bakit ka nga ba natatakot sa bagay na yun. Tanugin ang sarili kung bakit ka natatakot? Kapag naunawaana mo na ang iyong nararamdaman, hayaan mo ang sarili mo na madiskubre ang mga sagot sa iyong katanungan. Hayaang bigyan ng mga sagot ang iyong tanong na sa tingin mo ay makapagbibigay sayo ng lakas ng loob at tiwala sa sarili.  PANGATLO, isakatuwiran ang takot. Ngayong tanggap mo na ang takot mo at alam mo na ang mga dahilan ng iyong takot, maaring gumawa ng mga paraan upang maiwasan ang takot. Isipin mo na kung halimbawa ay nasa sitwasyon ka na hindi na maiiwasan ang takot, maaring humanap ng ibang paraan o back up plans upang maiwasan na matakot. PANG-APAT, idespatsa ang takot. Minsan, kahit na tinanong na natin kung bakit ka takot sa isang bagay, wala kang makukuhang sagot. Minsan ang takot ay andyan na kahit walang dahilan. Sabi nga ng karamihan F.E.A.R means false evidence appearing real. Ibiga sabihin ay ang takot ay hindi totoo. Unless na lang kung dalawampung aso ang humahabol sayo. Isipin mo na hindi nangyayari ang kinatatakutan mo upang mawal ang namumuong takot. PANGLIMA, wag mamuhay sa nakaraan. Wag hayaan ang sarili na mamuhay sa takot sa nakaraan. Isipin mo ang bawat sigundo sa ngayon. Wag isipin ang bukas dahil limitado lamang ang iyong impluwensya sa ngayon. Isipin ang ngayon at wag hayaan na masira lamang ito dahil sa takot. Takot na maaring magdala sa kapahamakan kapag hindi iniwasan, hiyaan o hindi kinayang pagtagumpayan.

     Hindi madali na pagtagumpayan ang takot, kailangan lang ng kunting pagsasanay. Pagsasanay kung paano ito makontrol at ang pag hanap ng paraan para  maiwasan ang takot. Pero higit sa lahat, mas mainam na manalangin at magtiwala sa may gawa at akda ng ating buhay-- Ang Diyos na syang nagbigay sa atin ng tapang at lakas ng loob upang mapagtagumpayan ang mga bagay na kinatatakutan.


Simula ng Pagbabago...

     Okay, so unang araw ko sa bago kung trabaho. Nakakakaba. Nakakatakot. Para akong estudyanteng unang pumasok sa elementarya, my very first school day. Ito yong klase ng pakiramdam na parang natatae ka na hindi naman. Nakakapanibago. May halong kunting kaba at maraming maraming excitement. May hating tuwa. Galak. At kung ano-ano pang mga halo halong pakiramdam. 

     Maaga akong dumating sa bago kung opisina, mga 30 minutes before ng scheduled time ng aking pagpasok. Pa-empress baga sa bago kung Boss at mga bagong kasama. Pagkadating ko sa reception area ng gusali namin, agad bumungad sa akin si Manong Guard at tinanong agad ako kung saan ang ID ko, ang sabi ko naman na bagong salta ako sa kumpanya at unang araw ko kaya wala pa akong ID. Sinamahan ako ni Manong Guard sa Frontdesk para bigyan ng Temporary ID, habang masayang inabot ng babae sa Frontdesk ang Temporary ID ko. 

      Pagkatapos nun ay umakyat na ako sa 8th floor kung saan naghihintay ang boss ko. Nakakapanibago. Naninibago ako sa lahat ng bagay. Bagong mukhang ang aking nakakasalamuha. Bagong gusali. Bagong amoy ng mga kasabayan ko sa elevator. Pagdating sa 8th floor, bumulaga sa akin ang mga ngiti ng Boss ko at nagsabing, "Ang aga mo ata?". Sa narinig ko, napaisip ako kung matutuwa ba ako dahil sa tanong na yun o dahil sa halatang excited ako sa first day high ko. Buti na lang at ngiti at pagpapacute kasabay ng pagkutitap ng aking mapupungay na mga mata ang tanging sagot sa kanyang tanong. 

     Kadalasan, kapag bago ka sa isang lugar o bago ka sa mga taong makakasama mo ng matagal hindi nawawala ang pagpapakilala sa mga bagong kasamahan kung saan ililibot ka sa buong floor nyo. Ipapakilala ka bilang bagong nauto nila para utusan ng mga kung anong anik-anik. Ako yung tipong mahiyan sa umpisa.  Puro pa cute lang ang ginawa ko. Ngiti dito. Ngiti doon. Kunti tawa at kaplastikan. Pero ang totoo, sa kaloob looban ko, ako'y nagagalak at naghuhumiyaw sa tuwa na ako ay bahagi na ng isa sa pinaka malaking kumpanya sa bansa. 

     Marami akong hindi gusto kapag bago ka sa isang lugar o sa isang kumpanya. Andyan yung nag aadjust ka sa simula at makikipag halubilo sa sangkatauhan. Marami akong ayaw pagdating sa pagsisimula, UNA, dahil sa wala kang ka pang masyadong kakilala o kakosa, wala kang kakwentuhan kaya ang resulta ay ang pagpanis ng iyong laway. Kaya wala kang choice kundi lunok lang ng lunok kasi baka pag nagtanong bigla ang boss mo, aalingasaw ang mabahong amoy na parang imburnal. PANGALAWA, mag mumukha kang tanga dahil sa bago ka pa nga at wala ka pang masyadong ginagawa kundi ang magbasa ng mga proseso at kung ano ano bang libro, o di naman kaya ay pipirmahan ang lahat ng mga papeles na kailanganin sa isang bagong hire na empleyado. PANGATLO, dahil sa tahimik ang opisina namin; di gaya ng opisina ko dati na masaya, magulo, maingay at walang kamatayang halakhakan at tawanan ng mga babaeng parang nasa perya. Dito sa bagong mundo ko, sa sobrang katahimikan, makakaramdam ka ng mga kung ano-ano gaya ng pagtayo ng iyong balahibo, panginginig ng iyong katawan sa walang kadahilanan, pagtayo ng mga balahibo mo sa katawan at ang pagpapawis kahit naka aircon naman. Ang kabuuan, nakakaramdam ka ng gyera sa loob ng iyong tiyan. PANG-APAT, sa sobrang tahimik pati ang paghinga mo naririnig mo na, pati nga paghinga ng mga bulate mo sa tiyan naririnig ko na eh. PANGLIMA, dahil sa parito't paroon ang boss ko, kapag may tumatawag sa telepono nya, nanginginig ako sa takot at kaba, mapapaisip ka kung kailangan mo bang sagutin o hayaan na lamang. Minsan naiisip ko na nga na sagutin yun at sabihing, "The telephone number you dial is a plate number", o di naman kaya ay sasagutin ko ng, "toottt...toot...toootttt..."para isipin nila na busy ang linya. Kasabay ng pag ring ng telepono ay ang biglaang pagpapatogtog ng isang kasamahan namin ng "Telephone" na tila ba nangungutya at tinatawag pa na tumawag lang sa telepono

     Nagwakas ang araw ko na masaya at maligaya dahil sa mayroon na naman akong bagong mundo na kung saan maibabahagi ko ang talino at galing na binigay ng Poong Maykapal. At ang kumpanya din ito ang magbibigay sa akin ng limpak limpak na salapi.  Kidding! Nagpapasalamat parin ako sa Maykapal dahil sa sya ang nagbigay ng lahat. Siya ang may gusto ng lahat ng ito. Salamat sayo aming diyos.

A Lesson From The Soap

I was about to take a shower this morning when I found two different soap in the bathroom drawer. The other one is the cheap version where you can buy in the market, while the other one is expensive, the one that is endorses by big and well know people in the country and even abroad. I was thinking of using the expensive one but rather choose to try them both. Shower is always a comfort for me. This is where I have all the time to be alone and see things differently. Every time I'm inside the bathroom it seems like its a different world for me. I can create a different dimension inside my mind. And most importantly, this is the time I can be myself and think things that happened yesterday and then find solution to make things better and exciting in the future.

Now, going back to the soap story. After I uncover the two soap and put it on the side while I'm doing my morning ritual. I turn on the shower and then starts to feel the cold water as it touches my skin. I put some shampoo on and then get the soap on the side.  After a few minutes, I notice that the two soap change its size and its so soft like a dough which is actually normal to every soap when soaked in water or liquid. The expensive one is more softer than the other. The expensive one changed its size from medium to a small size while the cheap soap is still the same though you can identify that it becomes softer as well, but remains its smell. 

Then it came to my awareness that in life there are two different set of people. One that looks like expensive in terms of how you interact with them, like they know a lot about you and the world and the other one is a humble type person, not too cocky about life but can be truthful to you. Just like with friends. We encounter a lot of people in our lives. We may think that all of them  are our friends but in reality, not all of them are true to you. Some of them maybe brand you as there best friends but that is only for reel not real. In my 29 years of existence, (with conviction, just like when Ms. Philippines answered in the final Q & A during Ms. Universe 2010..kidding!) I notice that a lot of people come in your way, some may get close to you, like they knew you for a very long time. Some of them just come your way but will stick together like a glue. Our life is like a big banquet where a lot of people come and celebrate with you. Some of them you don't know or maybe uninvited but most of them are those people you knew for a very long time. People  you think will be there for you no matter what. Just like the soap you are thinking will give you the best smell after taking a bath. Just like the soap you think will give you the quality that a consumer should be getting as its an expensive one. Just like the expensive soap you think will never change its size or color when soak in water for a short period of time. But, some people in that party are those people whom you knew for a short period and maybe some of them are uninvited in your celebration but at the end of the party they are the ones who will be with you and willing to help you cleaning up the mess. But those expensive soap people already went home and rest.

In this life, we need friends... Good friends. The one we can count on, those friends who are willing to sacrifice their life. People who are willing to give there best just to see you smell good. But you know, life is not like that. We meet people for a reason. Good reasons. We encounter different people who will teach us how to live life. People who will make us realized that we cannot always get the best things in life. People who will make us feel good when we are down. But whats important is that we learn from every soap that we used. We learn from the people we get to know everyday. 

If you think, nobody is there to befriends with you. If you feel that your friends didn't treat you nice or betrayed you. Think about your family and most of all God. At the end of the day, your family will be there for you no matter what. They are the one who are willing to sacrifice everything. They are the ones who will be there for you in times when you think that the world turns its back on you. They are the first people who will make you feel and smell good to others. They will never change there color or attitude towards you even if you commit the biggest mistake in your life. They will get hurt, but will never turn there back on you. So think and choose the best soap!

After 4,000 Years Noah's Ark has been opened

     We have heard about the replica of the Galleon Andalucia that just landed in the Philippines last October 5 and wll be here until October 9, 2010, basically the last day the vessel will be here. If you don't know galleon vessels has been the avenue why the world was introduce to the Philippines. 

     Another vessel that amazes me is another replica of the most historical vessel way way before Christ. This has been one of the symbol of Christianity believing that the world was once flooded to exterminate sin. In Schagen, Netherlands,  the doors of the Noah's ark has been opened once again after 4,000 years. The Ark draws curious pilgrims and townsfolk to behold the wonder. This replica was built by Dutch contractors, Johan Huibers. as a testament of his faith. This was built to show how massive the Ark was and how many animals could have been housed for a long time. It was actually built on a smaller scale so it would travel around Europe, navigating the canals, bridges and rivers en route. Its size is 1/2 the length  and 1/3 the width of the Biblical dimensions. The Ark was made of cedar and pine. Huiber, built this replica to renew Christianity in Netherlands, where church going has fallen dramatically in the past 50 years. The replica has life-sized models of animals inside where viewers can see the actuality of how they are positioned inside the Ark at the time of Noah. 

This is a cross-section view of a possible design of the interior of the Ark. They based this from the Bible.
The following pictures are the replica of Noah's Ark.

     With Johan Huibers aim to renew Christianity in his country, I also wish that with this it will also awakens our faith and thank God for without this ark were also not here and will not enjoy the things that we have now. Keep the faith!

Too Much Into Technology

     I think that life would be much better and easier if we use some CTRL+ keys. Like for example, when we commit mistakes, I can use CTRL + Z so I can go back and make it right. Or maybe CTRL + X So I can cut any negative about myself or my life. Maybe, I can also use CTRL +esc, so I can start and do it all over again. 
     Then, I realized that too much into technology is not also good. I am not an anti-technology or something, but come to think of it, way way before technology starts to boom life is not that complicated. Maybe you will understand fully by looking at these pictures forwarded to me by a friend. 

     Looks funny right? But true! try mo! Hehehehe...

At the end of the day...

Hello Ladies and Gents!

This is the first day of my life and the first day that I woke up and nothing to think about.  Nothing else to do but just think and contemplate. I'm a total bummer now. I'm part of those, maybe, 50% of jobless in the country. Am I happy about it? Not, of course! Does it make me feel helpless? Partly, yes! I am helpless. But it doesn't mean I cant do anything about it.Its just one of those curve roads that you run into. A thorny and rocky road (Sarap! parang Ice cream lang!)

photo by anurb_deign
     Marami akong pinagdaanan sa buhay. Minsan masaya. Minsan malungkot. Minsan paghihirap. Nakikita mo man ako na nakatawa. Nakikita mo man akong masaya. Napapansin mo man na parang bang wala lang akong problema. Pero ang lahat ng iyong nakikitia ay isang imahe lamang. Imahe na aking inilarawan upang itago ang totoong nararamdaman.  Its a mask that I keep using. A mask of my past and of my present. Sabihin na natin na may mga bagay na kailang itago. May mga bagay na hindi dapat pagtuonan na masyadong pansin. Mga bagay na hindi na dapat lagyan ng buong lakas at enerhiya. Mga bagay na sa isip ko ay mas nakakabuti na itago na lamang para sa katahimikan ng lahat at para mas mapabilis ang pag usad ng buhay. 

     Pero pano kung ang mga bagay na iyon ang makapagbabago sa buhay mo. Makapagbabago sa pananaw mo bilang isang tao. Makapagbabago sa perspektibo sa buhay, sa mga paniniwala mo. Pano kung ang mga bagay na itinago ay yun ang makapagbibigay sayo ng isang leksyon na kailan man ay di mo makakalimutan. Masasabi mo pa rin ba na kaya mong isuot ang maskara na matagal mo nang pinapakita. Makakaya mo pa din bang magpatawad kung sa totoo naman ay galit ang nilalaman ng iyong puso? Matutunan mo pa din bang maging mabait sa kabila ng ginawa at nangyari sayo. Gaano ba kalaki ang isang kasalanan upang itoy pagmalupitan, itakwil at iniwanang para bagang isang sisiw na wala nang pag-asang mabuhay.

     But at the end of the day, maiisip mo pa rin ang kabutihan. At the end of the day what is important is how you become a better person in spite and despite of what happened. in your life. Every situation has its own purpose. Every thing that is happening hear on earth is in accordance with God's will. It may hard for us to understand on a human level but every effort, every goodness and every prayers will not return void. So there is so many things to rejoice! Stand up and put a good fight!

Things You Can Do When You Commit Mistakes

 "A man must be big enough to admit his mistakes, smart enough to profit from them, and strong enough to correct them. -- John C. Maxwell"     

"Mistake" is an unintentional error or misunderstanding. Its not fun to commit a boo-boo or flub, but its part of being a human. We all commit mistakes. No one in this world is perfect. When one is cornered from a mistake, it could be intentional, unintentional or an honest mistake, its hard to recover from that situation. A person who committed such mistake should be ready and prepare for what is about to come. So despite from our being careful, we should prepare from the backlash from those people who suffered from that mistake. So, What can you do when you put your foot in your mouth?


     This will stop the mistake from worsening. Instead of dancing with your mistake, own it. Apologized if it needs to. Accept the fact that a mistake has been committed. Apologized if something came out that is unintentional cruel.Just like what happened to the recently concluded Australia's Next Top Model, when the host Sarah Morduch mistakenly announces the winner. She got up and acknowledge that its an "honest mistake". Another incident is when the US Government made an embarrassing flag mistake with the Philippine flag as it was inadvertently displayed upside down. 


     Check and find where it all started. Was it at your end? Figure what is exactly led to the situation. Go back to the time it happened. Identify every detail and information that will help your investigation.


     After you identify what led to that mistake, be responsible enough to take some action in a form of email or a note. If you already identified the causes , commit to have it fix and have it done as soon as possible. Be responsible in taking every action that you have.


     If the mistake has blown out of proportion or causes a major trouble, then talk to the right people. Ask what needs to be done. Seek some information and understand what to do to lessen and stop it from getting worst. If you will be given something like a warning or whatever, accept it and then moved on.


     If you already said sorry or apologized about what happened, then don't dwell on it. Let it fade away. If people will joke around about what happened be a good sport. Its part or moving on and growing up from what happened. Learn from it and stop mourning about what happened.


     Laugh around. Have fun and enjoy. Life is so good to dwell on that mistake. Consider it as a stepping stone on your career. Think of it as a life learned lesson. Don't commit the same mistake again. Stand up and get back on your feet.

     If there is really no chance to rekindle the relationship between you and the people that is inflected by that mistake, then come up with a strategy to do better in the future. Learn from it. Everything that happened has its own reason. The mistake that was committed might help you become a better person. It will mold you to do better in the coming days of your live. Instead of saying "opppssss!" for the mistake you did, just say "ah! interesting! and then learn. 


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