A lesson learned from my Nephew

     I got the chance to take a week leave from work last three weeks for Davao. Its a mixed emotion  though, as the original reason of taking a leave is to attend my Best friend's wedding, but  I didn't realized that its my Father's birthday on that same day. However, I'm excited to see my nephew after haven't seen him for a long time. 

     Living and working away from my family and relatives makes me feel I am not part of my family anymore. I felt that I don't know them. I felt like I'm a stranger to anyone in the house, though I constantly take a leave for a short vacation from time to time or if there is an opportunity. Sometimes, they tend to joke around that I really cannot catch up. I know its just a feeling but I cant help it, that's what I feel. 

     The first thing I did when I arrived is to see my nephew.  I know he wont recognized or remember anything about me. The first thing I have the chance to takes care of him is when he is about a few months old. He is turning two years old this November. Unlike before, the only interaction I can get from him is just his cry if his hungry or if its time to change his diapers, his smiles when I tried to make him laugh with my voice and facial expressions, which I am not sure if he can barely recognized my face. Right now, its different. He's grown up. he can walk. He can even do "baby talk" which makes me smile. 

     His father is singing the same old kids songs we used to sing at church when we were little kids. I couldn't imagine that my nephew already knew those songs and it blown me away as he do some actions of those songs.

     I was just starting at him while his singing and dancing and  recognized how he grew so fast. Seeing those veridical smiles and how he moves his hands up and down and those cute little teeth shines every time he opens his mouth. By the way, If I didn't mentioned that he is a premature baby. So fragile and minuscule at that time. But right now he is such an amazing kid. 

     In the middle of the song, he stopped and then stare at me and then to his eyes rolled into each and everyone inside the room, when he noticed that I am the only one who is just merely looking at him. I then went closer to me with his genuine smile and grab my hands and then pull me off my chair. He seems whats me to dance and sing with him. So I did and that brings the smile back into his face. 

    This lesson, is applicable to us Christians. Most of us are just watchers on what God has been doing in the Christian world. He always love to watch and look people around us sharing and spreading the good news. We love hearing people preach the gospel but God wants us to do something as well. God wants us to act and share and not just a happy watcher. God wants each one of us to go into the world and share the good news. As my nephew is not happy seeing you, just seating and looking on what others have been doing. God wants to grab our hands and pull out from our chair so we will also share. Its nice and good to share the gospel together. I believe that God is coming so very soon. But, I also believe that He cant come back as long as people in the entire world will not hear the Good News. I believe that sharing the gospel will give us the smile of God. So preach preacher!



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