60 Ideas To Achieve a Healthy Lifestyle

What is a Healthy Lifestyle?

     According to Wikipedia, Lifestyle is a term to describe the way a person lives. Its a set of behaviors, and the senses of self and belongings which these behaviors represent, are collectively use to define a given lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle would be a way of living that would result in a healthy mind, body and spirit. According to Buddha: The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, not to worry about the future, nor to anticipate troubles, but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly.

     We live in a busy and chaotic world. Find time to enjoy, spending quality time with your family, engage in a very  relaxing activities or even doing basic exercise can sometimes be impossible. If you are not motivated to exercise or eat healthy food its also impossible to integrate painless ways to be healthier.

     Lately, I've been bombarded with stressful activities so I list down some ideas that you can do to stay and have a healthier life. You can follow some of these or you can also add more on the list by living some comments. 

  1. Smile.
  2. Pray Everyday.
  3. Take a Bath (If not twice a day, at least once a day).
  4. Brush Your Teeth.
  5. Think Positive.
  6. Use stairs instead of Elevator.
  7. Do some stretching when you wake up in the morning.
  8. Drink 8 glasses of water a day.
  9. Wake Up 10 minutes earlier.
  10. Take a deep breath.
  11. Say "Thank You" to someone who deserve it.
  12. Try wheat bread instead of the regular one.
  13. Clean Your ears.
  14. Wash your Hands properly.
  15. Give your Mother a call.
  16. Share a healthy recipe to someone.
  17. Phone or email a friend.
  18. Take a walk 30 steps a day (if your reading this blog, take a walk and then go back to your computer to read number 19)
  19. Jog in place for 9 minutes.
  20. Use alcohol and lotion.
  21. Cover your mouth/nose when you sneeze.
  22. Try to sneeze with an open eyes (but still cover your mouth/nose)
  23. Drink less softdrinks.
  24. Read the newspaper daily (and check the health section)
  25. Eat an apple a day. 
  26. Eat Breakfast (to boost your metabolism)
  27. Keep your mind active by playing Soduko or Crossword Puzzle.
  28. Limit caffeine intake.
  29. Play with your kids or nephew/niece or little siblings.
  30. Laugh.
  31. Pay your bills.
  32. Check you Blood Pressure.
  33. Shut down your electric appliances after using it.
  34. Ask a friend to join you for a healthy dinner.
  35. Do light stretches while you shower.
  36. Read a book.
  37. Bring an umbrella.
  38. Straighten your posture.
  39. Plug your cellphone into the charger.
  40. Don't diet, change your eating habits.
  41. Post an Inspirational quotes on Facebook or Twitter.
  42. Inspire someone.
  43. Don't talk when your mouth is full.
  44. Segregate garbage from biodegradable to non-biodegradable.
  45. Invite a friend to a spa.
  46. Cut your nails regularly.
  47. Throw away that pen that doesn't work.
  48. Hug your kids or siblings, mom and dad.
  49. Get a cup of tea instead of coffee.
  50. Play Plants vs. Zombies for 5 minutes.
  51. Take a quick walk.
  52. While watching TV, do 5 push-ups every commercial.
  53. Cry when you need to cry. 
  54. Do the Jumping-Jack for 5 minutes.
  55. Clean your desk.
  56. Sing while you cook.
  57. Donate some blood to Red Cross.
  58. Comment on a blog. 
  59. Share this blog.
  60. Read the list again and do the things listed

Wish you healthier and a happier life ahead!!!


  1. i like this one lex! brilliant! :)

  2. err, long list. i only went as far as 25... im guilty of not doing 7, 9 and 25... will read the rest next time. LOL

    Show Me Your Look Today

  3. Ahehehe. Thanks Michael.. Im also guilty of some sort..lol

  4. Thanks also Mr/Ms/Mrs Anonymous for liking it...


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