The Dark Night...

It's raining cats and dogs when darkness swathe my city as blackout strikes at 8:30PM one evening. Silence covers the whole town and the feeling of melancholy starts to sink in. I began to feel sadness in the air every time it touches my being. I sat down for a while hoping that light will return from its senses and uncover what’s being hidden in darkness. Depression starts to move, realizing that blackout would take longer than I expected. I tried to listen to music to dispel sadness but it seems it pushes me more down into depression until I can no longer hold back. Even the music goes with what the nature is experiencing.

I realize that being clothed in darkness takes away happiness and things that we loved and enjoy. Darkness means so many things to some. Darkness could mean problems we encounter each day. It could also mean trials that a person is going through, it could be about love or money. You can also consider it as something that hinders you to fulfill your dreams, ambitions and goal. To some it might be about their work that stops them from being effective due to the fact that there is something that blocks their way to achieve a certain status. But whatever darkness is to us, it only means three things:
  • It always hinder you to reach the destination that leads you to a better and great opportunity,
  • It blocks your eyesight from seeing the blue print of the future as it covers the beauty of the things around you, and lastly
  • It limits the person's ability to see what is outside of its comfort zone.
Going back, I mumble and startled about what had happened. I began to realize that I was like a dried and dead leaf flowing down the river until it carries me to the place called nowhere. I tried to hold back and stand up to release the emotion I had. I started thinking about things I need to do to keep me away from flowing and wishing that I could hold on to something. Then it reminded me of so many that will salvage me from darkness.
  • Even little creatures, like ants, can still work and do things even if they cant see other ants. They use their antennas to be able to communicate with their co-ants and to do their work. This means, we can do and use the things that we have. Use the talents and abilities that are given unto us.
  • Fireflies uses their light to guide them and to reach their destination. As human, we should also shine like fireflies. We should glow to the Glory of God.

I believe, that the greatest shield for us to conquer this darkness is to be close to God and let His light shine before us. I believe that their is no greater power in this world to defeat darkness than to be get close to God and be like Him. So every time the clouds starts to dark and rain starts to fall, It doesn't bother me at all. I have a great light that's within me.

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