What's with diet?

I supposed to start this massive new diet last January 1, 2010. They said that being sexy and looking good makes you feel good. Somehow I realize that being physically fit give you extra confidence. January 1 ended up as like my last day on earth. So I planned to start January 2. January 3 was almost successful (i think? I hope?), but I could not resist the call of the cola and chocolates from the fridge. Then, I had to wind back and do some checking and evaluating, and thus I’ve come to a number of realizations:
  • I hate dieting.
  • I know nothing about the right or proper diet procedures.
  • I need to diet because I wanted to look good for other people. Sad but true. I wanted to empress other people, which I know is wrong.
  • I need advice from people who actually dieted and became successful.
  • I don’t want to give up chocolates, coca-cola, chips, pork and beef.
  • I know I have to start exercising, but doing it is the main problem. I always set it in my mind to go to the gym, or take a short walk, or run few extra smiles, but then doing it is the main problem. For some reason, when I’m about to do it my body told me not to. So I get tired and lazy.
  • I get bored when I start running or walking in a thread mill. That’s totally boring. Can I just set in front of a computer and then play online games in facebook, like Farmtown or Farmville, and shave off extra pounds? Why can’t somebody craft a chair that will let you shave off excess weight while setting on it? Hahaha! A real example of Juan Tamad.
  • I actually don’t need to diet. I am not that big. I just have a big tummy. I think that’s what I need to trim. I have abs.. ABS-solutely fats…
I know I shouldn’t lose weight because I wanted to empress other people. I know I should take care about my health and be accountable to it “because that’s what really matters”. I think, dieting is good if you know the do’s and don’ts of it. If I really want to obtain the body that I want, I should take it seriously. But of course, I need some information from people who actually dieted and had success on it.
Tell me something about…
What type of food you eat? What strategies worked for you? What has not worked? Any recommended exercise to trim my tummy? Any questions and recommendations are welcome. So please feel free to leave a comments or suggestions…

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