Please stay with me

i dont know what to do
if i ever lose you
cant live my life without you
its hard when im not with you
please dont let me go
as i will always hold your hand and never go
dont give up on me
to you i will always be
imagine the times were together
those happy moments will be kept forever
the sad times that we’ve been through
makes our relationship strong and always brand new
I cant live seeing you hurt
that makes me bleed and torn apart
i cant forgive myself for hurting you
i said i’m sorry and hope you’ll forgive me too
im so proud of our relationship that we’ve reach this far
you knew that my past was a roller coaster or like in a chasing car
and then you came and touch my life in ways like nobody elses has
and im thankful that you fight every circumstances that comes between us
my world gets lonely
if youre not here with me
i wanna send my lifetime in love you
so please stay with me

(composed: 2/25/2010 @ 02:39AM)

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